Two articles – Palestinians are being executed in cold blood. A knife is then planted at the scene. The 2nd is how Corbyn has collapsed to the power of the Zionist lobbies

The first confirms what I always suspected. I’m prepared to admit at first the Israelis may have, for once, actually told the truth about knife wielding Palestinians but if we are entirely honest, what choice do Palestinians have? They are being used for target practice by the callous IDF. Then Netanyahu pours oil on the fire by deeming stone throwers who are merely defending their land against a brutal occupying force were fair game to be shot & killed.


You don’t have to listen to any Israeli crap or the garbage the media spews out. Just ask yourself. What would you do if an occupying force took over your nation & then set about annexing more & more of your land, while every so often indulging in the bombardment of entire neighborhoods killing 1000’s of totally defenseless civilians? Bear in mind, there is little or no doubt these assaults on Gaza were war crimes. So, WHAT WOULD YOU DO?


Meanwhile the rest of the world does nothing because Zionism is a cancer that engulfs everything before it! Remember too, children as young as 7 are being kidnapped from their own homes by the IDF, taken away & locked up in Israeli jails for no reason whatsoever. They’re not charged; there is no legal representation & no trial & their detention is indefinite! Is this not the worse kind of existence imaginable? HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF THIS HAPPENED TO YOUR CHILD?


So I feel it went something like this. Someone made the mistake of deciding Palestinians should fight back by stabbing Israelis knowing the strong likelihood would be that the attacker would be shot & killed. Since Palestinians had such a meagre existence, with no rights & were being killed regardless & what’s more the international community was applying no discernible pressure on the Israelis, I believe this is what occurred at first.


However, soon the Palestinians must have realised they’d only opened up the floodgates. Now every Palestinian walking in the street could be looked upon as a potential threat. Not one to pass up an opportunity like this, as per usual, the Israelis turned things to their advantage. Instead of waiting till a knife was at least pulled out, Palestinian men, women & children were being shot dead. Then knives were planted at the scenes. The only thing Israelis had to do to escape arrest for cold-blooded murder was say they felt threatened!



Imagine such a thing. Just about every Israeli is armed with semi-automatic weapons, yet they’re the ones who feel threatened? So I ask, how would knife-wielders feel against such fire-power? HOW MUST ORDINARY PALESTINIANS FEEL? Sure enough videos began emerging where Palestinians were being shot in cold-blood & knives were merely being planted at the scene. Statistics wise, these ‘attacks’ bear all the hallmarks of a massacre yet the Zionist controlled media once again portray Israelis as merely defending themselves.


I’ve been sent countless videos of indiscriminate shootings of Palestinians only for the IDF to say the person killed was about to attack with a knife. Eye-witnesses would say this was not the case at all & that if a knife was found, it was deliberately placed there by the IDF. Here is a video of an obvious ‘knife plant’. God only knows what happened to this poor girl. 



And to think the US & UK Police forces are being trained by the IDF? This is going on all over the place. What’s occurring in Palestine is not just a blight on mankind. What we should understand in no uncertain terms is here in the UK, we too are an occupied nation. So is America, Canada, France, Germany, Australia & several other countries.
And what of the heinous NDA ACT the traitor Obama passed & the equally contemptuous media never said a word about? Soon we’ll realise what it’s like to be arrested & detained indefinitely, without charge & without any legal representation. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind – if people don’t start speaking out soon, we will discover exactly what life is like as a Palestinian. This is all down to Zionists & their goal to take-over of the world!
This is Stephen Lendman’s article –

Israel Murders Pregnant Palestinian Woman Posing No Threat


Israeli murderers


At the end of his piece Stephen asks – DRAW YOUR OWN CONCLUSION. I’ve already drawn mine! The 2nd piece by Gilad Atzmon also confirms what I thought long ago. When Jeremy Corbyn first came on the scene I could not stop talking about him. I thought if there was one man who would not succumb to this ungodly Zionist perversion, it was him. However, as soon as I saw Corbyn not fight back against the obvious media bias I remember thinking –

‘oh no! Please. Not again. Fight back for God’s sake!’ 

My worst fears were soon realised when not only did Corbyn not fight back against the media but even though Cameron was literally donating him all the ammunition under the sun, the new Labour leader made it obvious the Zionists had already got to him. I immediately cancelled my new membership to the Labour party & when they asked why, I opened up with both barrels! As far as I’m concerned, the Zionist cancer that has totally engulfed US politics, has also taken over UK politics.
Look at Gilad Atzmon’s title. I must admit I was so pleased when I saw – ‘Corbyn’s Labour is not a Party, More Like Occupied Territory’ I couldn’t help but think how long have I been saying we are all in big trouble because major Western countries are Occupied Territories?

Corbyn’s Labour is not a Party, More Like Occupied Territory


Not anti-Semitism but ungodly Zionist influence

The problem is not anti-Semitism but ungodly Zionist influence. Bear in mind Gilad Atzmon is Jewish. I ask – how many more good Jews need to come forward for ordinary folk to start noticing that something is very seriously awry? So what can we do about this.
Well, since Zionists control our politicians, the mass-media, central banks, Wall Street & most of big business, perhaps what we should ask is what don’t they control? Answer – our choice of where we choose to spend our money. Why do you think Zionists are pulling their hair out over the BDS movement? Why do you think a musical genius like Roger Waters, a man who’s also shown how brave he is for openly standing up for the Palestinian cause is being so vilified for his work in the BDS movement. They’re hurting in the pocket & that is the biggest power of all. As Woody Harrelson so rightly says in this clip – WE HAVE THAT POWER! So let’s bloody well use it! Thanks to Paul Stewart for sending me this.



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