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If you can’t trust people with freedom, how can you trust people with power? A moment of true inspiration perhaps, that is for whoever initially uttered these profound words. I tried finding out but such is the state of the Internet today, my patience wears thin when I’m asked to tick a box & agree to some sort of bullshit! I got as far as Jack Weinberg, an environmental activist, best known for his role in the Free Speech movement at the University of California in Berkeley.

So who are the people in power? What is abundantly clear, they’re happy to reside in a world where war-mongers & serial Pedophiles are protected. Not only that, they’re given an unchallenged platform to spout their lies while their obvious crimes are ignored. Most of them, especially the war-mongers, live a life of unbridled luxury. In the meantime the few honest politicians we have such as Jeremy Corbyn are literally hounded by the media. Then our elections are rigged to ensure the majority never have a say. Whistle-blowers like Julian Assange suffer an even worse fate. He merely told the truth. For this his life has been ruined, his freedom taken away & now it all but seems the criminals he tried to expose are able to turn the due process of law completely on its head. It literally makes you ashamed to be human…. or at least it should do!

Putting the icing on the cake & adding real meaning to Voltaire’s prophetic words ‘TO KNOW WHO RULES OVER YOU, SEE WHO YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO CRITICISE’, bent politicians who’ve committed no less than Treason, are now on the verge of ratifying laws that will criminalise criticism of the very crooks who own our politicians & the media – the Zionist Banksters! What most people are unaware of is these Zionist criminals want to equate all the criticism they justifiably receive as hate speech directed at Jews. This is like comparing bank robbers with bank tellers.


RON UNZ was raised in a Yiddish speaking household. He writes frequently on the Jewish Question & is the author, founder & editor of the Unz Review. He was also a Silicon Valley entrepreneur & a one-time candidate for the Governor of California. In 1983 he was described as the smartest guy in his class in Harvard. Here is a piece from the Unz Review ‘The Hollow Cult: Sins of Omission in the Rhetoric of the Holocaust.’ Thanks to Michael Atkinson for sending this….

The last time I featured a piece by Ron Unz was in Feb 2019. I said it was one of the best article I’d seen & believe me, I get sent shitloads! This piece was a blow-by-blow account of how he slowly but surely came to realise 9/11 was a Zionist operation for the purpose of manufacturing a phony war on terror, the ushering in of the surveillance state & ultimately the destruction of all the Arab/Muslim nations daring to oppose Israel. What’s significant is this is from the horse’s mouth. Unz personally knew all the people involved in 9/11. Nothing could be worse for the true perpetrators. Why after all would a distinguished Jew point the proverbial finger at them knowing the full ramifications?

There were a few comments. I’ve decided to finally post the two links a chap named Patrick put up. It’s often the case important material like this gets left by the wayside even though I’d like to post them straight away. It’s one of the problems working alone & having to deal with so much material. In this article is the FACTUAL REVIEW of the HISTORICAL TRIBUNE. What is striking is this may be over 80 years ago but much the same thing is occurring today. The real criminals are using Jews as a shield.

1938 News Report: Financial War on “Anti-Semitic States” for “Persecuting Jewish FINANCIERS” not Civilian Jews

Small wonder the Zionists invented the ridiculous notion that so many Palestinian children were being killed because Hamas were using them as human shields. This of course is just another Zionist lie, one which their equally contemptible media latches onto & then does its utmost to brainwash unsuspecting folk. How often have I said a Zionist trait is to blame others for what they specialise in doing? There’s a wealth of information on this link. Here’s a snippet –

For over eight decades, the world has been led to believe that from the outset of 1933, the Germans “Persecuted” everyday German-Jews for simply being Jewish, even though German-Jews of the time, denounced this international propaganda. By International Jewry’s own admission, it was the self proclaimed “Jewish FINANCIERS” who – incidentally had their parasitic usurious positions outlawed by Germany’s Economic Reform –  were the ones being singled out and they did in fact feel the need to differentiate themselves from everyday Jews with this claim, as to who was supposedly being persecuted.
The targeting of 
“Jewish Financiers” was a well founded claim, as NSDAP policies and reform saw the cleansing of Communists in governmental positions and immoral financial and trading practices removed from the Reich – it just so happened that around 98% of these Communists and unscrupulous Speculators, were in fact Jewish. If these communist elements within Germany were Spanish or Chinese, their resulting fate would have been the same and it would have been due to their corrupt practices which greatly effected German society, not their ethnicity – as the other 2% of non-Jewish communists who also lost their positions, attests to.

