Putin Warns Israel: Don’t Send Deadly Weapons to Ukraine or Russia will bomb your country to the Stone Age

Every day I browse through RT, Press TV, various pages on FB & of course all the stuff I’m sent. Often there’s much to get through but I’m fortunate in that I’m able to quickly cast aside what I feel is plain baloney or stuff that’s hardly news worthy & that includes stories which are entirely genuine. For most people the real difficulty lies in ascertaining whether a headline like the one above is fake news or real. Like I said, I’m fortunate. It took me 5 seconds to conclude this one is as real as it gets. Many people would disagree so here are my arguments as to why I believe this is precisely what Putin told Netanyahu.


First of all, this article from Whatsupic, a firm I used to write for, is a year old yet it’s the first time I’ve seen or heard of this. Now we all know what my major bone of contention is so this story would be right up my street, no? It’s of paramount importance for countries like Russia & China to bypass America & tell Israel straight for it couldn’t be more obvious – whatever America does, it is, by & large for the benefit of Israel. Zionists will keep pushing American politicians no matter what. Congress & the Senate are owned by them. By telling Netanyahu direct, Putin is doing the right thing because basically he’s saying, ‘right. Let’s cut the crap! We’re not idiots. We know who’s really calling the shots.’ This is how it’s going to be sonny.’



And of course, the very fact not one single MSM outlet, not even RT or Press TV, not even an Israeli rag bothered to put this story out, for me raises an enormous red flag. ISRAEL BEING THREATENED? You’ve got to be kidding me? Tell me I’m wrong but normally wouldn’t this make front page headlines? We’d never hear the end of it! And as it so often is with Israel, what irony. Here we have a nation that never so much as drops a heartbeat when it comes to falsely claiming a load of countries want to wipe them off the map. Total bull for two reasons – no country’s ever said this & there’s damn good reason for Israel has a vast nuclear array with America covering its back to boot! No Arab nation in their right mind would so much as look boss-eyed at Israel! Oh but then when Putin says – 

‘DON’T SEND DEADLY WEAPONS TO UKRAINE OR RUSSIA WILL BOMB YOUR COUNTRY TO THE STONE AGE’, it all goes quiet on the western front! Like I said, you have got to be kidding me!




If this story is true then such a headline would be bad news for Israel, believe it or not, not so much due to incurring the wrath of a super-power. This is how the Israelis play; back off or else is the only language they understand. No. The reason is more because it implicates them directly in meddling in the affairs of Ukraine. This in itself is serious shit. However, what makes this so significant is though most activists & alternative media writers know full well Israel’s at the heart of pretty much all the grief, ordinary folk have little or no idea this is so. Such a headline on mainstream media would only serve to wise up a shitload of folk to the fact Israel is an even bigger pain in the arse than they imagined. In the past, Israel has used the US & to a lesser extent the UK & UN whenever it had an agenda to pursue. This way Israel’s role would remain firmly under wraps. No matter how serious; no matter how true, any story counteracting this is well & truly buried. Staying under the radar is very much part of their Modus Operandi. 


Another thing this may explain is why the Zionist controlled media has gone totally overboard on Putin. I mean attacking him is one thing but to push it this far? Personally I’m glad they’re doing this. The more they keep going on about the Russians hacking the US Presidential elections, the more the media is losing credibility. But then, don’t they know this? Sure they do. Therefore, there has to be another reason the chief power-brokers are insisting that their media whores stay where they are attacking Russia & Putin. Is it the case of repeat a lie often enough? If it is then I feel it can only now apply to the dumbest of the dumb, I mean for Christ sake! I tend to feel this is the media’s way of distracting the public away from REAL NEWS like all the pedophile arrests currently going on in America.


Now what one must ask is does my synopsis fit well with what we see today in Ukraine? Remember, a couple of years ago the situation there was looking pretty dire. People were being slaughtered all over the place by that Zionist billionaire thug Poroshenko, who incidentally seized power through a Zio-Western backed coup which toppled the democratically elected government of Yanukovich. Corrupt as Yanukovich most definitely was, all we heard was a pack of lies about Russia, who all the while were simply trying to calm the situation down. For over a year now, it’s all been rather quiet & strangely enough, the media for once has had little to say about the fact a semblance of stability had thankfully returned to Ukraine no thanks to the West.


