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Putin Warns Israel: Don’t Send Deadly Weapons to Ukraine or Russia will bomb your country to the Stone Age

Every day I browse through RT, Press TV, various pages on FB & of course all the stuff I’m sent. Often there’s much to get through but I’m fortunate in that I’m able to quickly cast aside what I feel is plain baloney or stuff that’s hardly news worthy & that includes stories which are entirely genuine. For most people

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Understanding how media lies are directed every bit as much toward Jews as they are to non-Jews is crucial to our ability to get the word out & thus spread the truth

Typical of my physiological make-up, recently, though I’ve had little problem sleeping, lately I’ve been struggling. I prefer to believe the improvement in my Insomnia is down to losing over two stone since the new year. Yet the last few days I’ve been waking up in a daze, usually with a thumping headache that refuses to go away. If this

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