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Good stuff from relatively new FB friend Richard Gillard. At a time when those in control of the mass-media have all but stifled genuine debate it’s good to see a few people on FB going out of their way to encourage it. Being able to communicate I believe was integral to mankind’s quest to establish civilizations, for what better way to open people’s minds, spread knowledge & learn?
It’s taken a while & we’ve come a long way. Now, at lightening speed, we’ve slung it into reverse! ‘Dumb down for Christ sake. We’ll tell you how it is! Stick the box on. Put your feet up. Get on the dog & bone. Order some garlic bread, a takeaway pizza & a couple cans of Coke to wash it all down while your watching x-factor. Whatever you do, don’t think!’ Lovely.

Pizza vs Police


Even expressing a point of view on social media all too often is tantamount to entering the lion’s den. Many good friends have told me they’d like to contribute but that desire has been beaten out of them. I mean its a certainty people will disagree but what’s the point of jumping down someone’s throat with a ‘you don’t know what you’re talking about you bleep, bleep, bleep’ but no explanation whatsoever as to why this may be the case!


Oh I'm sorry!

Anyway I was tagged by Richard who provided links for the argument for Trump by yours truly & against Trump by Faisal Hussein. The important one to read is Faisal’s. What I’ve written below is my response.  


I have found two wise men, here on Facebook. They are Faisal Hussain and Michael Aydinian. I’d like to put myself forward as a third Wise Man, but that is for you to decide, not me.

I note that Faisail Hussain and Michael Aydinian both have very different views about Donald Trump. I would like to invite them to use this post as a forum in which to discuss this issue.

On one side of the argument we have this post by Faisal Hussain:

On the other side we have this post by Michael Aydinian:

Here are some of my own thoughts on the matter:

Nearly all of my knowledge of Donald Trump comes via Facebook. I have more or less stopped watching the news. It’s all blatant propaganda.

Most of the Facebook posts I have seen about Donald Trump would seem to indicate that the man is a complete buffoon. At the same time, however, Michael Aydinian appears to feel that Donald Trump is our only hope against the evil plans and machinations of the Rothschild dynasty.


Over to you, Gentlemen.

Initially my intention was to merely offer a few lines but I like to let Nature take its course –  


Richard I just read Faisal’s piece & while it’s reasonably well put together & on the surface, he presents a decent argument, most people’s opinions regarding religion & nationalism are fundamentally flawed. This is because being such an emotive issue, it’s almost a guarantee, sound judgement will be rendered extinct! Of course what he says is perfectly justified. Everything…… yet it is flawed simply because emotions get the better of people when it comes to this subject matter.


Q & A


Whenever anyone makes a judgement call, the earlier one correctly analyses the chief aspects of an argument, the more one will find they are on or at least, close to the mark. It’s like embarking on a journey. If you take a wrong turn, any time, you have to rectify the error but it’s better making one later, toward the end of the journey rather than at the beginning. Moreover, the longer you take to realise an error, the further you deviate from your destination. Faisal not only took a wrong turn. He did so from the outset. The bad news is, he’s still driving, oblivious he’s taken that wrong turn!


To be or not to be


Incidentally, with the way the US police force is dishing out law & order on its own citizens, why on earth would anyone, let alone Muslims want to go to America? Anyway, however odious Trump is, Hilary Clinton is a million times worse! From the moment Trump placed his hat in the ring I was inundated with calls for what I thought. I said –
‘there’s only one criteria for judging who I’d prefer as President. Much as I have a distinct dislike for Trump, my own personal feelings are irrelevant. If the Zionists don’t want him, THEN I DO! At least Trump is a wild card. He could prove to be America’s savior or he could turn out to be another Obama. However, the more the media demonise a candidate, the more I want that person elected. I’ll even go out on a limb & say Muslims should vote for him.’
– This is from day one.


Bear in mind, right now, innocent Muslims throughout the world are being massacred. How did this come about? A catastrophic, catalyzing event had the US administration & the media immediately pointing the finger of blame at Muslims. How could this be? Those who should have known something claimed they knew nothing, yet an hour after 9/11, the very same people who claimed they knew nothing…….. SUDDENLY KNEW EVERYTHING! If this doesn’t tell you Muslims have been well & truly set up by Zionists controlling the US administration & the media, then you’re living in cloud-cuckoo land. Why would Zionists want to do that? Look up Oded Yinon’s 1982 plan to create Greater Israel & while your at it, check out the clip where General Wesley Clark spilled the beans that the plan all along was to destroy 7 Arab & Muslim nations.


