The Zionist assault on freedom of speech, their role in 9/11, Pedophilia, the IDF & the financing of Adolf Hitler

Apart from the insultingly obvious, a most infuriating aspect of being banned by Zio-FB is by the time it ends you have up to 20 saved items worthy of posting. Drives me nuts deciding what to put out first. You see, I know I’m on the clock. It’s only a matter of time for those who happen to despise freedom of speech to ban me again. Amazing how the truth hurts these lying bastards so! So what I’m going to do this time around is apply some method in order to amalgamate as many items as possible & do so in a way nothing seems too out of place.

We are currently witnessing a Zionist assault on freedom of speech. Here’s Mark Dankof’s take on the outrageous arrest of the excellent Press TV anchor Marzieh Hashemi. I feel this clearly indicates how our so-called elected representatives, the major institutions such as the Police & Judiciary along with the entire media apparatus, have been given the power to indulge in criminal acts with impunity. We’re not talking about mafiosi strong-arm tactics here. IT’S FAR WORSE THAN THAT! At least from time to time the mafia can be busted! What’s happening today is an affront to the rule of law itself!

The War on Free Speech Escalates: The American Arrest of Press TV Anchor Marzieh Hashemi

And continuing on this particular aspect of Zionist skulduggery here’s Naomi Wolf’s take. Thanks to Debbie Lawrence for sending me this.

In my last post on FB ( ) I tried to explain how the greatest terrorists in history are the Zionists. If this was an event in the Olympics, they’d win the Gold, Silver & Bronze with their eyes shut! And I never even mentioned the fact that they alone were the real terrorists behind 9/11, an act so heinous believing the truth is seemingly an impossible task for most folk.

This next article (I feel it’s by far & away the best item I’ve been sent for goodness knows how long) is by RON UNZ, a Jew who was raised in a Yiddish speaking household. He writes frequently on the Jewish Question & is the author, founder & editor of the Unz Review. He was also a Silicon Valley entrepreneur & a one-time candidate for the Governor of California. In 1983 he was described as the smartest guy in his class in Harvard.

This article is a blow-by-blow account of how Ron Unz slowly but surely came to realise 9/11 was a Zionist/Israeli operation for the purpose of manufacturing a phony war on terror, the ushering in of the surveillance state & ultimately the destruction of all the Arab/Muslim nations daring to oppose Israel’s wanton disregard of international law. It’s rather long-winded but it’s quite superb. Most significantly, this is from the horse’s mouth. He knows all the people involved in 9/11. Nothing could be worse for the true perpetrators. Why after all would a well-known Jew point the proverbial finger at them knowing the full ramifications? I apologise to the person who sent me this gem. I’ve sadly misplaced your name.

Incidentally, the reason I tend to highlight Jewish criticism of Zionist & Israeli actions (both Naomi Wolf & Ron Unz are Jewish) is obvious. It packs a bigger punch & of course renders the use of the term ‘anti-Semitic’ null & void. There are countless Jews on the right side of the fence & they deserve the utmost credit & respect. However, I’ve often stated in the past the most brainwashed people in the world are in fact Jews. Too many have fallen foul of the blatant propaganda & many simply do not have the decency to admit they’re blindly defending the indefensible.

Another Israeli who’s had enough of all the lies & deceit is Eran Efrati. This guy was in the Israeli army & witnessed first hand the sheer brutality of the ludicrously named Israeli Defense Force. You see there is nothing defensive about the Israeli military because for the best part it operates on occupied land. Therefore it is unquestionably the invader & should by rights be labelled an attack force. In this excellent Abby Martin piece she interviews Eran Efrati.

Veteran Of The Israeli Army Gives Explosive Tell-All: “I Was The Terrorist”

I’ve often been labelled anti-Semitic. I pay little attention to such unbridled bullshit. I do retort with words to the effect, ‘oh, is that all you’ve got? I see. You’re void of any legitimate argument. Please…. Get lost!’ Another thing I often say –

If being against pedophile-protecting, child-kidnapping, war-mongering liars is anti-Semitic, THEN I’M ANTI-SEMITIC AS HELL!

How low can humankind sink? The mere mention of the word Pedophilia should send shudders down one’s spine. Read this piece below & you will soon realise how the Zionists have become so powerful down under. Just look at the names involved & most importantly, ask yourself why is nothing ever done to punish those responsible. Mountains of evidence, open & shut cases yet not only does the entire MSM, Police & judicial system turn a blind eye but often those brave enough to speak out, people who’ve suffered first hand such depraved wickedness, perversely are the ones who find themselves hounded.

Of course in 1770 when Mayer Amschel Rothschild asked Adam Weishaupt to formulate a plan so the Rothschild family could one day assume control of the entire globe, one of the four major stipulations was affording sexual deviants preferential treatment so as to rapidly advance them into higher office. With their iron-clad mitts over the media providing guaranteed reassurance any exposure of sexual deviancy would come to nothing, this way they would exert untold influence over politicians & such like. This is precisely why today we’re bedeviled by having an inordinate number of child molesters & perverts in the corridors of power.

Here we have an article that surprises me none – ‘Israel Becoming a “Safe Haven” for Jewish Pedophiles Escaping Prosecution Worldwide.’ If only the world was more informed of how Zionists actually believe violating children is their right, perish the thought!

