Story of why David Icke met an ‘anti-terrorism officer’ and a council ‘anti-extremist co-ordinator’

There can be no question, behind closed doors Zionists & Jews are going out of their way to shut David Icke up. One can go on arguing the toss about censorship, freedom of speech, who’s right & who’s wrong but at the end of the day it boils down to this….


If David Icke was talking a load of cobblers would these people be so desperate to silence him or at least ensure as few people as possible ever hear what he has to say? Why would they do that if his judgement was so awry? Surely they’d be far better off letting him make a complete fool of himself….. that is, if he was talking crap. 


Now before I give the obvious answer as to why they’re doing this consider how the Zionist controlled media has shown it’s penchant for highlighting two-bob fraudsters like Uri Geller. To this day, this snivelling, little rat has never been shown up for the liar he undoubtedly is. Furthermore, the crackpot theories of people like Dr Judy Wood – her ludicrous notion the Towers were brought down by some fantastic new laser weapon, or the equally half-baked idea there were no moon landings – GREAT! Open up the airwaves for this lot! As for the flat-earthers – ye Gods! The sad truth is all the evidence points to the fact the media positively adores both loonies & liars! 


No. I’m afraid to say whichever way you cut it there can be only one reason Zionists & Jews are doing everything in their power to censor certain people like David Icke, Julian Assange, Ben Swann, Abby Martin, Mark Dankof, even little ol’ me…. because 




It matters not that Zionists are actually showing out that they are opposed to freedom of speech. The media will bust a gut to hide this but the fact is, the truth is their ultimate enemy. For them it simply cannot come out because it would spell the end for them & Israel! Thanks to Tony Gratex for sending me the video clip (17.17). Just listen to how these bastards who don’t give a shit about us are  stopping Icke speak. 



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  • Walter Cairns

    It is sad, Michael, that you choose to belittle those who do not buy the official versions of events such as the moon landings, plausible theories such as Dr Wood’s laser technology explanation for 9/11, or the demonstrable fact that the earth cannot be a globe moving at dizzying pace around itself and even faster round the Sun (all this whilst the seas stay resolutely ocean seabeds like glue – when in fact you are only alienating genuine truth-seekers. For God’s sake, it isn’t as if we occupy a crushing majority of public opinion! So let’s stick together, respect each other’s ideas whilst disagreeing with them, and concentrate on fighting the evil forces behind the Deep State.

    • This is exactly why we’re in such a mess Walter. I hardly wish to belittle anyone but these are desperate times & there are logical explanations which more or less prove all I’ve said about the ‘non’ moon landings – motive for starters. What earthly reason would they have to make this all up. Judy Wood? Just another trying to make a name for herself because what we saw were controlled demolitions. Nothing else. If people choose to believe different then they’re idiotically dividing the 9/11 Truther movement & so effectively playing into the hands of the perpetrators. That’s precisely why I unload on these people. You’re not correct saying Wood’s theory is plausible. It’s total bullshit. WE SAW CONTROLLED DEMOLITIONS – end of story! We need look no further.

      Last but not least, my favourite subject – physics & the Universe of which I am an expert…. yet here I don’t know where to start. The Earth moves at a constant velocity of around 20 miles per second held in orbit by the immense gravitational pull of the Sun. Earth really wants to travel in a straight line but this is where Einstein’s General Relativity & Space-time curvature comes into play. NOW…. if there was the slightest alteration in our speed or momentum around the Sun, then we’d all soon know about it because there would be earthquakes & Tsunamis the likes of which we’ve never witnessed. The fact we move at a constant velocity means we are as we are. This is what Einstein’s Relativity is all about. However, what we do know IS WHAT OUR EYES SEE! PLANET’S ARE ROUND – ALL OF THEM! If they weren’t our telescopes would reveal it! I can elaborate a million times over but considering I’ve just been accused of alienating people or as you say, genuine truth seekers, when over the years I’ve opened the minds of countless folk, I can tell you, even doing this much truly feels a thankless task.

      • Clare

        Great points

      • Eric

        MIchael – how did they get through the Van Allen Radiation belt safely? As an “expert of Physics and the Universe”I look forward to your explanation.

