To Kill Even More…

Today RT had a great report about how the British people came out in force against Blair’s quest for war in Iraq. No surprise the media largely ignored this massive protest for peace for I can place my hand on my heart & say if there were no dual national Zionists in America, there would have been no Iraq war. Only Israel wanted this. Don’t believe me? Well you should. The problem perhaps is you haven’t asked why George Bush senior stopped short of invading Iraq after Saddam’s forces were turfed out of Kuwait in Desert Storm.

The reason is obvious. Who do you think put Saddam in power in the first place? In the late 50’s, the then Iraqi leader Qasim said “Iraqi oil is for the Iraqi people.” Seems fair. Not for the US & UK oil companies it wasn’t! The CIA sent in a hit squad, two brothers who blew their assignment. So the CIA then sent in the pros who duly murdered Qasim. The brothers who’d been in hiding suddenly emerged & lo & behold one of them became Iraq’s leader. His name – Saddam Hussein! That’s how this thug became Iraq’s leader but interestingly, the Zionist controlled media kept that schtum. Yes indeed – let’s bring democracy to Iraq you lying toe-rag Blair.

Since this was for the purpose of securing a steady flow of Iraqi petroleum from the Middle East, why would Bush senior want to risk harming US interests by removing Saddam? For decades his penchant for brutality more than kept a lid on all the rival factions baying for blood in Iraq. America would only open up a can of worms by allowing the Sunnis, Shias & Kurds to get at each other’s throats. Also Vietnam proved to be a major wake up call for America. Body-bags returning home by the 1000’s due to wars costing a king’s ransom? This was the last thing America wanted or needed.

To kill even more

In fact America had long since realised by far the best way of ensuring it’s interests were protected were by way of low-key CIA clandestine operations which inevitably resulted in the installation of a puppet ruler. This method had served America admirably. The truth is, only one country was disappointed Bush senior called a halt to Desert Storm – Israel. Their goal was to create Greater Israel. For that, they would need Arab rulers subserviant to them, not America!

The proof is in the pudding – look how the media did all they could to help Clinton, a nobody, beat Bush in the following Presidential election. Bush after all had shown restraint when it came to utilizing the US military. Considering what’s occurred since, what we’d do for a similar President now? Ultimately America’s bizarre turnaround in foreign policy which suddenly resulted in reducing countries Israel wanted to see destroyed to rubble, served only to see usher in bankrupcy while it’s standing in the world plummeted. Thanks to Karim Chouchane for this caption.

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