This is not a Conspiracy Theory. Governments Have No Right to Introduce Legislation without Initially Informing the Public.

I wrote this in April. I felt it was one of my better pieces……… & then it hit me – I neglected to include the phrase ‘Conspiracy Theorist’. I still cannot believe it! It was perfect for this. Of all the terms to forget? Sometimes I wonder. Anyway what reminded me of the article was this clip. I subscribe to the CORBETT REPORT. The guys mull over how the term Conspiracy Theorist is dying a death. Now I love these guys but I’m not so sure they’re right here. In fact I feel people still use this term with unerring regularity. Of course whenever anyone does I let them know it’s merely a precursor for me believing they’ve got the brains of a rocking horse! No. My feeling is it’s not the term; I believe ever-increasing numbers of people are realising the media are just so totally & utterly full of shit, they’re losing people hand over fist! It’s not the phrase alone. Think about it. Do you feel Corbett’s right & I’m perhaps hoping people are sussing the media out or do you think the time is right to create the GMM REPORT?



Every so often Zionist Corporate media conjures up a phrase which sounds so tame and unassuming, ie perfect for their cause, it’s used incessantly and as a result, folk subconsciously accept it as a reasonable, legitimate term. Example: “Quantitative easing.” Google it and you’ll come across a plethora of long-winded explanations that invariably leaves you just as far from the true meaning as you were before. Yet am I not within my rights to say this phrase, in most people’s minds, helps to legitimize a working process which has done nothing less than allow multi-billionaire Banksters to rape treasuries? So let’s now explain this in layman’s terms.


Quantitative Easing


Quantitative Easing –

In the old days bank robbers could only snatch a certain amount of cash. In no time PC Plod would be on their case like a rash. Once nabbed Mr. High Court Judge would dish out 20 year jail terms as if they were going out of fashion & woe betide if you kept the loot. Now banksters are in a different league altogether. For starters, they decide how much to steal! So, naturally…….. the cupboard inevitably is going to be left bare. Why take a few million when everyone can fill their boots with a few billion? And that’s exactly what they did – 100’s of billions went walkies! Wait. Here’s the good news – unlike bank robbers they can live it up all they like because for them, there’s absolutely no come-back! But here’s the real kick in the ging-gang goolies – what they’ve stolen, is a debt we have to pay!


How do they get away with such blatant daylight robbery? Well first of all, no one in the media will ever explain it like this ie in simple plain English! If that happened all the fancy spokesmen & women in the world wouldn’t stop bankers becoming public enemy No.1. Also if the media wanted ordinary folk to get the raving hump with these mega thieves, they’d keep reminding us of how they ripped us off. But we know only too well, or at least by now, we should know, that along with our politicians, bankers own the entire mass-media. Therefore the last thing the press will tell us is what these crooks are really up to and since there’s no audit of the Federal Reserve or the Bank of England, they don’t even have to explain where all the money’s gone! It’s simply unbelievable – bad enough pulling off a Trillion dollar fraud but to do it without anyone ever tapping you on the shoulder? No wonder the planet is in dire straits!


Quantitative easing


So where does quantitative easing come into it? Having our piggy-bank well and truly pillaged, even though we continue to pay taxes to the government, there’s nowhere near enough money in the tank to cover costs. Worse still, we actually have to pay these blood-suckers interest on this debt that they saddled us with! So to make up the shortfall, our only option is to print money. The thing is, though some have no idea why this is bad practice, everyone understands the phrase ‘print more money.’ This is too near the truth as well as the fact if they told us this, they would be bombarded with people saying ‘do the same’ when politicians need to make spending cuts. I can see it now – ‘why don’t you print more money Cameron? That’s what you do when the banks are involved!’ Puppet politicians and media can do without having to explain why they need to print more money or why it’s bad practice if they do. Thus the creation of an imaginary buffer – call it quantitative easing instead. There. It’s almost soothing. Thank you so much! We’re being eased; they’re making things easier for us. How nice. That’s a nice thing to do…….


