The Hillary Child-Sex Tape is Worse than you can Imagine

I know just how bad this evil bitch & her scum husband is. Years ago I posted CLINTONS: THEIR SECRET LIVES. It takes some believing but it’s the best documentary ever done regarding this miserable lot. I’ve posted it many times & said I never imagined there could be a worse American family than Bush. I was wrong. Thanks to my mate Andy Devine for sending me this one…..


I believe this rampant Paedophilia among the so-called elite & the fact it is now coming out in the open is an integral reason they’re pushing the Russians to the limit. It makes me think boy, how fortunate we are lunatics of the same ilk aren’t in control in Russia. Thankfully, Putin & Lavrov, are two highly smart, pragmatic men. I’m not saying we’re not bang in trouble but if it was any of the old Iron Curtain mob the chances are, it would have all gone off by now!



Here’s some older pieces pertaining to this filth – 

What exactly is the Pizzagate Scandal – 5/2/2017


and this piece which feature the great Ben Swann who sort of disappeared right after he put this out. It was clear Swann had been warned off but thankfully I heard he’s okay –

WikiLeaks: New York Times Reporter caught running Child Porn Website & in the meantime. no news of Ben Swann – 27/7/2017

A must watch. Like I said, I’ve posted this god knows how many time –  

CLINTONS: Their Secret Lives – 22/2/2016


And finally, the integral reason the media won’t let up on Trump – it’s all about protecting the Pedophiles – 4/3/2017


The integral reason the media won’t let up on Trump – it’s all about protecting the Pedophiles


I’ve decided to add these because I’m sure some people would like to learn more. Thanks to Andy Devine again…

Clinton Snuff Film Bridge To Podesta’s Pedophile SCIF – 21/11/2016

This horrendous double killing of two children who’d seen drugs being unloaded on the Clinton ranch in Arkansas, follows on from the Clinton documentary: THEIR SECRET LIVES. 

Pro wrestler admits to role in 1987 unsolved train track murder of two boys and claims it was linked to a cocaine smuggling ring as he implicates ‘criminal Arkansas politician’ in far-reaching cover-up

And finally, today I was asked an interesting question –

Michael .. in the past week the email from Hillary Clinton admitting the war in Syria was done specifically to help Israel has been posted all over the internet. They bombed it again on Friday & the Russians have said there would be repercussions. Could the ‘dropping’ of this Frazzledrip video be down to them .. they have the expertise to access anything!

I answered –


Here for once, Hillary told the truth but then the 1982 Oded Yinon plan for the creation of greater Israel, though sadly not common knowledge, does nevertheless inextricably link Israel into the whole picture & since it is the only country gaining from all this chaos & destruction, how can one not consider it to be the chief protagonist?
As for your synopsis of the Russians sticking the boot in, well that’s a possibility but if one really gives this some thought, don’t you think the Clinton’s, having committed serious fraud & drug running, along with mass- murdering there way into the White House, would have made several enemies or more to the point, disgusted many decent high-ranking Americans? As well as the fact this woman is certifiably insane. Therefore, I wouldn’t attach too much of the media’s emphasis on blaming Russia for everything. Russian meddling has clearly been grossly exaggerated solely for the purpose of subliminal brainwashing.
Furthermore, the Russians could well have known everything about Hillary but then they also know her backers own the media & therefore will do everything to protect her. With Hillary being an absolute liability to America & her citizens, what earthly reason would the Russians go out of their way to try & convince Americans that she’s an evil witch? They’d certainly at the very least run the risk of being told mind your own bloody business!”

So I though I’d post this, after all, how can one not want to show who the Clintons REALLY WORK FOR? And don’t for one second thing that lying bitch Theresa May doesn’t work for the same people. This is from – 




Clinton Email: We Must Destroy Syria For Israel


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