RT: US Hostage to Israel

Not much was ever made, even by RT, when the best show they had – BREAKING THE SET – which was hosted by the delicious Abby Martin was unceremoniously axed. I’ll say it again – it was the best show they had! What’s worse? Look at what we got in return – a sniveling little rat in a threshing machine named Larry King.


Yet even though I criticised Abby Martin for her report where she laid into Putin & on several occasions lambasted RT News for toeing the Zionist line, I’ve found myself wanting to pull my hair out with people who forever scream the phrase I despise most – ‘controlled opposition!’ What, worse than that abomination ‘conspiracy theorist?’ Oh yes. You see only complete thickos use the latter. The former though is used by people who are on my side of the fence – those who understand 9/11 & all that’s occurred as a result. They’re quite aware of the ungodly level of Zionist influence & how under threat we all are…… yet for some inexplicable reason, they devote as much time, if not more, criticising those who they believe are controlled opposition than the actual crooks!
How many times have I explained the obvious? The Zionists have passed the point of no return goodness knows how long ago. Therefore, they will do whatever it takes to stop the word getting out. In the meantime the traitors we have masquerading as our political representatives are implementing policies that are totally in accordance with the Rothschild Zionist Illuminati plan to create a New World Order. We’re pretty much all agreed on that but what never ceases to amaze me is how much time & effort we waste by not fully grasping the fundamentals.


It is obvious – once one reaches a certain level of popularity, THE ZIONISTS MOVE IN! Every trick in the book is used to either discredit or derail – Professor Chomsky, Alex Jones, Ron Paul, Abby Martin are but a few. If I was a chief Gumba Zionist, immediately, the first thing I’d say –
‘we’ve got to do something about this. Of course we can’t kill them. That would raise way too many eyebrows. What we’ve got to do is send round the heavies & tell them’ –
i – never mention 9/11
ii – never mention how Israel controls Western politicians
iii – never make a big deal about all the pedophile politicians
iv – never mention how we rig all your elections
v – never mention how Zionists control mainstream media
‘So long as you steer clear of these issues……. you can do as you please. We won’t kill you. Disobey & you won’t believe what will happen to you or your family.
Now anyone who doesn’t believe this happens regularly is in some sort of dreamland. Of course there’s many sheep out there who are oblivious. What worries me though is how so many truthers either can’t work this out or for some banal reason, refuse to. I sometimes wonder who are the biggest idiots! It’s as if these people don’t know what happened to the Kennedy’s, MLK, Malcolm x & more recently Andrew Breitbart, Michael Hastings & Philip Marshall – they are just some who spoke out for justice & truth but above all, they couldn’t be bought.
Well, right now we’re speaking out for justice & truth. Many of us have the frighteners put on us. I believe, the more one is able to get one’s message across, the greater the chance Zionist pressure will rear it’s ugly head. Right now, they can’t kill us all. What they want to do is create a situation…… WHERE THEY CAN! You better believe this – the elimination of opposition is one of their major goals.


This is why I’m sick to death of people devoting so much time & energy criticising those who they believe are controlled opposition. What these people should realise is in all likelihood, they became too popular & as a result they were leaned on. Let’s just leave it at that. It’s essential we maintain our focus on those who are responsible for all the mayhem that’s occurring on this god forsaken planet. STOP TRYING TO BE TOO CLEVER FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!


Check out this RT clip with Abby Martin interviewing Mark Bruzonsky & tell me if you don’t think this is what we need more than anything. Then tell me if you think Abby Martin is controlled opposition or she didn’t lose her job because of great news reports like this.
Then watch the 2 minute clip ‘Journalist receives death threats for talking about Israel’ which involves ALISON WEIR who made a fantastic video about the horrendous plight of the Palestinians which I posted a while back.  






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