Sanders & Corbyn are the people’s choice. Winning is another story though. We don’t get to count the votes

My recent 30 day ban ended two weeks ago but I just couldn’t bring myself to write. I think the problem is after 30 days I had so much in the tank I didn’t know where to start! This piece is merely another attempt. I’ve started; I just hope I finish the damn thing this time. Yesterday I read this article

Bernie backers see DNC-media sabotage in Biden surge: ‘It’s the same thing all over again’

It struck a nerve because I feel people don’t realise Bernie Sanders & Jeremy Corbyn are by far & away the people’s choice & so if our elections were fair, for once we’d actually have some representation. The trouble is, all the skulduggery we’re seeing today is solely for the purpose of setting up & getting away with rigging the US Presidential election & the UK general election. I’ve tried to ram this point home many times. What people need to grasp is media barons realise what we know collectively & what we know individually are two entirely different things. This is why the media only publicises polls which quite literally are conjured out of thin air, while polls that are accurate remain hidden from public gaze.

As per usual the media is lying it’s filthy arse off! Virtually no one wants another Zionist puppet like Biden. Americans had their belly-full of him under that twat Obama. Both of his administrations not only reneged on every election pledge they made but almost everything that occurred was the very antithesis of what Obama promised. Yes we can? NO! You bloody well didn’t! What Americans desperately require is a President who’ll finally initiate policies on the home front for the benefit of ordinary folk. Though Sanders is anything but perfect, he nevertheless is miles in front of all the other candidates.

So what options do the Zionist pedophile-protecting, warmongers have? Just one. Lie through their back teeth about the popularity of other candidates so that when they rig the elections, few people will think anything untoward occurred, exactly as what happened with Ron Paul. And even if many people are cognisant of election fraud, such is Zionist control over the media, none of these misgivings will ever hit the airwaves. This is the beauty of media control – you don’t just control the narrative; you create it! So I’m certain Bernie will get screwed again. Yes, again. Do people honestly believe Hilary beat Sanders fair & square last time out? As far as I’m concerned to believe so is a form of mental illness because one cannot be thinking straight if one is not at the very least suspicious.

Here’s a classic example of how the media reports only what helps their narrative. Just look at this caption. This effectively means the truth is out of bounds. Case in point – how many people are aware of these results? The reason is because the media blanked this news. No surprise because not only does it indicate JC is doing fine but many Jews are not buying the media’s bullshit!

As you can see the same crooks are applying identical tactics here in the UK. Jeremy Corbyn is miles in front in the polls but the media is keeping this under wraps. Instead they’re creating a climate, mainly through their bullshit claims of anti-Semitism, for the purpose of having an excuse after they rig the UK general election. They will say Corbyn lost because people felt there was too much anti-Semitism in the Labour party. Even though most of us have not been fooled & are fed up with media lies, the problem is two-fold – we don’t know this collectively & most people simply do not believe our elections are that easily rigged. We’re simply being set up.

Why do I find all this so astonishing? Because if the media & their patrons are prepared to lie to go to war & thus cause the death of millions of innocent folk & in the process destroy entire nations; if they’re prepared to protect all the pedophiles in the upper echelons of power while they jail whistle-blowers who are merely telling the truth, then how anyone in their right mind can believe these vermin aren’t prepared to rig our elections is beyond me! So arriving at the conclusion our elections are rigged from top to bottom is simply plain common sense.

As for these pathetic claims of anti-Semitism in the Labour party, I believe the best way to counter this crud is by saying ‘hang on a minute. Why doesn’t the media pose Tom Watson & all the other traitors a simple question. You say anti-Semitism is rife in the Labour Party yet the day before Jeremy became leader, a man who just happens to be Labour’s champion against racism, there was zero talk of anti-Semitism in the party. HOW IN THE BLAZES CAN THIS BE POSSIBLE?

Here’s a good article by Press TV. It’s worth a read because under all this media fabrication of anti-Semitism which portrays Jews as victims who feel under threat, lies the actual reality where they in fact possess all the power under the Sun!The Zionists Tighten Their Stranglehold on British Politics

As for that garbage Panorama program which displayed bias off the the Richter Scale, here’s an ‘OPEN LETTER: Stop the anti-Corbyn Panorama bias’ which I hope people will sign. The one question I feel would settle the argument is never asked –
How come all these calls of anti-Semitism started the day JC became Labour leader? Answer because Zionists are liars & they know they cannot buy Corbyn.

