JC was always anti EU. Why the sudden u-turn? Has MI5 & Bilderberg Attempted a Coup on Jeremy Corbyn?

JC has always been a man who’s stood by his principles. So what on earth caused this inexplicable u-turn on the EU? I’m going to put together a scenario, with the help of Christopher Everard’s excellent article – ‘Has MI5 & Bilderberg Attempted Coup on Jeremy Corbyn?‘ – http://christophereverard.co.uk/has-mi5-bilderberg-attempted-coup-on-jeremy-corbyn/My aim is to connect a few dots & explain what I believe is the real truth behind this. See what you think.

  1. The true power-brokers
  2. MI5
  3. Why Cameron twice promised the UK public an EU referendum
  4. The truth about the EU referendum
  5. Corbyn’s inexplicable u-turn on the EU
  6. The murder of UK MP Jo Cox

1) The true power-brokers have two major concerns in the UK stopping Jeremy Corbyn becoming PM, while keeping the UK in the EU. This much is obvious. Democracy? It’s as if the media were the Tories campaigning to remain in the EU while also sticking the proverbial boot into JC. Media bias couldn’t be more blatant!

We also know the EU is part & parcel of the elites plan to centralise power so that the armed forces of Europe could be amalgamated & therefore operate as a single unit. This way Russia or any potential enemy would have their hands full. Worse still, any major conflict meant Europe as a whole would be sucked in. That kind of rings a bell! The media was instructed not to inform the public of these life or death decisions being made behind closed doors. Of course there are other reasons the power-brokers do not want to see the break up of the EU but for now all one needs to ask – is there a crime worse than Treason? You see, when we joined the EU we were told no major decisions would be made without our say-so.

2) All I’m going to say about MI5 is around 18 months ago I watched an edition of the superb UK Column News. In it Brian Gerrish said words to the effect, ‘it’s official now. The Israelis are not just in cahoots with MI5. They have access to everything they need. This is Treason!’ This meant Mossad could set up any kind of counter terrorism, false flag event, even assassinations with the full cooperation of UK’s security services. Treason all the way down the line. That’s all I needed to hear because these guys in UK Column news are 100%. Unlike my good self, they always have the necessary back up in terms of classified documents etc. What they say you can take to the bank.

3) From the very beginning I smelt an extremely large rat when the Tories, who for the best part were pro EU, decided to include the offer of an EU referendum in their 2008 manifesto. Now from here on, there simply had to be nothing but skulduggery. Why? Because –

i: They desperately wanted Cameron to become Prime Minister. We didn’t really know him. THEY DID THOUGH. He would push the NWO agenda all the way. He was another perfect puppet, just like Blair & was a far better liar! However, the Tory leader was pro EU. Thus we have a paradox.

ii: Being pro EU Cameron would never have thought of this. It had to come from the top. Offering a referendum was a sure-fire vote winner. Why? Because they knew most of the UK wanted to leave the EU. Does that make sense? Of course it does. If the majority of the public wanted to remain in the EU, A REFERENDUM WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN OFFERED! They needed a genuine vote winner.

iii: Therefore, they’re in a catch 22 situation. They wanted Cameron but they also wanted to stay in the EU & they knew full well most of us wanted out. It was a master stroke because Cameron only just scraped in…… & they needed the help of the Lib Dems too. Their leader Nick Clegg would be handsomely rewarded for selling his party right down the Swanee!

iv: Needless to say the Tories reneged on this election pledge & naturally, the media never once took them to task for this. All this underhand activity proved fruitful. They got Cameron & in the process bought five to six years worth of valuable time.

v: Needless to say, they were desperate to see Cameron re-elected so surprise, surprise – they offered an EU referendum again. How nice of them! I mean talk about taking the piss & not one person in the media said – ‘hang on a minute. You promised that in the last election!’ This is how we’re played. We’re mere cannon fodder. Of course the dynamics hadn’t changed. However, this time they knew they had to give us the opportunity to vote.