The other link is a ‘Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross on its activities during the second world war (September 1, 1939 – June 30, 1947).’ The simple, plain truth is the Zionist banksters, along with their fiefdom Israel & their mouthpiece known as the mainstream media are all pathological liars. We’re talking about the greatest gangsters in history here. Moreover, it should be common knowledge once anyone starts lying, then the only way not to face the music is to keep lying. There’s no other way. Only truth stands up to scrutiny.

This is why they ambush anyone questioning anything they say & this most certainly includes their version of the Holocaust. Believe it or not, I did not require any book or article to work out the truth. My suspicions were initially aroused only because of the actions of Zionists & indeed many of my Jewish friends. I kept asking myself, why is it no one is permitted to talk about this & most significantly, how dare these bastards jail historians nonetheless for daring to offer an alternative perspective?

This got me thinking. I asked myself – to hell with what we’re constantly being told. WHAT DID WE SEE WITH OUR OWN EYES? Answer – when the camps were liberated the internees were emaciated, down to the bone; bodies were piled on top of each other. This is understandable because for months the camps had been deprived of food, water & medicine. Those who ran the camps knew the Red Army was not taking prisoners. They left long before. With the camps in the middle of a war zone obviously supply lines would be cut. Soon camp survivors would not have the energy to bury the dead. This rapidly ushered in disease & so the death toll rose exponentially.

THIS IS ALL IN ACCORDANCE WITH WHAT WE SAW ON CAMERA! What we’ve never seen are gas chambers & most crucially the burial grounds of 6 million! I’ve never had to rely on pieces like this. Plain common sense got me to the truth. However, I would bet my life this article is entirely accurate. The Red Cross & the Salvation Army have long since revised down the 6 million figure to under 2 million, though going by the liars in the media & people like Netanyahu, you’d never know any of this! I’m not afraid to say, the 6 million figure is simply yet another Zionist concoction.

I’d say Ezra Pound isn’t far off the mark here. However, if people wonder what could be in store for us in the near future just look at how this was man was treated. He went through sheer hell because of what he believed. Bear in mind Zionists are able to think & say what the hell they like. I’ve said it many times – they are the most racists people on the planet by a proverbial mile.



  • Eileen

    It’s time that people started waking up to these facts and change this toxic system

    • Yes Eileen. One thing I’ve found quite interesting is if I’d have posted this 5-10 years ago I would have received a lot of stick from all those who without thinking love to plonk their moral high hats on. I noticed this time around not only this wasn’t the case but, more people than ever were agreeing with my analysis. It’s good to see on the topic of the Holocaust people are beginning to get sick of it being rammed down our throats.

  • Eileen

    I read a book “America’s Nazi Secrets” which was written by a guy who was a former US prosecutor and Army Officer and had access to confidential documents and probably would be called a Whistleblower now, but he was an US Attorney, who included some copies of documents in his book.his name is John Loftus and his book was a real eye opener regarding WW2 Michael.

    • Eileen – I have a fair idea of what genuine history books would look like. I think we were told more lies about WWII than even 9/11. Sadly today I’m sent so much stuff I have no time to read books. I know how to connect dots but detail has never been my strong point & I neither want it to be.

  • Eileen

    Fine Michael, but I had swallowed the holocaust lies for years and this book really opened my eyes to the truth about before and after WW2

  • Eileen

    Sadly that’s true Michael.

  • Patrick

    Hello Michael,

    I’m sorry, I’m way behind in my reading.

    However, I have to say that, in this article, you are getting much closer to the truth, but you are still not quite there.

    Let us begin with the pictures of the “holocaust” victims you referred to. It is crucial to get this point straight. All the pictures you refer to were taken by the British and Americans at places like Dachau and Bergen-Belsen. To make myself clear, the pictures you are referring to are from the concentration camps that fell under the western allies’ zones of conquest.

    Now, please, go to the history department of your local (or any) university and ask them if there were any “extermination” camps in anywhere in Germany proper. They WILL tell you, “No, all the extermination camps were located in what became the soviet zone.”

