Shadow Defence Secretary Nia Griffith calls for tougher sanctions against Moscow

When are people going to question why the entire mainstream media neglects to ask a patently obvious question – WHY IS OUR SHADOW DEFENSE SECRETARY ANTAGONISING THE 2nd MOST POWERFUL NATION WHEN THAT COUNTRY HAS DONE NOTHING UNTOWARD? Since this makes no sense, this woman has to be either off her trolley or there’s an ulterior motive & thus a common denominator that links all the chief protagonists.
Since Israel exerts untold influence among Western nations, one has to at least consider that Israel is trying to entice the US & Europe to lock horns with Russia. In short, the mother of all Divide & Conquers! Since the media is totally owned by Zionists, it lends credence to this & explains why they are telling a tapestry of lies regarding the Russians. But why is the UK shadow defense secretary adopting this stance? She just happens to be a member of the Labour Friends of Israel! In other words this treacherous cow is risking all our lives because she’s been got at!
It’s safe to say Nia Griffith is not certifiably insane but that makes her a traitor who deserves nothing less than a firing squad. Thanks to Susan Ram for alerting me to this outrage. Note in the link there is another story relating to this – ‘Labour MPs urge leadership to take harder stance against Russia.’ The Zionist run BBC got the title slightly wrong. It should’ve said – LABOUR MP’s WHO ARE MEMBERS OF LABOUR FRIENDS OF ISRAEL URGE LEADERSHIP TO TAKE HARDER STANCE AGAINST RUSSIA!


Shadow Defence Secretary Nia Griffith calls for tougher sanctions against Moscow


I shouldn’t need to tell anyone we simply have to put a stop to all this nonsense. Obviously untold pressure is being heaped on Jeremy Corbyn. He needs all the help he can get. It would be criminality on our part to allow these traitors to undermine him. We have to bombard our MPs with letters & emails. Never forget – THE MEDIA IS OUR ENEMY. They will never publicise anything derogatory about these special interest groups like Labour Friends of Israel. WE HAVE TO DO IT! The only thing the media will ever say is we’re anti-Semitic. Well if being concerned about a foreign entity exerting untold influence over our elected representatives is anti-Semitic, THEN I’M AS ANTI-SEMITIC AS HELL!
Here is a fantastic link that is loaded with all the information you need to send emails or whatever. We simply have to get a movement going at the grass level in order to get local parties to deselect Labour MPs who belong to the Labour Friends of Israel. One thing this shows is there are people everywhere appalled with this intolerable situation. Not only has our national security been breached; the people responsible are the greatest terrorists on the planet. You better believe it – this is a fight for our very survival.


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  • Ron Wright

    Shadow Defence Secretary Nia Griffith calls for tougher sanctions against Moscow!!

    She says Britain should unilaterally strengthen its sanctions after a series of alleged breaches of international humanitarian law through its support for the Assad regime.

    Bashar al-Assad is the democratically elected leader of a sovereign country, that was attacked without provocation by American led mercenaries.

    This woman is seriously deluded. Russian sanctions hurt the UK economy. However the more we sanction Russia, the more the rouble loses value, the more the billionaires who invested outside Russia in, for example, London property, gain through foreign exchange fluctuations and property as well as other valuable commodity investments.

    This may have something to do with this ridiculous idea.

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