RT Documentary: The Occupation of the American Mind


A couple of months ago I was bemoaning the fact some of the most amazing documentaries on RT were not available for spreading the word so to speak. I’d turn on RT & there was that sniveling little rat in a threshing machine Larry King saying ‘if you want the truth; if you want real questions being asked’…….Well, needless to say, I turned over!


So how pleased was I today when at 4.30 GMT I watched this fantastic RT documentary. I have two heroes now – Ken O’Keefe & Roger Waters. However, I can’t tell you what a surprise it was – I felt I was almost clutching at straws seeing if I could find a link so I could post this documentary & there it was…….



Everything about Israel is one big lie. They aren’t just the greatest liars in the world; even though they’ve put a new meaning to the word pathological, they’re so used to doing it, they actually believe their own lies! A while ago I wrote a piece about how years ago I used their own trick to get myself out of a serious jam with the Police. The trick is – if you’re going to lie, you may as well tell an absolute whopper. Why? Because that way you take the person who is trying to establish the truth as far away as possible from it! This is the Israeli way.
I’m not proud to admit it but I used to drink & drive. I was in a 911 Porsche coming home from a card game at 3 am. It was pouring with rain & I was flying like a kite. I was doing 155 mph as a came round the final bend on the M1 & there was the police car plotted up on the hard shoulder. I hit the brakes but went flying past it. As I stuck some mints down my gob the lights came on. I thought damn. I’d drunk half a bottle of Poire William & I was off my trolley! I put down the window & began taking some very deep breaths.




Cut a long story short – they put me in their car & the driver said ‘you were doing 105 when you went past us! Good brakes son!’ I give it the …… ‘WAS I?’ So as he was writing a ticket I thought they’re going to breathalyze me. I sprung into action. I said ‘aaahh come on guys. You’re not going to give me a ticket are you. There was not a car on the road. I wasn’t even looking at the speedometer.’ Now this was all a double bluff because I just wanted to let them think I was really upset about getting a ticket when in fact if this was all I got I’d be over the moon. Then came the question – ‘HAVE YOU BEEN DRINKING?’
‘Officer. Do you honestly think I’d be driving at such a speed with alcohol inside me? The truth is I hate alcohol. I don’t drink period but please – you’re most welcome to breathalyze me. Go ahead’, looking straight in his eye. You would not believe what happened. The other officer said ‘go on. Get out the car’ & THEY DIDN’T EVEN GIVE ME THE TICKET! I couldn’t believe it. Now had I lied & said what most people say – ‘oh I just had one or two’ then it’s a guarantee I’d have been breathalyzed & I’d have lost my licence. What I did was tell the biggest lie possible & this served to take the Policemen as far away from the truth as possible.




THIS IS HOW THE ISRAELIS DO IT! When they steal your land, destroy your homes & murder you, they claim they’re acting in self defense. YOU’RE THE ONES WHO ARE BAD! Therefore, you’re time is spent trying to counteract the very claim that you are a terrorist. You never get the chance to say, ‘wait a minute. These bastards just destroyed our entire neighborhood! What can I say RT. You sure like to blow hot & cold. Absolutely bow to you for this beauty though, which should, may I say, be shared far & wide.


All ME wars are for Greater Israel



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  • Linda

    Love this article Michael, I find it hard to watch and read the truth, not because I want to deny this is happening but because it makes my heart race and I get so angry and frustrated at the total stupidity of people who cannot see the truth in front of them. I recently was taken to task by two so called previous workmates who had the temerity to send me articles about the so called holocaust and the reviled Muslims on MY page on Facebook. Needless to say I have many Muslim friends and they will always come first against any racist, disgusting rant by uneducated knobheads. I don’t know how a world so full of donkeys is ever going to realise they are ruled by the khazarian mafia. My hat is off to you for the sterling work you do spreading truth and facts. Thanks.

    • Thank you Linda. You are most welcome. As far as I’m concerned you should just feel sorry for these people. There can be no question whatsoever – as well as being the most deluded, evil people, the greatest liars in history are Zionists. Therefore anyone who believes anything they say simply has a brain that doesn’t function as it should. WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO LOOK AT A MAP? The Palestinians have virtually been wiped out! As fort the Holocaust – WHAT DID WE SEE? Gas chambers – NONE! Mass burial grounds – NONE! Starving, disease ridden folk who had no strength left o bury the dead after the camps had been deserted by all German personnel – YES! AT EACH & EVERY CAMP! If you believe anything the media or Zionists say then you are believing a lie!

    • Raymond

      Right on target, Linda. It is so unfortunate that there are so many ignorant people–those with a lack of knowledge about the true state of affairs–have become stupid people–those who are unwilling to overcome their willful ignorance with readily available knowledge. Ignorance morphs into stupidity when there are numerous and easily accessible sources of information to thoroughly and completely vanquish such ignorance.

  • Eva Nielsen

    You are a clever woman. Linda. So true. Happy to read Michaels article.- though my heart breaks when I see the murdered children on the ground.

    Regarding the eternal lie “SIX MILLIONS JEWS”……- I can tell – that the SAYING “SIX MILLION JEWS” has been used in more than 100 years.. Here is a video about it.

    • Absolutely correct Eva. The OFFICIAL holocaust figures have actually been revised down to under 2 million but since the Zionist controlled media has been telling this massive lie for so long there’s no going back. Of course, people should ask – if what we were told is so true why have certain countries passed laws making questioning of this one particular historical event ILLEGAL? This alone made me question the Holocaust for if it was true, all the evidence under the Sun would exist. THERE IS ZERO EVIDENCE! As I said in my reply to Linda, what we saw from video footage starving people down to the bone. This was because the camps were in the middle of a war zone & therefore for months supply lines had been cut. Food & water could not get through. All the people in the camps died at the end of the war. This is also why the media coined the phrase only used by morons – ‘Holocaust Denier.’ Very much the same principle as ‘Conspiracy Theorists.’ Question how many died & there’s a good chance you will be labeled a H. denier when you are not denying camps existed. ALL WE ARE SAYING IS – ZIONISTS KEEP TELLING LIES!

  • Maggie McQuoid

    The video has been removed……there’s a surprise!

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