    Please think carefully about that. What does it mean? It means that you are incorrect when you deduced that the piles of emaciated bodies, etc., in the films you were referring to were (partly) the unfortunate result of the Germans abandoning the camps before the soviet advance.

    So, let me stress this point: It is an historical FACT that there were NO EXTERMINATION CAMPS in US, British or French zones of occupation. Historians agree on this, completely. The “holocust” claim is that ALL the “exterminations/gassings” took place in camps that fell into soviet hands. However, all the footage you are describing was obtained by the US or British when they took over the camps IN THEIR RESPECTIVE ZONES. So, as always, 1 + 1 = 2. Here is your challenge: find some footage of what the soviets discovered when THEY entered the camps that fell to them, which were the supposed “extermination” camps. ALL WE HAVE IS THEIR WORD that jews were gassed there. Once you realise this, the entire “holocaust” lie falls apart. That is why the “holocaust” is “their” weakest link. It is incredibly easy to expose. By the way, this is why they use the term “death camps” now, and we no longer speak of concentration camps vs “extermination” camps… it is crucial that “they” keep the waters muddy. But there is more…

    It is often quite correctly stated that you cannot prove a negative, and this is true in most cases, but not in the case of the ridiculous “holocaust” lie. That fairy tale has been scientifically disproven, and that experiment has been replicated at least twice. I refer you to the Leuchter Report.

    Let’s dwell on the German “abandonment” of the labour camps before the soviet advance for just a second more. The evil Germans actually gave all the inmates of their eastern “extermination” camps the option of either staying and waiting for the soviets to “liberate” them, or, if they preferred, to join the Germans in their retreat. With the exception of those too sick to make the journey and a few diehard communists, almost everyone chose to join their “genocidal” captors, and that included Ann Frank and her family, to name just a few famous “holocaust survivors.”

    So, now we had all these thousands upon thousands of inmates voluntarily leaving the giant industrial city labour camps of the east flooding into concentration camps in the west which had no where near the capacity to handle those numbers. And, of course, the allies continued their illegal, genocidal bombardment of Germany, including the concentration camps and all the supply lines leading to them, and the trainloads of inmates streaming in from the eastern camps. And that’s what you see on the footage you described: NOT evidence of “the holocaust” or any systematic gassings of the jews by the Germans, but the result of the carefully planned genocide of the Germans by the allies. The Germans, right to the very end, were still trying to save the lives of the very jews we have been deceived into believing they were exterminating. And here is the final kicker: Zyklon B was used by the Germans in WW2 to SAVE LIVES, jews included! And this is verified by the records: the more Zyklon B the camps had (when they could get it!), the LOWER the mortality rate, proportionately.

    As you often say, Michael, whatever “they” say, assume the opposite. Take an hour and a half to watch this VERY shocking and informative video covering the topic and setting the record straight:

    And no matter what lies you may believe about Hitler, there is one truth you cannot escape: if not for Hitler and National Socialist Germany, you, each and everyone of you, would today be living in a stalinist utopia. Try though he might, Hitler could not save the world back then, but he did buy us time. And that time is running out… don’t waste it.

    And please check out Mike King’s book The Bad War, available at his new website:

    Thanks for the shutout, Michael, and happy to see you at the feather again.

    Best wishes,



    Excellent links below for those interested (sorry for all the links, Michael! But if nothing else, do watch the movie in the first link above, it’s an eye-opener!)