        • Look, whether you like it or not, when it comes to the Universe I can answer most questions. However, what’s this supposed to mean? Bad enough people expect me to jump to any Tom, Dick or Harry who doesn’t know their earhole from their arsehole but WHO’S THEY? What are you asking?

          • Eric

            “What are you asking?” asks a self-proclaimed expert of Physics and the Universe after writing an entirely incoherent response to a simple clear question.

            Of course, the promotion of system perspectives whilst claiming to be against the system is a typical tactic of dis-info agents – I wonder what that means!

          • Piss off arsehole. Do you honestly think I’m going to waste my time. Take a jump dickhead!

          • Eric

            and you take yourself seriously what a self-proclaimed twat!

  • venner

    I absolutely agree Michael.
    The truth movement is divided by ludicrous theories that have no logical or scientific foundation, but I think there is more to it than just that.
    It is deliberate.
    Infiltrate, subvert, and divide.
    That is how the zionists operate.
    They infiltrate the online truth movement, propose ludicrous theories which they all agree are plausible and discuss them at length.
    By doing so they destroy the credibility of the entire movement and encourage the idea that anyone involved is a crazy conspiracy theorist, which was the objective all along.

    • EXACTLY & as a result, even relatively intelligent folk are sucked in. Naturally those smart enough to discern fact from fiction feel a compulsion to highlight the manner in which people’s minds are being manipulated only to find many of the fooled simply to dig their heels in & in a banal way adopt some sort of moral high ground, admonishing those who clearly see the wood from the trees. As Mark Twain so rightly said – IT’S A WHOLE LOT EASIER FOOLING SOMEONE THAN TELLING THEM THEY’VE BEEN FOOLED!

    • adamson

      exactly, they deliberately insert judy wood type psuedos into the ‘conspiracy theorists’ so they can destroy it from within. similarly with moon landing, and ufo, They also use false flag attacks such as those in Algeria a few decades ago to get rid of an elected government.

      BTW they dont care about freedom or the truth, as the old guard who were born into a life of relative freedom will die off, and their influence or information will dwindle, and the next generation born into their matrix will know no different, game over. You can see this in operation now all over the world

  • Controlled demolition there certainly was – but restricted to WT7, where this was only yoo obvious not to observe. But the twin towers? They did NOT collapse, they just disintegrated into fine dust – including 47 beams of structural steel. Not only that – the collateral damage caused was far in excess of anything a controlled demolition could have aciheved. Just consider WTC6. The state of the building looked as if someone had wielded a giant spoon and scooped the content from it. All around the site there were cars that were burned out, upended etc, something again that cannot be achieved by a mere controlled demolition. The only theory that fits all these phenomena is Dr Wood.s

    • Now I’m really pissed off! You’ve already proved your judgement is ropey to say the very least by giving credence to the diabolical notion the earth is flat but typical of unbelievably stubborn people, you haven’t taken in word I’ve said. Look, all you say regarding the Towers & their destruction amounts to sweet FA but let’s just for argument’s sake say this fucking bitch Wood is right then….. whether you like it or not, she has simply played into the hands of the perpetrators BECAUSE SHE’S SPLIT THE TRUTHER MOVEMENT! WHAT DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND ABOUT THIS?

  • Venner

    Walter Cairns, where are you getting this information from? Have you not got eyes? Look up photographs and video taken at the 911 site, it is a huge pile of rubble with structural steel beams sticking out of it.
    Aside from that, a weapon that could cause a 100 story building to turn to dust and collapse does not even exist, not even theoretically.
    The twin towers were brought down using military grade nano thermite, this was proven in an 18 month peer reviewed scientific investigation carried out by a team of scientists in Denmark on dust samples collected at the WTC site which detected nano thermite at levels that would have required at least ten tons of it to be present at the time of collapse.

    • Absolutely V. Oh but the foremost experts in particle physics like Professor Steven Jones & Niels Harrit who after exhaustive studies stated categorically the Towers were brought down by controlled demolition using nano-thermite – THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT!

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