4) After over another year of dilly-dallying in June 2016 the referendum was finally held. Right up until the last moment we were led to believe the ‘remainers’ had the edge. I remember saying at the time ‘this is total & utter baloney. Nearly everyone I spoke to wanted out. It was obvious they were telling porkies! Before the referendum I was sure they were going to cheat. Then I was sent an independent poll which I believe was accurate –

The result came in – 52% – 48% in favour of Brexit. That day on 24 June 2016 I wrote this piece –

Brexit wins. We lose Cameron. I LOVE IT! Now the question – will we leave the EU?

I said – “So what exactly did happen? Bear in mind something I’ve bust a gut to try & get across – the public will never be told snippets of information that are available to the media & therefore the true power-brokers. Now I really do want to stress I’m not trying to get out of the fact I flat out said they would rig the vote because they DID RIG THE VOTE. Like I said in the 2nd paragraph – there is no possible chance the vote was that close. Not only virtually everyone I spoke to wanted out but everyone they spoke to wanted out too! It was rigged alright. Before I explain exactly what occurred, what’s of critical importance is WE’RE NOT OUT OF THE EU YET….. so let’s not count our chickens. The chief protagonists have merely bought themselves some time.”

The next day I wrote this piece – Ballot counting computers only register REMAIN votes. I told you they cheated. Now I’ll explain why

I said, “no way was the result 52% – 48%. It was a lot nearer to 80 – 20.” “If we had the true result they could never open their mouths. Instead this horrific level of election fraud goes virtually unnoticed because they ‘gave’ us our victory yet the consequences of their cheating remains enormous.” 

I’ve emphasised this point for one reason – TO SHOW JUST HOW DETERMINED THEY ARE FOR US TO REMAIN IN THE EU! We’re half way through 2019 now & we’re still in there!

5) While all this was going on Jeremy Corbyn, before & after becoming Labour leader, was for leaving the EU. He took a load of media stick yet he remained adamant. All of a sudden, out of the blue, came the astonishing announcement – JC was going to offer a 2nd referendum. To say this was uncharacteristic is an understatement. Moreover, JC had to know not only would this alienate 10’s, if not 100’s of 1000’s of newly signed conscripts but it could never be a popular move. It was a bonafide vote loser. So why do it?

A big giveaway – finally the media had a genuine reason to take Corbyn apart! DID THEY? Not a dickie bird! Here we had one mother of a u-turn from their sworn enemy yet the media backed off? How can anyone not think something was amiss? There’s only one explanation – JC had to have been pressured into this for it made no sense. Why adopt a vote loser, especially with the inept Theresa May & her Tory Party hemorrhaging voters? JC could have twiddled his fingers & walked into No. 10. There was no need for anything so dramatic.

Therefore, is it so outrageous to suggest the Ionisers got to JC? I mean bribery, coercion & death threats is their MO. The problem is JC has never succumbed to temptation or threat. However, we also know the Ionisers are relentless. They never back off. The very same people murdered JFK. If he can go, who can’t? But herein lies the problem – assassinating JC would have been way too obvious. There are only so many senior anti war officials that can mysteriously die walking in fields. So, since JC has effected this disastrous u-turn, something major had to have happened to persuade him to do this.

6) I could never get my head around the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox. It didn’t make any sense. The media’s reaction on the surface was typical. They first tried to claim this was a terrorist act, pointing the finger at Muslim extremism. This disgraceful reporting was followed by no apology to the Muslim community when the killer turned out to be a right-wing extremist. Then the story disappeared from the news quicker than a rat out of an aqueduct!

At the time I couldn’t work it out. The same thing happened with John Smith. His untimely death (which I’ve always believed was murder) paved the way for Blair, a man whose foreign policy was diametrically opposed to Smith. Considering what occurred after 9/11, it is beyond the boundaries of sanity to assume Smith’s death was a convenient coincidence. He was full of life & all set to become Prime Minister while the Neo-Cons had 9/11 in the pipeline along with the subsequent war on terror. Here the media ensured John Smith was gone & forgotten after a mere 2-3 days. This had me thinking back then. The same pattern occurred with Jo Cox. I now feel I know the reason why –


Now it all fits. Jo Cox’s murder occurred before Corbyn’s u-turn on the EU. Up until then JC had always been anti EU. After the referendum he declared ‘we have to respect the wishes of the voters.’ Like I said this is a man who always stuck by his principles. So what happened? Is it too far-fetched to assume JC was pulled aside & told in no uncertain terms ‘if you don’t do what we say something terrible is going to happen. I reckon JC originally stood firm.