    • Hi Patrick. I understand some of the points you make but I’m somewhat confused as to why you think I think there were extermination camps. Perhaps I shouldn’t use the word Holocaust any more because that implies there’s some truth in what we’ve been told. I don’t think that at all. I also take your point about the camera footage. I merely assumed this was Soviet footage because ever since school days I’ve been aware all the camps were on the Soviet side.
      While I truly value everything you say I feel the need to point out my job is to plant seeds of doubt into people’s minds. I feel I’m good at this & the proof is in the pudding – I’m censored to hell & back. The lady that runs this website, like me, is in no doubt – by rights I should have 100,000’s of followers. The reason is simple – I KEEP IT SIMPLE! My job may not be to entertain. However, if you bombard people with too many facts & too much detail they will quickly get bored. This is why I always say – to hell with the detail. Striking the right balance is critical.
      Don’t get me wrong – I greatly appreciate the depth of your knowledge. Of course it’s important getting every last detail right. I simply don’t have the time. I would love to read more books. The sad reality is I’ve read two books in the last 10 years. One was my friend’s book DREAMS & REALITIES; the other was about the short but amazing career of Bernd Rosemeyer, a German racing driver of the 30’s.
      I’ve never read a single book or watched videos about the holocaust & the bullshit 6 million figure. Most of the stuff I write where I counter the official narrative is what I’ve worked out myself. In many ways I believe one can make a very powerful argument by incorporating common sense with facts.
      As for checking out links, each day I fall further behind. The sheer weight of numbers actually depresses me because all too often I have to let people down.
      Finally, I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve been told the ‘you don’t know the whole truth about Hitler.’ To some extent this is correct. However, my answer is always the same. Arguing the toss that Hitler was a good guy as a means to enlighten folk is like being given an option to climb Mt. Everest only to choose to do so on the North face. It’s hard enough trying to convince people we’re being lied to. What is the point of making that job even harder? We’ve got to box clever here, especially now.

      • Patrick

        Hello Michael,

        I apologise for any confusion. No, I don’t think you “believe in the “holocaust,”” as you made clear in your article.

        And I would like to state that, as I understand you, we are both actually more or less in total agreement. I fully concur that the best way (to start, at least) is to keep it simple. And that was exactly what I was trying to do.

        Your explanation, however, was based on reasoning that was based on false assumptions, and required accepting an extremely easily disproved propaganda lie, when the whole issue can be put to rest with no assumptions whatsoever and a few simple and easily verified facts that have the added benefit of often shocking people into wakefulness and that leaves them absolutely no wiggle room to argue, except to say, “That can’t be true!” and / or hurl ad hominin attacks, which in itself means you won. So, below, in italics (but with comments added in regular type later for anybody that cares) are the facts, and is what I was trying to say:

        1. a. All the “holocaust” film of emaciated bodies, etc., are not even taken from the alleged crime scene(s).
        b. In fact, they were all taken from places that are explicitly absolved of, and excluded from, any such crimes.
        c. There are no such images whatsoever from sites claimed to have been extermination camps.

        2. The site in Poland shown to tourists and displayed as the very spot where jews were gassed and then burnt to ashes, is a fake.

        3. For those with a little bit of science and chemistry under their belt, we have definitive, scientific proof that the “holocaust” is a lie.

        That’s it! Simple as that. All easily verified facts. With just a little effort, anyone can master these deception destroying facts. And to be honest, I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to investigate these points for themselves.

        Now for my comments on the above points.

        Point #1:
        The images are not from Auschwitz or any other extermination site; they have nothing to do with any “holocaust” whatsoever. It is this point alone that has allowed me to awaken the vast majority of those who could still be roused from their mental slumber… in fact, it was this very discovery, thanks to PBS no less (quite inadvertently on their part) that set the wheels in motion for me.

        And point #1 is also very easily verified, and when it is, it has a very sobering affect on anyone who does so. It is a slap in the face that no one really ever fully recovers from, and at the very least, anyone who then continues to profess that the “holocaust” must have happened, knows they are doing so out of shear fear of the consequences of questioning it, which is a very sobering experience for them, even if they can’t allow themselves to bend publicly (thank god for the secret ballot… while we still have it, anyway). I had one friend tell me about this experience when, after ten years, he finally stepped out of the holo-closet.

        And, finally, point #1 has the added benefit of emboldening some people to the point of action, because, for those who do take on the challenge and dig a tiny bit deeper, the resultant emotion is sometimes utter rage at having been so utterly, clearly, blatantly, deliberately and indisputably misled on this issue, not just by the soviets, but by their own respective allied
        governments. It is truly shocking and horrifying to watch the old allied propaganda films attributing the result of THEIR war and THEIR brutal, criminal inhumanity, being passed off as a “holocaust” that never happened in order to justify OUR war crimes and OUR BONA FIDE genocide of an innocent German people. As they say, it is easier to fool someone than it is to convince them that they have been fooled. And this fact, that is point #1, leaves those confronted with it no escape, except to accept they have been deliberately lied to and and their emotions brutally manipulated. So, Michael, I hope you will see that I wasn’t just trying to split hairs with you here. (And I suspect that even you, the Great Michael Aydinian, while not reeling from a surprise-fact uppercut like most, were probably stung just a little by a solid fact-jab that reminded you to keep your gloves up at all times… I only provided simple facts, no boring details, just shocking facts (to most people, anyway… how’s that for boxing clever?)