So, now we have to ask ourselves – Is Clinton part & parcel of the despised establishment? VERY MUCH SO! Moreover, despite the fact this present war-mongering administration of Obama finally decided to give diplomacy a chance & consequently, arduously ironed out a deal with Iran, this woman has flat out stated ‘SHE WILL BOMB IRAN REGARDLESS! Make no mistake – if this happens WW III will be on the grid but I guarantee – she & her war-mongering buddies are going to be safely tucked away in their underground shelters if ever it all goes off!




So what’s the alternative to this? The chances are it will be Trump. Is he part of the establishment? At least this is open to question. What we do know is he’s pretty much financing his own Presidential campaign. Therefore, crucially, he’s not beholding to anyone. Do people not realise money in politics is the crux of the problem? Better still, he’s already angered the Zionist Neo-Con war-mongers by saying –
1) The Iraq war was illegal.
2) We were deliberately lied to & I quote – “There were no WMD’s & they KNEW there were no WMD’s.”
3) These wars have been disastrous for America.
4) He has welcomed the opportunity of dialogue with President Putin.
5) Incredibly he had the balls to point the finger at GW regarding the 9/11 debacle. In one fell swoop, he’s destroyed this despicable family that sadly for America & much of the world dominated American politics for 3 generations. This alone should have Muslims thinking, well maybe……
6) He flat out said “the media are the worst people.” I was so pleased when I heard this because he’s 100% right. THEY ARE! None of this death, destruction & utter chaos would be occurring – no 9/11, no wars, nothing! The fact the media is controlled by a handful of people is the integral reason the planet now tinkers on the edge of the precipice.
Aaaahhh but then he went & said – I WILL BAN MUSLIMS FROM ENTERING AMERICA! So the chances are he won’t kill & maim millions of them, but because he said this, you lot are up in arms? For crying out loud…… every other candidate will KILL Muslims, all over the world. Millions more will have their homes destroyed, their livelihood’s ruined. Now, there’s a damn good chance Trump is going to stop this massacre altogether, yet…………….
You know, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! I’m sorry but this is what happens when religion & nationalism is brought into the fray – ONE STOPS USING ONE’S BRAIN! First & foremost, it’s common knowledge – in election campaigns, candidates will say anything if they think it will win votes. More often than not, what they promise, never happens. They lie all the time! YOU ALL KNOW THIS! Bad enough people can’t wait to plonk their moral high hats on, trying to show everyone how good they are but to allow the media to play you like this? This is how judgement is clouded through misplaced anger. What you should be asking is – HOW COULD SUCH A VILE STATEMENT EVER BE A VOTE WINNER?


Zionist control


Answer: Because the Zionist controlled media is doing everything it can to incite Islamophobia. Why? So that ordinary folk take their eye off the ball & argue among themselves. DIVIDE & CONQUER once again rearing its ugly head! Just analyse the media’s role in all this. The Paris & Brussels ‘attacks’, which I’m in no doubt were false flags orchestrated by Mossad, were plastered all over the media. Every sport event was made to pay homage to the tragic victims of alleged Muslim terrorism. Did the media say a word about the bomb blast two days ago that killed 74 people in Lahore? (60 were Muslims). Does the media say anything about how the illegal war in Iraq, thanks largely to their own lies, has resulted in a swathe of senseless bombings which continue to this very day, 13 years on? Does the media ever mention how ISIS predominately murders innocent Muslims? NO! But they fall over themselves trying to brainwash people that Muslims are the terrorists when in reality they’re the terrible victims.


But here’s the kicker: So along comes this opportunist Donald Trump. What better way to massage his already monstrous ego than by becoming President? Nothing else matters. Above all, knowing how to use situations to his advantage, realising the media’s actions have influenced the ignorant masses, who just happen to be the primary group of people who still believe their vote counts, Trump comes out with this crass comment to ban Muslims just to gain more votes. Needless to say, no one questioned him as to how he could enforce such a thing.


What should have been at the forefront of people’s minds is – HOW COME THE MEDIA TURNED ON TRUMP? It’s obvious the media have a hidden agenda to vilify Muslims. The very fact they had the gall to refer to refugees as migrants says it all. Did they ever mention how our Zionist puppet leaders caused this refugee nightmare? Therefore, shouldn’t they be happy with Trump’s call to ban Muslims from entering America? Think about this. One thing is for sure – the only reason Trump ever said this is because thanks to the entire corporate media, hoards of uninitiated folk now regard Muslims as potential terrorists. Wake up for Christ sake.





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