The “Failed” War on Terror is a success! Ken O’Keefe Debates Stupid Wars

The “Failed” War on Terror is a success! Ken O’Keefe Debates Stupid Wars


RT is a lone voice in the wilderness. The rest of the news is controlled by a bunch of pathological liars. YET…..can you imagine – the Zionists have got this vile, nasty, little cretin; a vindictive, acidic spouting specimen who’s job is to pile untold heat on RT’s US division. This vermin actually said that if RT carried on telling the truth (well he did say, as they are) he would have them arrested as terrorists. This is why RT had to pull their horns in. The Beatles song Taxman had a line “one for you, 19 for me” For Zionists, this is totally unacceptable. 1 out of 20? With these so-in-so’s, you can’t have 1 out of 100! They want it all!

The “Failed” War on Terror is a Success – Ken O’Keefe Debates Stupid Wars

First & foremost GREAT SHOW! Way to go guys…. though in his intro Peter Lavelle talks of the ‘failed war on terror due to America & Obama’s foreign policy.’ Let me make one thing absolutely clear – everything, every single thing regarding this statement is 100% false! If you want to start to understand exactly what’s going on…………

Failed should be SUCCESSFUL!

On should be OFF! 

America should be ISRAEL 

Obama should be ZIONIST

Accept this & it all starts to make sense! In short, everything is going according to plan for the Israelis. Fair play to you KOK, though I’m beginning to think you’re secretly reading all my stuff………….gimme one like at least……

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