So is it beyond the boundaries of sanity to assume 12-18 months ago, the Americans told the Israelis, ‘look. Regarding Ukraine, for the time being, we’ve pushed it as far as we can. Our hands are tied.’ So the Israelis being what they are – arrogant to the core & stubbornness personified, & Netanyahu being what he is – a complete & utter raving lunatic, then one can safely deduce Israel toyed with the idea of cranking it up a notch or two in Ukraine in order to escalate matters, only for the Russians to get wind of it. This, I believe is exactly what happened. This is why Ukraine at the moment remains relatively calm. Let’s hope it stays that way.



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  • In the case of a WW3 can I come to Russia?

  • ulrich sherry

    I don’t think Mr Putin is bluffing either. If these lunatics keep pushing his buttons…..he will turn the “6 million” into a true story.

  • Robert

    Good for Putin and the world at large!

  • Animalaura

    REMEMBER?? There are thousands of Russian Jews –living in Israel. A lot of people don’t seem to be aware of that fact.

  • TRG-42

    Now we will see what Russia really pursues so it might be the time to take all messages from Kremlin very seriously. Putin was too optimistic/misinformed about Trump changing the way Washington operated under Obama. Russia’s response to the Embassy conflict was delayed because of the above optimism, but no longer so, tit for tat is now the name of the game.

    • I agree but then with Hillary being the only other option & Trump saying all the right things before the election, it’s easy to see why Putin openly expressed his preference to Trump. It’s worth noting too Putin would have supported anyone rather than have that evil, crazy bitch in the White House. I’m sure too the Russians realise Trump’s presidency has been usurped by the Zionists. It is obvious Trump has been threatened by the Ashkenazi murderers.

  • Michel

    We have to remove Zionist power where ever we find it. Israel is not a country but a military base to take over Arab land.

    The USA has done enough criminal war acts and crimes for their puppet master Israel.

    It’s time to take the garbage out.

  • HKW

    In fact, I wouldn’t mind see it happening…

    • I can understand why so many feel this way but wouldn’t we rather see the truth coming out so all those directly & indirectly responsible can be punished. What’s happened to the rule of law?

    • I refer to the answer I gave HKW. The key is unravelling the Zionist control of the media. Only then can the truth come out. Only then will Israel be isolated & therefore unable to continue rabid apartheid dog as you say.

  • zakimar

    It’s about time! Someone has to put the rabid APARTHEID israel dog down.

    The satanic jew have gotten so used to their amerikkkan slaves fighting and being killed for them, they convinced themselves they are invincible.

    When the war against APARTHEID israel and their nato mercenary slaves begins, hundreds of millions of people, especially Muslims and Arabs will join with Russia, China and Iran to end the jew, amerikkkan, english and french threat to humanity. I’ll be with them, I hope you join us.

  • Paxman

    Bullshit…lol Vladiput is a ziojew

  • Ali

    With the way things are in the UK I’d prefer to be in Russia, as a Scottish family I’m absolutely disgusted that Westminster and sturgeon back israhell and its genocidal nature.
    The UK is nothing less than a lapdog for the US and their master israel.
    You’d have to be blind not to see what is going on. We all knew when in Iraq that the wmd information was supplied by mossad and israel. Russia and China seems the only sensible countries to bring up children these days, at least Putin has the right idea stating don’t even try your shit with us.

  • HKW

    I hope Putin deals with both.
    Recently a Ukrainian 5th column in Poland was caught on arm dealings.
    Ukrainian nationals have been infiltrating Polish organizations fomenting to cause Majdan in this country.
    Certain individuals by the name of Kramek and his wife have been financed and supported by George Soros to deliberately cause trouble in Poland. They created an organization called “Open Dialog Foundation”, but what they do instead is illegally smuggle arms into Poland.
    Kramek has published list of instructions on how to set Poland on fire.
    It’s high time Mr. Putin to leach ukrainian nazi banderittes a hard lesson !!

  • This I couldn’t agree more with. If I was in Putin’s place I’d make life a living hell for agent provocateurs to cause trouble. Look at how Mossad stops at nothing when they feel something untoward may be going on just outside their borders.

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