With the media & now MI5 at the disposal of the true power-brokers, what would it take to get some nobody to commit murder, take the fall, knowing they’d eventually come out to a nest-egg of let’s say a cool million? I’d imagine they’d have a whole plethora of would-be assassins queuing up for such a number. I would also imagine, after the murder of Jo Cox they went back to JC & said – ‘see what we did? You continue to play hardball & it will be a family member next. We can easily arrange some sort of accident.’

Okay. This is only my opinion but I’m quite confident I’m close to the truth here. All the dots connect. They’ve been undermining JC from the word go. They’ve made it obvious they do not want him as Prime Minister & they do not want to see the break up of the EU. They also know most people still want to leave the EU. Therefore they’ve got JC to adopt a most unpopular position while the Tories will lie to the public saying they want a hard Brexit solely for the purpose of winning votes. Ultimately this will allow the power-brokers to cheat in the general election & stop JC getting into No. 10.

The media will 1) immediately put the defeat down to all this alleged discord & of course the non-existent claims of anti-Semitism & 2) Completely ignore every single report regarding blatant election fraud. This is their Modus Operandi & it explains why they’re instructing all those on the Zionist payroll to lie through their back teeth. Do you honestly believe people like Tom Watson think they’re telling the truth? The proof is in the pudding – before JC became leader there was zero talk of anti-Semitism in the Labour party. Doesn’t that explain everything?

What people need to grasp is how else could the Zionists achieved such an ungodly level of power & influence? Not only do they possess all the access required in order to operate behind the scenes, for over 200 years they’ve fine-tuned their strong-arm methods. Perhaps the greatest myth of all is the notion mafiosi tactics are strictly the domain of Italians. Hollywood naturally perpetuates this myth. The truth is 100 years ago Meyer Lansky’s Murder Incorporated made Al Capone look like Santa Claus. In 1948 Mossad merely took over from Murder Incorporated & openly admit they’ll kill whoever they so choose & do so on foreign soil. Therefore, quite how people so readily dismiss my synopsis is beyond me.

Just the other day a good friend got me thinking by pointing out – look how JC has aged in the last 18 months or so. Too right. The poor guy must be under intolerable pressure. All the more reason for us to throw our weight behind him. I’d like to add this post from June 2017 because there’s some relevant material –

ITV POLL: 68% of 165,000 people voted Corbyn for PM –

I’m sure these findings were never made public. Note 165.400 were polled. This is why they’re doing everything they can to make it appear JC is not nearly as popular as he actually is.


  • Ron

    JC will still be anti EU. We know he is a man of conviction and wouldn’t say anything just because it’s popular.

    However JC is not The Labour Party and the party is not headed by a dictatorship. Therefore his views and opinions aren’t always going to carry through to official policy.

  • brian mitchell

    really like this michael thankyou for working all this out for us

  • Julian Payne

    Have you seen Richard D Hall’s analysis of the Jo Cox murder? He ascertains that Tommy Mair (the man framed for it) was a patsy. It was likely MI5.

    I agree with backing Jeremy Corbyn, but I feel at the minute, whatever we do it will never end this cycle.

    I’m under no illusion that the only way forward will likely be similar to what is happening in France, the gilet jaune movement.

    • I haven’t Julian but I’m all for the idea of an MI5/Mossad hit & a paid patsy who’s perfectly happy to go away for 25 years for a million quid or a patsy who has no recourse. I agree with you – we’re up against a monster.