        Point #2:
        The circus that is the Auschwitz “museum” isn’t really what they are telling the throngs of paying fools that visit that freak show each year it is. This is actually common knowledge now thanks to a Jew by the name of David Cole. He had a contract put out on his life by the then head of the ADL for exposing the fraud (it could have been the JDL, but I don’t feel like checking, it’s not that important). David Cole even appeared on The Phil Donahue Show way back when to talk about it, as he had made a documentary exposing the viscous scam (very worth watching!) In any event, thanks to him, today, if you ask about it, the circus master and / or his trained monkeys at Auschwitz are obliged to confess (I think they were even forced to put a little notice somewhere out of the way). But again, “they” muddy the waters by trying to explain it all away by describing the present site as a “reconstruction.” Pestering them with questions about the original and asking them to prove, or even how they know, their “reconstruction” is even anywhere near accurate, will, however, probably get you escorted off the fairgrounds pretty quickly.

        So, to summarise point #2: If you visit Auschwitz, they will show you a fake mock-up of what they pretend it is, without any justification whatsoever for it’s design plan. But, again, there is plenty of proof that “their” “reconstruction” is a complete and deliberate fraud.
        Here is some vintage footage of David Cole (who is Jewish) speaking at an IHR conference:

        Point #3:
        For those with a little bit of science under their belt, we have definitive, scientific proof that the “holocaust” is a lie.
        Again, except for calling upon the supernatural (which “they” have pretty much resorted to), there is no escape from this fact. If you know anyone with any knowledge of chemistry, shove the Leuchter Report under their noses. And this experiment has been replicated at least twice, once by the actual Auschwitz custodians themselves (I’m not clear on whether or not they ever finally released their findings, though, but it matters not, as they have no credibility whatsoever, whereas the other two reports are extremely credible.) But, then again, perhaps all the seemingly silly stories are true, and the “Nazis” did after all make contact with a superior intelligence from another dimension or from outer space somewhere… but then that begs the troubling question as to why a higher life form would help the “Nazis” rather than the allies (my response would be that, well, because they’re smarter than you!)*
        * I don’t mean you personally, Michael, I just meant that that is what I would say to the hypothetical poser of that hypothetical question.

        Those are my fighting points, in that order. It can’t be any simpler than that. And there is no need and no room for any interpretation, conjecture or assumptions. Those are the facts, plain and SIMPLE (like you like it). Not at all difficult to understand or verify, but impossible to escape from. The cognitive dissonance induced by these facts will crack any foundation, whether or not the the person hearing them admits it or not.

        Okay, I’ve had my say. I’d just like to add, Michael, that my previous comment (much like this one) was not (for the most part) actually directed at you. Mostly, it was for the benefit of your readers. The endless list of resources I linked to was for anyone interested in learning more, and just as importantly to also provide references. It is very important that no one take my word for anything, they need to check these things out and think for themselves, otherwise they will end up all mousey and intimidated in an argument and revert to the “well, some guy said” line. But once you know these facts to be facts, your legs become like tree trunks and nothing rocks you! Nothing persuades like rock solid confidence and rapid fire facts. I have experienced this myself.

        Also, I didn’t write that last response to your column because I thought you “believe in the holocaust.” The only two times I actually thought of you personally while writing that comment was when I clarified the origin of the footage of the emaciated bodies, and then later when I (admittedly) pestered you to spend an hour and a half watching the video I linked. Other than that, I know that people spend more time reading other readers’ comments than the actual articles themselves, so mostly I was speaking to your audience. That said, doubting the “holocaust,” or not “believing in the holocaust” is still not the same as knowing, as a proven fact, that it is a lie, and being able to back that up with confidence.