As I said before many Jews support Corbyn. They’re the smart ones! Those who don’t are simply brainwashed because their real enemy are the Zionists, the very people who financed Hitler. Few are smarter than Jewish intellectual Professor Noam Chomsky. Here he takes apart the antisemitism smears against Jeremy Corbyn –



    Tulsi would be the peoples choice NOT kosher war chops $anders

  • Don Hanney

    Anyone with an ounce of common sense will disregard the Labour antisemitism bullshit at next election time. What has made Corbyn totally unelectable is the chaotic state of the Labour party itself, amid Corbyn’s own compliance with the undermining elements & influences within the party.

    Labour’s evolved structure is a mess, its ‘broad church’ stance & multifarious affiliations expose the party’s vulnerability to media ridicule in the face of public scrutiny.
    What seemed to be a generous dose of Socialism during the last GE campaign, now appears to be the wafer-thin ham in an over-sized bagette of neo-liberal extravaganza.

    Observing this, the electorate has reluctantly but decisively abandoned Labour and any hope of effecting a Socialist government anytime soon.

    Labour’s stance on brexit, its recent declared preference for EU Remain, Corbyn’s stated support for Labour’s bullshit climate change policies, McDonnell’s invitation to the ‘Extinction Rebellion’ movement to assist with Labour policy-making, weak-knee’ed responses to zionist anti-semitic espionage media attacks and inability to flush out the entrenched Blairites, add to this the party’s ‘blind-eye’ unwritten policy in regard of voter corruption practices, and widely perceived vaguity about the party as an entity and it’s aspirations.

    All these and more are the ring-nails in Labour’s coffin, unreformable as a Socialist-Workers champion, ineffective as a viable opposition party, Labour is a dead parrot, we hope the stench of it’s carcass will hurry it’s final burial to allow a more effective & hungry grass-roots political movement to rapidly prosper in it’s wake.

    As an ex-labour party member, in reflection of events since 2016, I wonder if the Corbyn phenomenon was simply an establishment experiment to test the electorate’s appetite for (National?) Socialism in the face of advancing globalism.

    I’m not given to notions of coincidence, and so wonder whether the pantomime of the Brexit negotiations has been orchestrated to overshadow the overwhelming & undeniable public response to the offer of a comprehensive Socialist manifesto in the last general election, I don’t believe for a nano-second that Corbyn lost that election, there’s evidence the books were cooked on that score.

    Summarily, the UK has no democracy, no viable representation for the-man-in-the-street to vote for, our greaseproof political system remains unreformable without an unrelenting & unforgiving revolution.

    The Globalist agenda rocks on unabated, it’s structure is uber-fascistic, the only possible counter to its suffocating operations must be an international grass-root cooperative effort, as no independent nation’s internal revolution can succeed alone, just look at what they did to Hitler’s Germany.

    • Excellent comment Don. much appreciated & you may be surprised that I agree with much of what you say. I feel Corbyn from the jump had to go on the attack. He had to place the media on the back foot. Unfortunately he thought different. And you’re so right – JC was cheated in the last election.
      Where we disagree is the idea of abandoning JC. He’s a good man who is being undermined by the all-powerful Zionist crooks. I believe also there is far more to the about turn on Brexit than meets the eye. I think JC was pressured into this U-turn through Zionist threats & the murder of Jo Cox was the turning point. You surely must know Zionists will do anything to have their way. See what you think of my synopsis regarding this. The dots connect –

      • ELLIE

        No offence intended but i tire of the Joe Cox propaganda , both she and her husband were White Helmet supporters , i believe he is still , and the White Helmets are Pro Israel terrorists

        • No offense taken. I merely stating her murder was for the purpose of getting Corbyn to initiate a U-turn on Brexit. You see this was the only way they could stop us leaving the EU. Now if Labour win a 2nd referendum will be rigged. If the Tories win, most likely with the help of some serious election fraud, then they’ll just be shown up for the deceivers they are. Isn’t it, after all, quite incredible that both Johnson & Hunt are ‘leavers?’ More like liars!

          • ELLIE

            i think Farage and the FiendsOfIsrael are likely to sink #JC , seems to be a thing they do best ,,,crucifying saviors

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