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Efforts to fight the BDS have failed – ADL

I just had a chat with a guy who believes in pretty much all the things I do. He knows about the Rothschilds, Illuminati/NWO & the pedophilia associated with it; the true extent of media lies & the fact the whole MSM apparatus is owned by Rothschild Zionists. He’s aware that all the false flag events including 9/11, have been

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Two articles – Palestinians are being executed in cold blood. A knife is then planted at the scene. The 2nd is how Corbyn has collapsed to the power of the Zionist lobbies

The first confirms what I always suspected. I’m prepared to admit at first the Israelis may have, for once, actually told the truth about knife wielding Palestinians but if we are entirely honest, what choice do Palestinians have? They are being used for target practice by the callous IDF. Then Netanyahu pours oil on the fire by deeming stone throwers

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