        So, I hope we are okay; my intention was not to insult or offend you, Michael, but to offer you solid backup and stand behind you and with you for taking on such a dangerous topic. It is important to set the “holocaust” record straight because it is the linchpin of “their” criminal empire and “their” plans to rule the world, and at the same time it is the easiest bit of disinformation to expose for what it is and to destroy simply and factually, with a few short sentences (see points 1 to 3 above). It is far, far easier to destroy with simple facts than, say 9/11. And once someone realises the “holocoust” is a lie, there is no need to convince them that, say again, 9/11 was a jewish attack; they now make this connection on their own with little or no prompting. In fact, they now come to automatically and correctly doubt anything the jewish MSM tells them… they fall into our camp instinctively. This is the reason “they” are making it illegal to question the “holocaust,” even at their UN level, and that they are rapidly purging the internet of any mention of this topic by invoking the “hate-speech” canard. And, sadly, they are very effective I am forced to admit, so time is running out.

        So, to reiterate, and in a nutshell, I no longer waste my time and breath trying to explain to people about 9/11 or the Palestinians or the truth about zionism or the NWO, and there is no need to. I go straight for the “holocaust” throat.

        And I am fully aware of the mountain of suggestions you must receive, Michael. But the very few videos and the one book that I do suggest for you are concise, simple presentations of facts that will increase your knowledge base, your arsenal and your credibility and hence your influence and your reputation as a solid source a thousand times over, and enrich your life another ten thousand fold as well, as it will help you keep it even more simple. Micheal, you are an influencer… and I am only trying to help you be the best you can at your calling, as your articles often help me be mine.

        As for the Hitler “toss,” I didn’t offer an opinion as to whether he was good or bad. I only stated a fact. You and me and every citizen of every free nation on earth – and that includes the Russians themselves today – owe our freedom (what’s left of it, anyway) to Hitler, despite the machinations of the western allies and what the jewish media tell us. He, sadly to the extreme, sacrificed his nation and his people to free the world, and that includes you and me. Add to that that during the war the fact is that he was trying to save the lives of all innocent jews in the Reich while the allies were carrying out an actual genocide campaign against the Germans, after the allies started their second world war in less than half a century, started the illegal bombing of civilians and cities, murdering and raping innocent women and children and breaking all accepted norms of international law and decency, all the while the Germans upheld humanity and civilized norms and only ever responded in kind (and only after an almost inhuman display of patience) and always retaliated to a lesser degree. And this horrific fate befell the German people for the simple reason that Hitler implemented (and only in half-measures, to be sure) what Ezra Pound posited as the solution to the jewish question.

        I have to add this point: National Socialist Germany was in fact THE MOST DEMOCRATIC, if not THE ONLY true democracy. Again, a quick peek behind the Wizstein’s curtain reveals this startling fact (and, again, it is a fact!) Hitler was the most, actually the only decent, caring, peace-loving, just and kind leader and true human among the belligerents.

        Believing that Hitler was evil (or even bad, for that matter) is no different than believing Harvey Oswald (working alone no less!) shot JFK, and that Bin Laden, using only a cell phone, orchestrated 9/11 from a cave in Afghanistan while on dialysis, and that Saddam Hussein had WMDs, that Assad gassed children in hospitals, that Iraqi soldiers smashed babies in incubators in Kuwait, or that the “holocaust” actually happened. It all comes from the exact same source. People believe these lies because, unless shown otherwise (and sometimes not even then), most people simply believe what they hear the most, so they need to hear the truth at least as often as the lies. To that end, I have taken a proverbial page from Mike King’s book and I simply call it like it is. Thanks also to giants like Ernst Zundel and David Irving and the immutable Mike King himself, I have learned that people who live in glass houses should throw rocks, because living in a glass house is insane, and the best way out of it is to make as much noise smashing glass as you possibly can (when the situation calls for it… and the situation the world is in right now definitely calls for in). But I leave it to you to decide whether Hitler was good or bad. But please, when you offer your opinion, base it on verifiable facts, not propaganda. Personally, I feel the need to try and repay what I can of my irredeemable debt to the man, for without him, I, like you, would be denizens of a stalinist paradise.

        Speaking of Mike King, his book The Bad War is an excellent example of keeping it simple… just the facts, Ma’am, just the facts… all verified and verifiable. He does an excellent job of exactly what you always advocate. I provided the link to his new website and mentioned his book in order to direct some well deserved publicity his way. I do the same for your website when I write relevant comments on other sites. And you guys are facebook friends, anyway. We should all be supporting each other, learning from each other, and helping each other get the message out.