  • Fredi Hazeem

    (I Like JC)

    By Caitlin Johnstone

    Caitlin Johnstone responds to comments by the U.S. secretary of state that sound like a threat to interfere in the U.K.’s democratic process.

    An audio recording from a private meeting that was leaked to The Washington Post reportedly features U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo vowing to “push back” against surging British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, and many are concerned that what he said sounds an awful lot like a top U.S. official promising to interfere in the UK’s democratic process.

    At a closed-door meeting with Jewish leaders earlier this month, one of the attendees asked Pompeo if Corbyn becomes prime minister, “would you be willing to work with us to take on actions if life becomes very difficult for Jews in the U.K.?”

    Pompeo: Vowed “pushback” against a foreign politician.

    Before I get to Pompeo’s response, I should interrupt myself to note that nobody actually believes that Corbyn would make life difficult for Jews in the U.K. Anyone who claims to believe this is lying. Usually when you hear people regurgitating such establishment lines they’re people who are acting basically in good faith, but have been propagandized.

    Not so in this case. The idea that a man with a lifelong history of opposing bigotry is a secret anti-Semite who will facilitate the persecution of Jews if given the opportunity is a completely baseless smear campaign, and everyone knows it, including those who advance it.

    Smear Gibberish

    The notion that Jeremy Corbyn advances anti-Semitism is literally just some gibberish the smear merchants made up to prevent the rise of a politician who threatens to upset existing power structures. It’s exactly as believable and exactly as legitimate as if British newspapers were constantly running headlines claiming that Corbyn is actually three children standing on each other’s shoulders inside grown-up’s clothes; the one and only difference is that they were able to make the anti-Semitism smear stick. Anyone who pretends to believe that Corbyn is a closet anti-Semite is exactly as honest and credible as someone who solemnly tells you, “I am very concerned about the fact that the Labour Party is led by a man who is secretly a cartoon mascot for a children’s breakfast cereal.”

    So anyway, Pompeo is asked what he’s going to do in the event of a Corbyn-led Kristallnacht, and WaPo reports on his response as follows:

    Pompeo said: “It could be that Mr. Corbyn manages to run the gauntlet and get elected. It’s possible. You should know, we won’t wait for him to do those things to begin to push back. We will do our level best,” he said to fervent applause from attendees.

    “It’s too risky and too important and too hard once it’s already happened,” he said.

    This revelation, understandably, has kicked up a fair bit of chatter in merry old England.

    “President Trump and his officials’ attempts to decide who will be Britain’s next prime minister are an entirely unacceptable interference in the UK’s democracy,” The Guardian quotes a Labour spokesperson as saying in response to the revelation.

    “STOP: The Secretary of State Mike Pompeo just promised ‘Jewish leaders’ in the United States that he would stop Jeremy Corbyn coming to power here,” tweeted former British MP George Galloway. “Is this normal now? Is this what we’ve been led to? Is this good for Jews? For Britain? Really?”

    “They did it in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Now the US government wants to overthrow democracy in Britain,” tweeted The Guardian‘s George Monbiot. “Still waiting for a UK government spokesperson to express their outrage. Hello???”

    They did it in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Now the US government wants to overthrow democracy in Britain.
    Still waiting for a UK government spokesperson to express their outrage.

    — GeorgeMonbiot (@GeorgeMonbiot) June 10, 2019

    “Hmm. Hard to spin this any other way: the US secretary of state secretly promises US Jewish leaders to prevent Corbyn from becoming UK prime minister,” tweeted British journalist Jonathan Cook. “Hard too not to suspect that the US is *already* helping to ensure Corbyn doesn’t become PM. Because the obvious implication of Pompeo’s comment is that the US knows it can damage Corbyn without leaving fingerprints at the crime scene – presumably through black ops, image management etc. The elephant in the room: Why assume the US isn’t already using those techniques?”

