They’re Liars – Lying about nearly everything!

It seems like I’ve been away for ages. No surprise being out of action for 30 days has overloaded my ‘must post’ file. Since I’ve no intention of holding back, I have to expect more bans, perhaps even a permanent one. If it happens, so-be-it! I intend to go down with all guns blazing. Therefore, I feel it’s imperative what I do publish is of the utmost importance. I’m sorry for those who feel I should say more about the Armenian massacres or the grief occurring in Pakistan, Libya & Yemen. I’d like to but the sad reality is, none of this will ever be put right unless we deal with the root causes of the world’s problems – Rothschild Zionism, which I’ve often referred to as Mankind’s Cancer. We simply have to name & shame those who pull the strings. I’ve said it a million times – it’s pointless talking about 9/11. The only thing that matters is making people realise who really was responsible. 



Therefore, of all the stuff I’ve saved, I feel this video clip Carl Bernstein ‘Zionist NeoCons’ Responsible For Iraq War MSNBC (13.50) narrated by Mark Dankof is the one people need to see & share. As well as being brave enough to say exactly how it is, Dankof’s delivery is up there with the very best. The most critical issue is – WHO REALLY DID 9/11. I guarantee – the moment this becomes clear, it quickly renders the whole phoney war of terror for what it actually is. It shows who really controls ISIS & explains why America & Europe is being pushed into a nightmarish confrontation with Russia. The media’s job is to continually distract & throw up smokescreens so as to keep us all confused but once the cat gets out the bag as to who did 9/11, everything falls perfectly into place.



But how can I not mention Jeremy Corbyn & the fact once again the public has stuck a massive two fingers up to the ruling elite & their liars in the media? The first thing I thought though is how so many people could have voted for Theresa May. Zionists & fat cats aside, is 40% of the UK public that thick? Much as I realise the dumbing-down process has been a resounding success, I nevertheless feel so many people cannot be that daft! Whether there was blatant election fraud I’m not sure but one thing is certain – the Tories pulled strokes left, right & centre as a recent Channel 4 report indicated. But then surely, if the media is permitted to be so biased (when by rights they should be impartial) then why should anyone expect the Tories or should I say the Zionists, to play it by the book? This is another fact we have to consider.



What also crossed my mind was how no one mentioned that Corbyn would have won many more seats had the media been impartial. Of course we know why. The last thing these bastards can admit is how their skulduggery has once again undermined & indeed perverted the very thing we’re supposed to cherish – DEMOCRACY! Okay. The crooks may have taken a body blow but ultimately what all this dishonesty has done is buy them badly needed time, time they shouldn’t have because right now, Corbyn should be our Prime Minister. What worries me more than anything is the only strategy that can truly satisfy them is one which removes any possibility of Corbyn ever becoming Prime Minister. We have to wise ourselves up to what is really going on behind the scenes. 


Need I even say JC needs to surround himself with people he trusts 100%? He should never go out for a walk in the hills as Dr David Kelly & Robin Cook allegedly did because he’ll be heart-attacked for sure. I can’t help but think of John Smith’s oh so convenient heart attack which opened the way for scumbag warmonger Tony Blair. WE CANNOT LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN! The X-factor is not the Labour party; IT’S JEREMY CORBYN! We are now in a process of stop JC or else! Dead meat or not, Theresa May isn’t the issue. What’s more, they know there’s no one in the Tory party who can realistically stop JC. It really is a case of the Camel’s back being broken yonks ago. Way too many lies have been told & the people simply aren’t buying it any more. The only out for the Zionists is to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn. 


For this reason alone it is imperative as many people as possible are aware that at this moment, Jeremy Corbyn is right at the top of the Zionist hit list. Do I even need to spell out how dire our situation would be if suddenly there’s a stunning announcement that JC has suffered a cardiac arrest or he has been killed by some crazy Jihadist? Oh they’ll try that alright & the media will cover up whatever heinous act they’ve got planned. It’s up to us to let it be widely known that in the event of JC’s untimely death, it will be looked upon solely as a Zionist assassination regardless of what lies the media comes out with. We have to think upon these lines & we have to let them know we’re onto them!


This is why Theresa May is being made to hang on even though she’s totally shot her bolt. It is the major reason why the true extent of the carnage in Grenfell Towers is scandalously being withheld by the media. The last thing they want is another election for they know JC will romp home. The fact is over 600 people lived there. But a handful emerged. Who after all could have survived that inferno? It occurred at 1.30 in the morning! I’m convinced over 500 people died in that fire. Another thing the media neglected to mention is how this building, unlike the Twin Towers, never collapsed like a pack of cards even though it was literally engulfed by fire for over 24 hours. I’m sick & tired of saying how the media, through & through, is our enemy. It stares us in the face!  



In the meantime, wherever & however they can, the Zionists will lie & cheat. What is Theresa May doing now? Talking about Internet censorship for the purpose of countering extremism. Once again, this is TZB – TYPICAL ZIONIST BULLSHIT! There are many things we need to fully comprehend about these gargantuan gangsters who run the show. One is the notion the Internet is a bastion for freedom of speech because…. 




Facebook, Google & U-tube, along with just about every Internet outlet that commands serious viewing figures already, well & truly has the manipulating hand of Rothschild Zionism all over it. What Theresa May wants to implement has nothing to do with combating terrorism & everything to do with ushering in laws that will outlaw wholly justifiable criticism of the very people who are desperate to maintain power & indeed rid themselves of anyone trying to expose them.