Finally, the one topic which for years has been strictly taboo – the Holocaust. It’s common knowledge whenever one counters the official narrative one finds oneself ambushed from every conceivable angle. Why is this the case? Simply because the moment one begins to unravel all the heady deceptions, one finds oneself on a path which inevitably leads to discovering the sordid truth – how the Rothschild banking dynasty scuppered plans that would have brought an end to WWI in 1916; how this led to America mysteriously joining the war & the end result, the Balfour declaration which, out of the blue, promised Palestine to the Rothschilds.

Then there was the 6 million figure, a myth which began in the media well before the outbreak of WW1 & continued with zest right up to WWII. This was all part of the plan. And there’s no doubt about this. It’s all documented, some 300 examples pertaining to the suffering of 6 million Jews BEFORE WW II EVEN STARTED! What the people of the world experienced back then is virtually a carbon copy of what we saw in the lead up to the illegal Iraq war – the continual bombardment of the airwaves that Saddam had WMD’s, links with Al-Qaeda & could attack Europe within 45 minutes, all for the purpose of brainwashing the unsuspecting public. None of it was true. The 6 million figure was no different. It was a Zionist concoction just like the WMD’s.

Suddenly miraculously, Germany went from total destitution in 1933 to five years later having the military muscle to send everyone in Europe boss-eyed. How the hell did Adolf pull this off? More to the point who helped him? It amazes me no end how so few people ever bother to ask ‘who financed Hitler’ for answering this opens Pandora’s box. It was the Rothschild banking dynasty….. & there is no way it could have been anyone else. Of course blithering idiots abound pushing forward names like Prescott Bush & or even Henry Ford. They may have been loaded but they never possessed anything like the financial clout required to give Germany an Army, Navy & an Air-force that could knock ten ton of shit out of everyone!

And the motive sticks out like a sore thumb! With the Balfour Declaration opening the way for the Zionists to take over Palestine, in order to see this through, what was needed was worldwide sympathy (& of course another world war), hence this prolonged media campaign of peddling lies regarding the suffering of 6 million Jews – subliminal brainwashing portraying Jews as the terrible victim. The treaty of Versailles in 1919 saw to it that Germany was smashed into submission. Then the Rothschilds waited for the right person to come along – Hitler. He knew as did most Germans that even though their country had always treated Jews well, they were the ones instrumental in ensuring Germany lost WWI & then they proceeded to ruin the country financially. The media ignored the fact Jews had double-crossed Germany, something which naturally, Hitler had every reason to feel aggrieved. This the media used this to the max!

What’s interesting here is Hitler’s Nazi party never received more than 32% of the vote. In other words, regardless of the massive hardship the German people had suffered, regardless of the fact they’d been royally screwed by Zionists, 2 out of 3 Germans nevertheless did not vote for Hitler. Yet still, he somehow became the Chancellor! How the hell did he manage this I ask? To lose the election yet achieve total control? This could only have been achieved with considerable outside help. Once again the only people in the frame are the Rothschilds. 

Conclusion: WWII was manufactured by the Rothschilds, the very people who were instrumental in the creation of the state of Israel. Ironically, once in power, on the 25th of August 1933 Hitler signed the Haavara Agreement which effectively allowed German Jews safe passage to Palestine. Ken Livingstone, the former Mayor of London recently disclosed this closely guarded secret & suddenly this decent man was quite literally hounded from all quarters.

Holocaust survivors and their descendants accuse Israel of ‘genocide’

The Rothschilds were furious with Hitler. They wanted him to kill Jews so that at the end of the war the Zionist media could say, ‘look what they’ve done to us.’ We were then led to believe the Nazis had indeed exterminated 6 million Jews even though there was zero evidence to suggest this was the case. There were no gas chambers & no massive burial grounds. In fact the very notion was confounded by what WE ALL SAW when the camps were liberated. Video evidence does not lie. Bodies were piled up, lying unburied, while survivors were emaciated, down to the bone, malnourished & dehydrated. As a result in no time disease set in. Obviously with the camps slap-bang in the middle of a war zone, when the Germans had no option but to retreat, supply lines were cut. Thus no food, water or medicine could reach the camps. What we all saw merely confirms the truth. The 6 million figure was a Zionist concoction.

And sure enough, only the truth stands up to scrutiny. This is why the media never permits any meaningful debate on the Holocaust. It’s ‘believe what we say or else!’ Well, like it or not, such belligerence counters the very essence of democracy. Since when was questioning or presenting an alternative view a crime? What I do know is whenever anyone adopts such a stance it inevitably means they’re at best hiding something; at worst, they’re lying through their back teeth!


Thanks to organisations like the Red Cross & Salvation Army, the 6 million Holocaust figure has now been OFFICIALLY revised down to under 2 million. Note how quiet the media has been about this. The fact is nearly all the casualties occurred at the end of the war when the Germans had already left the camps. With the Zionists placing themselves in a situation where the truth can never be revealed, soon respected historians were being jailed for daring to question the ‘impossible’ official narrative of the Holocaust. We should bear in mind how today we’re experiencing an assault on Freedom of Speech by the greatest liars & mass-murderers in history!

I thought I’d include two old posts – HOW DOES ONE GO ABOUT TAKING OVER THE WORLD?

& The Birth of Israel by Jeff Prager

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