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Considering FB’s supposed to promote social interaction, how annoying is it having so many people wanting to see your posts, yet so few actually do… and the problem’s getting worse. I felt like throwing the towel in only to receive comments & messages telling me not to. That way, they win! Many said I should have my own blog for if FB closed my account, I’d lose contact with everyone…… but I had no idea how to do this. Learning to switch the damn computer on was a big enough deal for me. I may be able to write but I’m still a one-finger merchant on the ol’ pad.

World News Directory

World News Directory

But a few weeks ago some wonderful people from World News Directory said they’d set it all up for me. So I looked at their site & the names there just blew me away. I thought I can’t live with this mob & I actually told them – ‘are you sure I’m good enough to be among this lot?’ They said yeah, absolutely…… so a few days later they sent me a link – – & WOW! My own website, directly linked with a live FB feed & it looks bloody amazing.

The past two weeks has been all about learning how to use the site. I’m still all over the place but I’m at least ready to inform FB friends that if they so wish, subscribing to my website means that each time I post (average 3 per day) an email with an accompanying link is sent. I love the way it works. Whatever I post on my website appears on FB but at least now, those who REALLY want to see my posts, can & WILL DO, regardless of FB censorship. Also if FB does close my account, this way we stay in touch.

I’m quite aware if friends use my new website to check out my posts, it will result in less Likes for me on FB. To this I say – GOOD! The less Likes the better! Some idiot the other day told me this is all I care about! He said he’d like to bet that when I wake up in the morning the first think I look at is the Likes! I told him – ‘you are one soppy egg! If only you knew how big a plum you actually are!’

I want FB go belly up. The mere thought these billionaires aren’t satisfied is bad enough but to go & pull a stroke like this – instead of encouraging social interaction, THEY DO THE REVERSE & deliberately slash everyone’s post reach? Then they say, if you cough up some wonga, we’ll increase it again. Well isn’t that nice. That’s a nice thing to do. Thanks a bunch.


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