Though any chance I ever had for making a decent living from writing has been unceremoniously snatched away, this is anything but sour grapes. In fact, these 30 day FB bans, not that I needed any convincing, have merely confirmed my judgement is sound. However, perhaps people need to understand more clearly that those who escape censorship do so because their judgement is awry or more significantly, they play Zionist ball by never mentioning the role of Israel. This is ultimately what it is all about.


So I repeat – all this talk about Internet censorship is yet another Zionist smokescreen. Like all good Zionist agents, Theresa May is merely doing what is asked of her. Like all good Zionist agents, when it comes to falling on one’s sword, an impromptu career-crushing blow is softened by various financial incentives that will ensure she & her family are never found wanting. This is their Modus Operandi. As Netanyahu once said – 



Since I have so much material backed up I thought I’d include relevant pieces. Here’s an article that backs up what I’ve just said from – As I said – this is the crux of our problem. This is what they don’t want people to talk about. This is what they’re desperate to suppress. 

Netanyahu: It Doesn’t Matter Who Is Elected, They Will Support Israel


Netanyahu: It Doesn’t Matter Who Is Elected, They Will Support Israel


Staying on the thorny topic of Zionist manipulation my good friend Jonathan Trapman sent me a piece he wrote entitled – 

We Really Need to Talk – about Israel’s Influence in British Politics


We Really Need to Talk – about Israel’s Influence in British Politics

After reading this I told Jonathan I wish I could write like that. It’s a terrific piece & he’s a guy well worth following. In fact, as far as I’m concerned, it’s no use following anyone who is not prepared to name & shame the chief protagonists. We are fast-reaching a point where it’s shit or bust. We simply cannot afford to pussy-foot about any more.



Also another good friend Anna Lee sent me this list of 216 UK candidates for Members of Parliament who signed a General Election pledge for Israel. Needless to say this alone should be considered an act of Treason. How can it be? If ever a politician of any country ever declared his or her allegiance to another country, it would rightly be considered a treasonous act. That politician would be lucky to escape a lengthy prison term. Yet….. when Israel is involved this essential rule is completely turned on its head! 



216 Candidates sign General Election Pledge for Israel

216 Candidates sign General Election Pledge for Israel

Finally, I thought I’d include this piece taken from the Philip Giraldi archives –

Israel’s Dirty Little Secret. How it drives US policies exploiting a spineless Congress and White House – Liars Lying About Nearly Everything



The big question everyone should be asking is how come Theresa May, while on her political death-bed, nevertheless insists on striving for the wholly unpopular idea of censoring the Internet? Her lame excuse for doing this pathetically is blamed on the very terrorism that politicians like her have been desperate to create. I maintain bombing Arab & Muslim nations en mass will only do one thing – CREATE EXTREMISM! Well, that’s precisely what they’re doing.




  • Michael ol friend; What does Trumps “Make America Great AGAIN” theme really mean”? The KEY word is AGAIN, but what made America great BEFORE? It was WAR and we are back at it again. THAT is why your “man of peace” is “behind the 8 ball”: so to speak, and a very rich man – who selects only the rich and the war Generals is America’s president, and his Jewish son in law is his closest adviser. You and I know this, but I doubt if the masses will ever realize it, especially Americans. The Bible has the people by the BALLS….the OLD and NEW TESTES. The world is now at war – as planned – over Religion, as I predicted many times right here. Keep up the good work my friend.

    • Thanks Jack. It’s a shame about Trump. I really do believe he wanted to change course but that bastard Netanyahu runs the White house, Congress & the Pentagon. I keep saying it – Americans have to take their country back.

  • David Latchford

    Brilliant article,well written and to the point.This one I have to share.
    Thank you Michael

  • Not sure about the Grenfell disaster, Michael. The firemen had already extinguished the fridge that caught fire and were leaving the building. It is the duty of firemen to ensure that the building is safe before they leave. So what is goign on? The owner of the flat already had his bags packed! And even if the fridge story is true, I simply cannot believe it can vause such a rapid conflagration.

    Also check out the first card on that sinister Economist 2017 cover!

    best wishes, Walter C

    • I’m not sure either Walter. I could be wrong about Grenfell. I just gave an opinion. Who’s to know how many people really died there? What I do know is the media is doing everything it can to protect Theresa May. Therefore, I feel I’m obliged to paint the worst possible picture of the hierarchy. We owe these bastards nothing!

  • Interesting article. Very scary to think Israel could impact so directly on any Government. Why? Am I naive, I really don’t understand how they could have such a devastating hold on Governments. I get the wealth wants control, and it achieved that until Jeremy Corbyn came out like a knight out of the unanticipated blue.

    How can people believe there is a control at work like Israel? Is it the monied brigade who have their hands in the dirt, and if so where does Israel come in? I don’t mean to be thick, but am I so disconnected that I can’t see the connection.

    • Lyn – Once one fully understands the true history of World War I & II, you then see how the Rothschild banking dynasty created Israel. This is their fiefdom & the very reason why Western politicians forever lick Israel’s arse. All these wars & conflicts are for Israel’s benefit & no one else. Perhaps you should listen to the fantastic speech Benjamin Freedman made at the Willard Hotel in 1961. It’s on my website.

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