The way forward for the UK

The way forward for the UK

There’s a lot of people organising protests. I just read that someone is trying to organize an event – STORM PARLIAMENT, TAKE OUT THE GARBAGE AND INSTALL DECENT PEOPLE TO RUN OUR COUNTRY (AS HAPPENED IN ICELAND). I entirely agree. The garbage needs to be thrown out but storm Parliament? I’m pretty damn sure this is not the way forward. I believe someone’s got to step up to the plate & say what’s likely to occur & most importantly what our tactics should be. Well, I’ve always put my money where my mouth is so I might as well say it now – this is what’s going to happen.


They’re ready for demonstrations. Why do you think they’ve tooled our policemen up to the hilt? In fact I’m convinced they want us to resort to violence. I’ve been saying this for years. I believe even if our protests are peaceful the Police will either sabotage them with agent provocateurs or simply stick the boot in to encourage violence. Then you can be sure, the Zionist controlled media will make out we’re the yobs. This is what we cannot afford. We need to win people over but peaceful protests won’t make our TV screens while any looting or violence will make front page headlines. Make no mistake – the media is our enemy through & through. If we play this wrong, instead of us getting more of the public on board, media lies will serve to alienate us further. Moreover, this will give that two-bit traitor Cameron the excuse to come down even harder & properly screw the very people he’s supposed to be representing.


So what can we do? I believe first & foremost, whatever we do, it is imperative we act in unison. Therefore we have to somehow organise ourselves so that there’s order. We need to be under one banner, rather like a Union. Perhaps this People’s Union could be split up into some 30-50 regions up & down the country, each region with leaders all interconnected with each other. Within each region the job initially is to get as many people on board as possible. The message must be loud & clear – violence has to be avoided at all costs; our job is to make Cameron think twice about ushering in laws that are an affront to our democratic rights. Further erosion of our civil liberties; this nonsense about peaceful protesters being potential terrorists; selling off our NHS; anything involving control of the Internet, involvement in more conflicts abroad; the TPP & our right to criticize him & above all Israel, has to be met full on.


Like I said, it’s no use a little bit here; a little bit there. We have to work as a single entity, rather like a colony of ants. I believe the best tactic is to withdraw our labor, in planned one-day strikes. If we have 2, 3, 4 million people taking part, they’ll have no option but to take notice because we’re basically telling this bastard Cameron – WE DON’T WANT THIS! If need be, a one day strike every week. Another tactic is to boycott big business. We’ll let the billionaire big boys in Tesco, Sainsbury, Amazon, Starbucks etc know if they’ve got it bad now, wait & see what we’ve got in store for these so-in-so’s. If we get organised they’ll be crying their eyes out watching their multi-million pound bonuses disappear down the Swanee. Oy veh!


Quite how we can set this all up I have no idea. What I do know is without organisation we can forget the whole damn thing. They’ll pick us off. We need a coordinated & cohesive approach that hurts them in the pocket. Protests are no good; violence even worse. I’m open to suggestions. I’m all ears in fact. I’m not out to be the big Gumba or anything like that. I’m just saying I’m rarely off the mark when it comes to predicting what’s going to happen & what our tactics should be. We better shape up.


  • zaheen

    I agree with you entirely. I have no experience with regards to organising and coordinating marches.However I’m sure there are plenty people out there who are willing and able.Do hope you get a good response.

    • Thank you Zaheen. I’m not sure whether I will get a decent response or not, not so much because people don’t agree with what I say but more because those who control the flow of information make sure those who’d like to read something like this never get the chance to see it. Only yesterday I was explaining to a friend 2 years ago I had 10x the number of hits on my GMM FB page as I do now even though I have twice as many followers. With this sort of censorship it’s going to be a tough ask whatever we choose to do. We can but try.

  • Nice article Michael Aydinian.
    The points you raise are pragmatic and admirable, however your article may be over optimistic in believing that britZion politics can somehow be made morally correct. The formation of a ‘People’s Union’ sounds good in principle, but could an organization with up to 50 cells really be formed. Take the ‘9/11 Truth Movement’, it has been chasing it’s own tail for a decade and hasn’t achieved that much. In my view peaceful organizations will not achieve change, I agree with Mao that political power comes from the ‘barrel of a gun’ or more correctly comes from financial and military strength. I don’t advocate violence, but the peaceful system you describe would have only limited effect. Most people in the UK generally support the so called ‘war on terror’ just as 90% plus in Israel support continued bombing of Gaza. They are happy with their modern media, sports and consumerism. They have never had it so good, what with HD TV, internet, playstation, Hollywood CGI action films, etc.

    • Thanks Fakk. Everything you say is bang on the mark except perhaps for one detail. There’s no question these crooks we have masquerading as politicians will not go down quietly. At one time or another we will, in all likelihood, have to throw them out. However, I feel it would also be optimistic to believe as Mao did that political power comes directly from the barrel of the gun. I think initially we have to build support & raise awareness. We can do this by stating the the People’s Union is mainly against austerity for instance. What argument could they have when we say austerity measures cannot be justified when they’re occurring at a time when billionaire’s have never had it so good & at a time when there’s always more money for war. However daft people are, what would they not understand about that & how could the contemptible media ever argue against the fact the gulf between the have’s & have nots is widening at an exponential rate? I feel only when we get more people on board who realise we are being taken for a massive ride can we then successfully overthrow these criminals. Then we may have a chance to incorporate a political system that can only serve the people & where special interest groups & money of big business has no say whatsoever. Remember too, repairing a problem that’s been allowed to fester for 200 years is going to be no easy task even if we make all the right decisions.

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