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My last post was about young Palestinians who are deliberately being killed in order to steal their organs. The post came as a result of a number of comments I received on my website from Khaled Azzam. Due to the gravity of the subject matter, I felt it appropriate to post it first even though these comments preceded it &

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Truthers are advocates of transparency – got that Cameron?

Serious people ask questions. That’s what I do. If I’m told or I hear something that doesn’t make sense then either I’m unaware of a crucial detail or it doesn’t make sense. One of my heroes Albert Einstein was asked how he managed to unravel some of the great conundrums of the Universe. He replied ‘I simply like to ask

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Anyone who thinks ISIS is an Islamic terrorist organisation is an idiot. Misinfo Moguls – eat your heart out!

Not that I want you to read this article with anything but contempt for those responsible but –  http://www.politifact.com/punditfact/statements/2014/aug/19/blog-posting/edward-snowden-leaked-nsa-documents-show-us-israel/ Thanks to Alfred Raelian Schanzenbacher for the link. Let’s take a quick look at who is behind this abortion. Repeat after me –  Tampa Bay Times – YOU ARE SO FULL OF SHIT! Researcher Derek Tsang – RESEARCHER EH? Dearie me!  Editor Aaron

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