Thanks to Russia & Iran, “Greater Israel” is now a pipe dream. It looks like Israel will have to stick with what it knows: slaughtering Gazans armed with rocks

A few days ago I touched on how Netanyahu was travelling here, there & everywhere. Now I hear he’s off to Moscow no doubt to piss Putin off. I’m certain world leaders are loathed to entertain Netanyahu. Trump might say they’re good friends & many go along with that but I’d like to bet secretly he can’t stand the guy. Anyway, this is all irrelevant. What matters is what’s being said behind closed doors. Sadly we’ve long since passed the point where the media do their job & tell us what’s going on. Perhaps the answer lies in the title of this link from ‘Russia Insider’ –

‘Netanyahu DEMANDS Summit With Putin After Russia and Iran Ruin Israel’s Plan For Syria.’


I just find it astonishing how this man can bulldoze his way around the international stage demanding all sorts while he displays a wanton disregard for international law. This indicates perhaps it’s not Soros but Netanyahu who’s the main agent for the globalists. Soros may provide the financing but woe betide if any world leader stands up to Netanyahu. I can’t help but feel the world needs to get rid of this lunatic!



Of course the truth is, while Israel & Netanyahu forever claim the moral high ground, they are the ones supporting the terrorists. I’ve often said it – if advanced aliens were looking down on us they’d be shaking their heads wondering whether humans should even be categorised as cognizant beings. This RT clip (7.50) pretty much sums it up.

Journalist exposes Israel’s relationship with Al Qaeda in Syria 

And this is the long & the short of it as Gordon Duff of Veterans Today states on Press TV (4.23)

Israel’s Security Services: Doing what they please…Duff on Press TV


Finally two clips featuring two Israelis. Fortunately many more Israelis are speaking out but with the media in the hands of Zionist warmongers, this must seem a thankless task, especially when one considers how extremists in Israel are able to intimidate with impunity. Here, Israeli television presenter Assaf Harel used his comedy show’s final broadcast to launch a scathing attack on apartheid & plague conditions in Gaza that he says are being swept under the carpet by the vast majority of the Israeli population. (5.32)



I love this effort by Shir Hever (2.06). From the jump he unloads. It was music to my ears hearing….
In the history of Netanyahu’s political career, he has never made a single statement which didn’t turn out to be a lie!


Actually, I have to admit in a post a year ago I wrote Netanyahu is not the greatest liar on the planet. That title has to go to Mark Regev. As well being a slime-ball of cataclysmic proportions, Regev only tells porkies. Netanyahu however has twice told the truth in 2001 –
1) 9/11 is good for Israel
2) Once we squeeze all we can out of America it can dry up & blow away!


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