There’s no transparency or truth – JUST TREACHERY!

I thought I’d respond to this because the predicament we find ourselves in is unique in the annals of history. Others may have yearned for Mogul emperor status but such a feat has never been attempted in the manner it is today – conquest by forever pitting ordinary folk against each other. It’s touch & go. On the one hand, a large segment of the population have succumbed to ‘can’t think for myself to save my life’ syndrome. On the other hand, more people than ever are waking up to the fact we are being told a pack of lies. However, expecting to rid ourselves of this monstrosity that’s poised to engulf humanity, one that we’ve allowed to fester for 250 years, is going to be an extremely hard nut to crack.


Gary Bonsall commented on an earlier post regarding the farcical GOP debate – He said “Americans want peace with Russia and Iran, a minimum wage and their streets fixing. Bush wants them as cannon fodder.”

Yes but to achieve this, which incidentally is the bare minimum, America has to purge itself of all the Zionists, every last one, right up to the Federal Reserve board itself! Bodies like AIPAC & the ADL not only serve no purpose to Americans – they are totally alien entities. Their goal is to manipulate, swindle, steal, even beg, anything & everything of worth FOR ANOTHER COUNTRY’S BENEFIT! Forget about it being right – is this not Treason? What one should be in no doubt – it is all one-way traffic – Israel takes as much as it can & gives bugger all in return. Even this is nowhere near the whole truth.


Trying to explain such an anomaly is no easy task. If your country’s independence is genuinely under threat, it’s natural to assume an invasion could be on the cards & you would then find yourself at war. Apart from one’s own government declaring a dictatorship can there be another way to initiate such skulduggery? Yes indeed. Our predicament today is unique for here we have takeover & conquest yet the vast majority of the populace have little or no idea any violation has even taken place. Worse still many are duped into believing the would-be usurper is their best friend that must be supported at all costs. 


Traitors incorporated


Others before had similar aspirations to become the Big Gumba – Alexander the Great & Genghis Khan certainly made themselves busy. They probably controlled more than the Rothschild’s do now but in their day it was very much a hands on approach. Empires came & went. I believe the Rothschild’s caught a massive break because their timing couldn’t have been better – some 50 years before the Industrial Revolution would change the world, they would make their move.


Yet they still needed to execute what at the time was the greatest fraud ever. The plan – con everyone into believing Napoleon had won the Battle of Waterloo. Panic-selling would ensue on all major European share houses & the protagonists cleverly made sure everyone could see they were vigorously selling shares too. This exacerbated the panic. If the Rothschild’s were selling…… It was beautiful. Who smells a rat when all hell’s breaking loose? Just like today people are conned into believing the opposite of what’s occurring. Why else would anyone sell their shares for a fraction of their value? Needless to say, on cue a batch of agents few had ever seen or knew of, would suddenly & swiftly do all the mopping up, buying major companies for a song. It’s difficult to know just how much the Rothschild’s increased their wealth. Estimates vary between 20 – 100 fold!


Israeli Tentacles!


40 years after Adam Weishaupt was commissioned to draw up a plan for a Rothschild NWO, the family had overcome its greatest hurdle. It now had money to burn! As I said, the timing was perfect. How could anyone pull off a similar coup today? The Rothschild’s became the wealthiest family on the planet – now they could pick & choose – whatever needed to be gobbled up, was gobbled up! Whoever needed to be bribed, was bribed. Those who couldn’t be bought off, were assassinated! First & foremost though – printing money & naturally, after engineering a coup that wiped out much of the nobility, thus clearing the way of several potential ‘pain in the arse’ adversaries, controlling the flow of information effectively was the key to opening Pandora’s box. There’s nothing you can’t do once this is in the bag. Why do you think they really don’t like the Internet?


Significantly they were prepared to plan for the long haul & the ultimate goal of a one world government. Unlike all other billionaires, they had to be totally committed to ventures they could take 50, even 100 years. Thus the bizarre scenario where the planet’s chief power-brokers were responsible for initiating policies yet often they would never see them bear fruition. Talk about commitment! 250 years later Zionist tentacles, under the stewardship of the Rothschild’s, spreads far & wide. America is by no means the only casualty. However, if you’re going to use any country, having the most powerful one in your corner is one heck of an insurance policy, not to mention all the state-of-the-art military hardware that’s fast making Israel a super-power in its own right. 




Many times in the past I’ve said – consider the enormity of this feat & then remind yourself what was of paramount importance for this takeover to be the stunning success that it most definitely has been – THE HOST NEEDED TO REMAIN IGNORANT OF THE FACT THEIR COUNTRY WAS BEING TAKEN OVER FROM WITHIN! To do all this & to this day Americans still believe Israel is their major ally. Why do you think like a stuck disc, I keep saying, without full control of the media this could never happen. And fair play to Mr R & his ancestors all those years ago. Not only were they aware media control was a prerequisite for world domination; they also had the foresight to use several agents who posed as genuine buyers of newspapers so that no one ever had any inkling the Rothschild’s were involved or that anyone untoward was occurring with the flow of information.


Of course now they do what they want – destabilizing countries, manufacturing conflicts at will, shooting planes out the sky, rigging elections – you name it, but even though Adam Weishaupt’s 1770 blueprint for eventual world domination took 6 years to complete, I find it astonishing that his mad, convoluted plan has proved to be a model of precision. Who, after all, is ever realistically asked to prepare a detailed plan for world domination? There was no precursor to this. I’d love to know if Weishaupt had anything to shoot at because it sure seemed like he had a crystal ball. I sincerely hope the Rothschild’s aren’t lucky faces. Joking aside, whichever way you look at it, their achievement to date is truly a remarkable one. 


Good ally Israel


I posted this on 23rd August. it was the first time I heard of Merlin Miller & I was mightily impressed. He’d be my choice for President in a heartbeat. No surprise the US media have imposed the proverbial freeze out. The good news is more & more decent folk are now prepared to step up to the plate & flat out say what Israel really is. 

US Presidential Candidate Merlin Miller says, “Israel Did 911; Zionists Control US Politics.”


You can liken this alien presence to a most virulent carcinogenic strain – this one doesn’t attack individuals but the entire guts of a country. All you Americans who still believe Israel is your friend – dearie me. Are you going to get the shock of your life soon…… that is, unless you guys can take your country back.


Imagine the KGB’s headquarters being located in Washington DC at the height of the cold war but it goes by another name. Let’s call it the GKB – the Great Krusty Burger! Imagine it masquerades as your buddy. They always say you’re great & you always say they’re great. In fact everyone is so lovey-dovey soon few people will think anything of it.


Then when the time is right some of your politicians (whoops – there goes a large backhander) are cajoled into giving aid to Russia – the country these so-in-so’s represent. Sounds daft doesn’t it? Well, there is absolutely no difference between AIPAC & GKB! Of course it more than helps when your buddies own the media. The people are kept in the dark. There’s no transparency or truth – JUST TREACHERY!


If Americans only knew how their country is being fleeced. What patriot would be happy knowing billions upon billions of U.S. taxpayer money is being siphoned off to Israel every year? A fair portion of that money makes it’s way back to AIPAC, who then give all the funds a new candidate may need so that yet another pro Zionist is elected into Congress. Why else is Capitol Hill loaded to the brim with Israeli arse-licking specialists?





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