The Coming War on China by John Pilger

What is news? A means of informing the world’s inhabitants what’s occurring around the globe. Ideally it would be something we could rely on & place our trust in. News should enlighten us of technological & scientific strides, modification of skills & methods in order to advance mankind while protecting planet Earth, our home & all it’s wonderful life-forms. Significantly, in a perfect world news would alert us to danger – whether certain countries or powerful, wealthy individuals are up to no good. Sadly, what we have today is something as far removed as it could possibly be for romantics like me.
Malcolm X hit the nail on the head. He said “the media is the most powerful entity on earth.” This is why I harp on about it all the time. It’s the crux of our problem. Look. There will always be right & wrong, good & bad. There will always be people with no scruples who stop at nothing just for the sake of having more. Why? Because Greed is encrusted in our DNA. It is a human trait. So it should be no surprise our system of government has become as corrupt & perverted as it has. Justice has little to do with law, the courts & Police. JUSTICE IS WHAT THE MEDIA CHOOSES TO INFORM US OF!
I’ve said it a million times – you may get the raving hump when the take-away pizza’s 10 minutes late or the missus is in nagging overdrive or the soccer team you’d chop your right arm off for is on the receiving end of a proper pounding. However, unbeknown to most, with almost everything that doesn’t directly concern ordinary folk, the brain stops functioning. YOU DECIDE NOTHING! ALMOST MAGICALLY, THE MEDIA TAKES OVER, CONTROLLING YOUR MIND, SUBLIMINALLY INSTRUCTING YOU WHEN TO BE ANGRY & WHAT YOU SHOULD BE ANGRY ABOUT!
I grant you – tomorrow if mainstream media flicked a switch so that miraculously they report the whole truth, the world we’re currently bedeviled with, would be unrecognisable. Rapidly everyone would be cognizant of the fact banksters are the route of all evil. All the wars & conflicts they’ve manufactured would come to an abrupt end. The real crooks, war-mongers & corrupt officials would all end up where they deserve to be – behind bars! In their place would be politicians who’d know taking bribes would be sheer folly. Like a shot, the media would be onto them. This way only those wishing to serve the people would place their hat in the ring. I could go on & on about how life would be if the right people were calling the shots.
This ideal world though is light years away. Therefore, it’s somewhat inappropriate going on about it. My job is to raise awareness & perhaps offer guidelines to enlighten folk. This is what’s important. When I started watching this documentary by the great John Pilger, on 4 minutes a chap named Eric Li said something so simple yet it got me thinking. Apart from the superb video, which is a must watch, this is what I felt I should highlight. Please. I beg of everyone – get into the habit of asking –


So, what does makes sense? The one thing mainstream media never wants you to hear –


What’s that you may ask? Listen to what Eric Li says. I can assure you, he doesn’t receive the untold millions mainstream media news presenters stash each & every year –

“One myth….. I think really needs to be dispelled is that somehow China is aiming to replace America & run the world ….. first of all the Chinese are not that stupid. The West with it’s Christian roots are about converting other people into their beliefs. The Chinese are not about that….. I’m not degrading Western culture. I’m just pointing out the inherent nature the DNA’s of two different cultures. The Chinese 2000 years ago built the Great Wall to keep barbarians out, not to invade them!”


I think I’ve made perfect sense here. I am also in no doubt – anyone who refuses to accept something is seriously awry with what mainstream media is saying is a blithering idiot! For you there is no hope. Anyway, here’s the whole film minus any gremlins –


Here’s the trailer & a link where you can subscribe to John Pilger’s work. He’s the best!


And thanks to Jonathan Trapman for this link. No surprise Pilger has been ostracised by mainstream media. If you wish to donate….–shop




Just a quick word: All this nonsense about ‘fake’ news is yet another classic example of Zionist manipulation. They’re desperate to stop the mainstream media hemorrhaging credibility so they come up with a typical deflecting tactic to take the dairy off themselves. I pay zero attention to it. You’re spot on. There are two kinds of news – ZIONIST PROPAGANDA ie lies & THE TRUTH! End of story!


If you’re interested about how I feel we should perhaps turn this mess around I wrote this piece a few years ago but I thought it should be one of the first pieces I posted on this website – “The way forward for the UK” 

The way forward for the UK




  • Lynne

    An absolutely EXCELLENT post Michael. What it brings up is the ‘ real’ news and the ‘fake’ news. John Pilger has been shunned and ostracised by the ‘mainstream media’ for telling how it is. China does NOT want war, only peace. It’s America that wants war. America is currently at war in 7 countries. Can you name them. No.
    That’s what MSN (CNN, FOX, BBC, NBC etc.) want. MSN is a powerful entity and omit and distort loads. It’s the independent news like John Pilger presents is the REAL news

  • Neil Unwin

    Its great that you posted this John Pilger film Michael.. Ive already seen it, so I now know the true extent of the American warmongering aggression throughout the world.. Its obviously worse than I was ALREADY aware of.. IMO their administration can only be described as Paranoid & Psychopathic, & are definitely the most likely nation (along with Israel) to cause WW3 &/or the end of the human race.. With lap-dog support from such as the UK, & the usual MSM sabre rattling (or at least complicity) of course…. What a disgusting rabble they all are, this “Establishment” that controls the West, & wants to rule the world….

  • Moh Kan Wu

    Yes, it is true ’The Coming War on China’, unfortunately, The Tragic End on United States, It as the footprint of the former Earth.

    Do you know why?

    • It’s a bit of a loaded question – there’s two ways of looking at it – 1) All empires come crashing down 2) America got taken over from within by the greatest gangsters in history – the Rothschild Zionists!

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