Russians to the Israelis: Back Off or Face War! Putin to NWO Agents: “You Can Go to Hell”

In a way the US & UK are shooting themselves in the foot by criticising Russia at every turn. Of course there will always be idiots who believe the media but the fact is Zionists have been pushed into a hole so that they really have no option but to get their puppets to show out like never before – criticising Russia for effectively doing a great job destroying the very terrorist threat that the West seemed powerless to do anything about.


Bear in mind prior to the Russian engagement in the theatre of operations, time & again our leaders & the media never stopped ramping up the ISIS fear factor. For over a year we were made to believe there was this terrible evil yet throughout this time ISIS merely went from strength to strength. Forget about destroying them – they were gaining ground hand over fist! So how could it be? The US have all the spy satellite data they need yet ISIS inexplicably had no problems with supply lines. 


I said this from day 1. The moment the media christened this band of mercenaries ISIS I said ‘& you can bet your life they take their orders from Tel Aviv –

ISIS Are Terrorists But Their Commanders Are in the Knesset and Mossad – 10 February 2015


Accidentally trained them


To say it didn’t make sense means you were either hiding something or too dumb to work out what was really going on. It’s obvious we’re helping ISIS & it’s also obvious why & since none of this is in the interests of the US & UK, this had to be because Israel wants it. Only they have the muscle, not Saudi Arabia. If the Saudis told us to bomb a country we’d tell them to go to hell. Israel is altogether a different story. That’s why this is all in accordance with Oded Yinon’s plan to create Greater Israel & the more people ignore this fact & that includes RT, the more I’m going to say it. 


This much we were told – Israel, the US, UK, Turkey & Saudi Arabia all wanted Assad out of the way. ‘ASSAD MUST GO’ was literally their war cry. So what happens? The same mercenaries that were responsible for destroying Libya, the country ranked No.1 in standard of living in Africa, suddenly appeared on Assad’s doorstep & were doing the same number in Syria. No mention is made how Islam’s greatest enemy Israel was next door, no! Let’s just destroy another Arab country & kill more Arabs & Muslims. Those terrible Islamic terrorists! 


Israel terrorism


So while I’m happy something is finally being done about ISIS I’m utterly distraught no one is mentioning who’s really behind ISIS. Why do you think Netanyahu went running over to Russia in a panic as soon as Putin declared they were really going to fight ISIS? We were fed the usual bullshit about Israeli security & I said, the strong likelihood was Putin told Netanyahu to get stuffed! Now ISIS is being destroyed I find it so frustrating the US & UK are criticising Russia for doing so. How can we allow the West to get away with such chronic double standards?


In the meantime remember my old saying – IF NO ONE STOPS THE ZIONISTS, THEY WILL NOT STOP? Well, it’s no surprise with a maniac like Netanyahu at the helm, Israel is going to push it to the limit. Here are two articles by Jonas E. Alexis who writes for Veterans Today. Often in the past I’ve refrained from posting their articles because I feel they go OTT on sensationalism. Well, judge for yourself but I’ll tell you now I wouldn’t be posting them if I felt they were too OTT!

Russians to the Israelis: Back Off or Face War!

Putin to NWO Agents: “You Can Go to Hell”



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