    Hmm. Hard to spin this any other way: the US secretary of state secretly promises US Jewish leaders to prevent Corbyn from becoming UK prime minister. Hard too not to suspect that the US is *already* helping to ensure Corbyn doesn’t become PM https://t.co/WXU7Kch2Yk

    — Jonathan Cook (@Jonathan_K_Cook) June 10, 2019

    It is no secret that the D.C. establishment considers other nations to be its personal property and has no qualms about openly working to topple the governments of nations like Venezuela and Iran, but people aren’t accustomed to hearing this sort of language directed at white, English-speaking liberal democracies. Add in the fact that this is coming from a particularly reviled administration in terms of international optics and the likely public revulsion increases. The thought that this administration may decide the direction of U.K. politics would be all kinds of infuriating to the average pom.

    So many questions need to be answered. Was Pompeo in fact saying that the U.S. is intending to prevent Corbyn from becoming prime minister? And if so, how? What exactly does “push back” entail? Are we talking psyops and smear campaigns? Or something more? And whatever they intend to do, have they started doing it already?

    These are all questions that we should be intensely curious about. If Corbyn is able to continue to rise, we may begin seeing some increasingly overt manipulations from many places we’re not meant to be seeing them as an ailing empire fights to hold itself together in the face of increasing public discontent. The more overt the guardians of the empire are forced to be, the more they expose themselves, and the greater that public discontent may become. Our rulers are in a very complex balancing act right now, and we’d all do well to pay attention.

    Caitlin Johnstone is a rogue journalist, poet, and utopia prepper who publishes regularly at Medium. Follow her work on Facebook, Twitter, or her website. She has a podcast and a new book “Woke: A Field Guide for Utopia Preppers.” This article was re-published with permission.


    • This is unbelievable coming from people who have bored us to death with this bullshit about Russian meddling. At least it’s out in the open which makes assassination less likely. I’m convinced they’re going to cheat in the election. Thanks Fredi.

  • Keith Bartlam

    What role if any does Farage and the Brexit Party play in all this?

  • Keith Bartlam

    what now? its 15th November2019, and they have pulled my Brexit Part Candidate. How can we vote Labour if they are not going to pursue a Clean Break but a 2nd Referendum???

    • What can I say Keith? It’s very sad how they’ve effectively destroyed Labour. Never forget that JC was always a man of principle. As an MP he always stuck to what he believed. Then we had this astonishing U-turn on Brexit. How did this happen?
      1) First & foremost, we know how Zionists operate behind closed doors! THE KEY TO UNLOCKING ALL THIS SHIT IS UNDERSTANDING THIS FACT. The Zionist will do whatever it takes to have their way.
      2) We also know, or should know, the Tories placed the Referendum option in both their 2010 & 2015 election manifesto. WHY? Especially when their party leader Cameron was all for staying in the EU? BECAUSE IT WAS A VOTE WINNER! Of course the Tories reneged on this pledge in 2010. The media never once mentioned this, only for it to be included in their next election manifesto. Anything to win votes.
      3) No surprise therefore that two days before the referendum I received a poll stating that 76% of the people wanted to leave the EU! Remember, this was all under the backdrop of the media trying to make us believe leaving the EU would be disastrous.
      4) So they rigged the vote to make it appear close in order to stall. End result – WE NEVER LEFT EVEN THOUGH WE VOTED TO LEAVE!
      5) We know the last thing they wanted was JC as PM. This is why they tried everything they possibly could to pull the rug from under him.
      6) They realised the only way they could really make him look bad was by coercing him into this unbelievable u-turn on the EU. Up until then JC had always stated. “the result of the referendum should be honoured.”
      7) So what event occurred to push JC into making what effectively was this embarrassing, vote-losing move? Simple. The assassination of Labour MP Jo Cox. This may sound far-fetched. I say murder is very much part of the Zionist MO.
      8) Last but not least – DO NOT FOR ONE MINUTE THINK THE CONSERVATIVES WILL TAKE US OUT OF THE EU. This is all part of their plan – to keep buying time until things finally work out for them.

      Sadly all this is obvious to me. However, one of the reasons I’ve knocked the writing on the head is I became fed up & worn out by the fact most activists seemingly could not see the wood from the trees. I will still be voting for Corbyn no matter what!

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