        Take care, Michael, and keep at it! Glad to see you back and very best wishes,


        • Thanks Patrick. Much appreciate all the effort you’ve put in & you know what – you should be the one writing because you’re a far better writer than me, I kid you not. In fact I’m sure you know it. I particularly liked the piece –

          ‘And, finally, point #1 has the added benefit of emboldening some people to the point of action, because, for those who do take on the challenge and dig a tiny bit deeper, the resultant emotion is sometimes utter rage at having been so utterly, clearly, blatantly, deliberately and indisputably misled on this issue, not just by the soviets, but by their own respective allied governments. It is truly shocking and horrifying to watch the old allied propaganda films attributing the result of THEIR war and THEIR brutal, criminal inhumanity, being passed off as a “holocaust” that never happened in order to justify OUR war crimes and OUR BONA FIDE genocide of an innocent German people. As they say, it is easier to fool someone than it is to convince them that they have been fooled. And this fact, that is point #1, leaves those confronted with it no escape, except to accept they have been deliberately lied to and and their emotions brutally manipulated.’

          That’s brilliant & I know exactly how you feel for the pain occurs every day because the TV doesn’t stop. The barrage of Zionist lies is relentless. It’s truly sickening how the greatest mass-murderers in history continuously bleat like stuffed pigs. That bastard Edward Bernays has so much to answer for. He taught them too well.
          Also I take in everything you say & I only wish more people would offer such coherent & concise explanations. What you say makes perfect sense & you’re right – the way to go is straight to the jugular & expose their bullshit Holocaust. The problem is two-fold – most people are so brainwashed it’s a tough nut to crack & secondly if I were to only write about that, people would slowly but surely switch off.
          I don’t know what the ‘right’ method is & there’s only so much I can do. Just keeping up with what I’m sent & responding to every comment is a devil’s own job. I merely try to connect the dots so that people eventually realise – THESE BASTARDS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THE SHIT! I’ll tell you now, in the beginning people used to say they like my style of writing but ‘are you sure about this; you’re wrong about that’, only to admit at a later date that they now see the wood from the trees. Many people said I was going too far blaming Israel & Zionists for 9/11. Now it’s fast becoming common knowledge for most my readers.
          I will most definitely revise & modify my attack by incorporating what you say. It all makes sense. I will also check out as much as I can of the people you recommend. I’ve known about David Cole for some time & I’ve always thought what an incredible guy he is. The problem, as per usual is time.
          Finally I never once took offence. I readily admit I do not conduct research. I tend to be a thinker. This is why I’m a chronic Insomniac. My brain has great difficulty in switching off. But I know my judgement is sound. It took two seconds to realise, on this subject especially, you’re the expert, not me. You’ve bothered to do all the necessary groundwork. I’d be a blithering idiot if I were to cast what you say aside. I know I know a lot but anyone who thinks they know it all is a fool.

          As they say in France – merci infiniment – Michael

  • Eileen

    I think a lot more people know the truth than are speaking out about it, mainly because they are afraid of the consequences, due to being accused of the crime of
    being antisemitic Michael, don’t you agree? It is the same as it is now a crime to criticise Zionists too. Only those who are afraid, make laws to ban criticism.

    • I’ll tell you exactly what I think here Eileen. Fear will be the death of us all & frankly I’m amazed this is not obvious. These people have made it abundantly clear their aim is to create a NWO. They’ve created wars, assassinated the few good politicians we’ve had, cheated in our elections, made the media tell lie after lie & they are the true terrorists behind 9/11. Surely nothing is too bad for these people. They’ve as good as said they want the world population at 500 million. That means over 6 billion of us must die. Therefore I put it to you being afraid of consequences now is tantamount to signing your own death warrant. Silence is as good as aiding & abetting these gangsters.

      • Eileen

        On that we agree Michael, have you seen the video on YouTube where Bill Gates says they have to reduce population? And he was kicked out of India because he was killing children with his vaccinations, now he’s in South Africa doing the same :-0((

  • Eileen

    On that we agree Michael, have you seen the video on YouTube where Bill Gates says they have to reduce population? And he was kicked out of India because he was killing children with his vaccinations, now he’s in South Africa doing the same :-0((

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