The good news: My FB ban ends on the day I hit the big 60. The bad news: Truth is under attack like never before!

First of all, from the bottom of my heart, thanks for all the messages & birthday greetings. I will endeavor to answer each & every one. Please be patient though. My FB ban included answering messages so I’ve 30 days worth to catch up on. I don’t know how I’m going to do it but I will. It’s just a question of getting the nut down. I can’t tell you how frustrating it’s been not being able to respond & indeed tell more people FB pulled the proverbial plug on me!


I’m in no doubt – those who are best able to read between the lines, as well as those who can’t be bought, will be sabotaged every which way. Along with my FB ban, You-tube subscribers have all but vanished as have my subscribers to my website. Of course people like Alex Jones will side-step such censorship. He’ll continue to receive millions of hits every month because he never utters the Z word! So long as you don’t mention the role of Israel & their cohorts, you can bellow out ‘truth’ to your heart’s content.


FB gave me this 30 day ban at the beginning of this month. Their reason was so pathetic it was almost laughable – an old article in which my criticism was directed not at Zionists but Turkey’s leader Erdogan. Hitting me with all this nonsense 8 days before the US Presidential election? Give me a break! It merely confirmed what I’ve always believed – what I say is not only close to the mark but precisely what the true power-brokers don’t want people to hear & thus talk about.
My last post on FB on October 30 was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Bear in mind, in October I had devoted nearly all my time to the upcoming US election.

Chicago Tribune becomes 1st major paper to ask Clinton to step down

In this piece I wrote –


……for all American voters – ‘STOP VOTER FRAUD! HOW TO PROTECT YOUR VOTE!…… 

…….. demand paper ballots; demand a proper receipt of your vote & most importantly, every Trump voter must take along their mobile to photograph their vote. As soon as you so much as sniff any skulduggery, make yourself busy. Show them you mean business. Remember, the last thing they want are people raring up about voter fraud. If it happens everywhere, we can stop this. 

Above all, on election day it is absolutely imperative not to take any shit from anyone. Certain people will have been given power. They don’t deserve it. They’re nothing! You can be sure most are the kind of people who love to flex muscle & tell people what they can or cannot do. DON’T TAKE ANY SHIT FROM ANY TWO-BOB MERCHANT! I’ll remind everyone – all our lives are at stake here…… It’s up to each & every one of us to say enough of this shit.



It cannot be understated – all those who made videos & wrote articles saying much the same thing are people who nailed it tactically. Of course, since mainstream media is part & parcel of the rigging process, they cannot concede to any of this. Therefore, unsurprisingly, most of us will never receive any recognition yet I wholeheartedly believe these efforts had the combined effect to sway the chief power-brokers not to enforce the Hillary fix which most definitely was in right up until the last minute.
On the night of the election, betting on Befair saw Hillary go as short as 16/1 ON! That means a $16 bet would return a measly $17 had Hillary won! The fix was in alright. But, just as it was with Brexit & excrutiating as it must have surely been to swallow, the Rothschild Gumba realised rigging the election this time around would be a bridge too far. So what did actually occur to effect this drastic change of heart?
The only piece of damning evidence appeared on election night on RT – ‘violence erupts at a Californian voting booth.’ Even though RT never made a big deal out of it, for me it was huge. Details are sketchy because there’s been a total media blackout on this story. Apparently a voter had no option but to cast his vote on one of George Soros’s bent Zionist Diebold machines. He pressed Trump only for his vote to go to Hillary. He complained & demanded a paper ballot. The manager fobbed him off & eventually after much too-ing & fro-ing, he was shot. Now as I said I don’t know the exact details. However, I will bet my life, this & similar acts occurred up & down America in most polling booths. Ordinary folk had had enough. This time people were not prepared to see their vote count for nothing.
I wrote this piece soon after the election. Needless to say, I wasn’t able to post it on FB…..


What caused the power-brokers to suddenly dump Hillary?

Special thanks to Guy Phethean for both captions.





  • I was banned for 60 days for calling a woman dumb .60 days for one word .The war is on. Internet neutrality is going, going gone! The great round-up is just around the bend! May the force be with you Frodo..Long live freedom of speech. .Western governments are really scared that their people will have an alternative point of view. It is quite telling about the state of the Western states. .We have too many butt hurt sympathizer in Facebook. the worst kind actually. these pathetic scum would hand their grandmothers in…. “cultural revolution warriors” without a (real) cause…. (or brain.). Shhhhh, don’t talk about you know who and maybe they’ll leave you alone. What a joke of today’s society. Bunch of welfare weak zombies. You don’t fight terrorist by protecting current 30 day ban called out the irony of a certain word a certain race claims they own..a complete betrayal of democracy in action. It is beneath contempt.

    The BBC is also losing the propaganda war. Truth will always prevail

  • Lynne

    Many Happy Returns Michael

    Thanks for the info re; f b
    I have been aware for ages of the tricks and censorship they use.
    Keep posting you do a great job

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