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Anti-Semitism in the Labour party? This is yet another media lie/Zionist ruse

I came across a post by Peter Keane in the group TRUTHERS AGAINST ZIONIST LOBBIES. It was his first post in the group. Though countless folk, time & again experience the same underhand, coercive bullying, paradoxically, few people ever hear about it, for the mere mention often results in accusations of paranoia, along with the obligatory howls of anti-Semetism. I’ve

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Shadow Defence Secretary Nia Griffith calls for tougher sanctions against Moscow

When are people going to question why the entire mainstream media neglects to ask a patently obvious question – WHY IS OUR SHADOW DEFENSE SECRETARY ANTAGONISING THE 2nd MOST POWERFUL NATION WHEN THAT COUNTRY HAS DONE NOTHING UNTOWARD? Since this makes no sense, this woman has to be either off her trolley or there’s an ulterior motive & thus a

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