Revealed: Queen backs Brexit

Not that I’m surprised the Queen thinks we should leave the EU for apart from those with a vested interest, only folk who’ve been duped into believing the EU is somehow good for us want to stay in. Ask these fools to elaborate & they’ll merely quote the garbage the media feeds them. The thought process is non-existent. Subliminal brain-washing is all the rage.


BUT I AM SURPRISED! What’s going on? A few days ago I posted a piece on how I was amazed to see none other than Richard Gage of Architects & Engineers: Experts for 9/11 truth appear in Rupert Murdoch’s flagship bullshitter – the Sun newspaper. How strange, especially since it came so soon after US Presidential front-runner Donald Trump rocked the Zionist boat by putting the proverbial boot in on Jeb Bush regarding his family’s role in 9/11. In one fell swoop, he not only destroyed Bush’s bid for the White House but ended, once & for all, any chance this wretched family could wreak havoc on the American people & indeed the world ever again!


Now what’s interesting here is – note how the media clammed up! This was a momentous event. For almost 100 years, the Bush family played an integral role shaping America’s history. Suddenly, it was all over & THE MEDIA NEVER SAID A DICKIE!


Man claims he has proof the Twin Towers were rigged with explosives


How often has the Queen ever gone into one & made her opinions known in no uncertain terms? This never happens, most especially when it’s patently obvious the power players are are doing everything they can to rig the outcome of this EU referendum so that we stay in. We haven’t heard a single argument in favor of exiting the EU. You’d think Nigel Farage was a figment of everyone’s imagination! How many million votes did UKIP get? All we’ve had is the tried & tested formula of fear-mongering that’s come to typify how mainstream media operates.


Queen for Brexit


Revealed: Queen backs Brexit as alleged EU bust-up with ex-Deputy PM emerges

EXCLUSIVE: Her Majesty reportedly let rip at Nick Clegg during lunch at Windsor Castle


What is the very last thing the true-power brokers would have wanted? Answer – all of a sudden the Queen making herself busy! This is the mother of all body blows because it’s a cast-iron certainty – if the Queen thinks the EU sucks, then a few million people in the UK will take her word for it! But here’s the real kicker –




I spent a few hours thinking about this & the only conclusion I could reach is something serious has to have happened behind the scenes & as a result, the Australian media tycoon has the raving hump. First Richard Gage & now the Queen on the front page saying she wants the UK to dump the EU! For Murdoch to give the green light to publish these two stories tells me the Aussie megalomaniac has been turned over. It could be anything & it’s pointless speculating because the chances are, we’ll never know the truth. I’d like to bet it goes way above puny little rats like Cameron. This is gumball stuff! I only hope he’s fallen out with Mr. Rothschild himself. LOVELY! More of the same, please…..
It’s not just the fact we’re effectively giving up our sovereignty or even the fact we’re surrendering away our rights to a bunch of crooks. What bothers me is we couldn’t have been given a clearer indication of what these gangsters have on the agenda – just the TTIP alone is a nightmare waiting to happen. Forget about the NHS. If we stay in the EU, our treacherous politicians will sign this abomination. If we leave, we could well be dodging an almighty bullet!


Zionists behind TPP


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