Just to put the record straight, naturally there’s a price to pay for over-printing money. The more one prints, the more one lowers the value of one’s currency. Of course if one continues to do this, it inevitably leads to hyper-inflation and a currency that’s worthless. As a result, the people of that country struggle to import anything of worth. All of a sudden – it’s hello Mr. Banana Republic! This is why currency markets fluctuate. To give you some idea of how the UK currency has plummeted in value – in 1968 one pound Sterling got you 10 Swiss Francs. Today that pound will get you less than 1.5 Swiss Francs – an astonishing 700% decline in value. Gives you some idea of the level of mismanagement or in this case, downright fraud!

Quantitative easing



And so this brings me to the most recent entry into the ‘Zionist Almanac of phrases and words to hoodwink the public.’ This one is beginning to drive me round the bend – ‘Fast-track (legislation)’. I can understand the word being utilised in a myriad of ways but since when was legislation fast-tracked? On the surface, this may not seem so conniving but I feel there’s plenty more to this than meets the eye. I believe this is part and parcel of the process where people are being taken for an almighty ride.


In the past, if a certain piece of legislation required the hurry-up treatment, more often than not there existed a logical reason for doing so. From what I see today, not only this is occurring way too frequently, what I find so disturbing, virtually all the legislation being fast-tracked was never so much as a manifesto pledge! Now, do you hear this? I can’t begin to emphasize how significant this is because the ramifications are enormous. I reiterate – legislation that we’re told nothing of is being rushed through the corridors of power on the quiet, no debate, no nothing…… all on the hurry-up….. and suddenly we have to abide by these new laws? This in itself sounds criminal to me. IT IS CRIMINAL! We’re going back to days of the Magna Carta!


How can this be? Politicians have no right to usher in laws without telling us. And what if our politicians have been bought? We simply have to be able to draw this line otherwise we’re basically saying ‘you can do as you please!’ If Cameron has it in his heart to criminalize criticism of Israel or to outlaw any questioning of the cock and bull official account of 9/11, then surely we all have a right to know this is his intention long before voting for the sniveling little rat! It stands to reason, prior to any act being brought before parliament, let alone ratified, the public has to know well in advance that this may be part of the itinerary. How else can we debate and mull over particular issues? This is the very essence of democracy.


Now, here’s the really bad news: We’re not simply talking about legislation and new laws being thrust upon us on the sly. Oh no. Crucially, all the legislation being fast-tracked, undoubtedly are bonafide vote losers, each and every one. We’re talking about suppressing freedom of speech, outlawing demonstrations, continuing our evil, disastrous foreign policy, criminalising criticism of Israel, making an enemy out of Russia, giving the Police even more power, all this spying, ushering in the dreaded TPP – I can go on and on listing policies Cameron’s either implemented or has in the pipeline, where had he informed the public, many who voted for him, would not have done so. Why’s this happening? BECAUSE THE VAST MAJORITY OF OUR POLITICIANS HAVE BEEN BOUGHT!


There are two main reasons why they’re going about their business in such an underhand manner – Cameron knows the vast majority of the public want nothing to do with laws that deprive us of our most fundamental rights. Also they know they can & the main reason is because the media doesn’t so much as mention it – skulduggery that borders on treasonous! Most people are incapable of seeing the wood from the trees so even though the media should be screaming blue murder by saying nothing, few people realise anything is drastically amiss. Merely saying the government is fast-tracking the TPP is not worth a bar of soap. Far as I’m concerned the definition of fast-tracking is – rapidly, royally screwing us and in the process ensuring we know as little about it as possible.


This ultimately is what it’s all about – creating an imaginary fear of terrorism in order to pursue a hidden agenda. Thank you very much Mr. Cameron but I’ll take my chances with terrorists. Why should I or any of us have to pay for the mistakes and downright shenanigans of incompetent, criminal politicians like you? This so-called war on terror has been going on for over 13 years. I only wish more people could see that this war on terror is, in actual fact, a declaration OF war by Israel, the US, UK and Saudi Arabia on countries that don’t like the way Israel goes about its business! What irony – the greatest terrorists on the planet by a proverbial mile are those who have the gall to moan about it all the time!

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By Michael Aydinian


Michael Aydinian is an activist and critic of main stream media.

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