True story – a day in the life of GMM in a hospital waiting room.

I’m desperately trying to find an old piece I wrote about Cameron & I stumbled across this account of what occurred some 18 months ago in a hospital waiting room when I had to have some stitches removed. This is a true story. I read it again & I thought this has got to go up on my website –

I'm from the government

I’m from the government

I think from now on my name should be – Michael ‘speakers corner’ Aydinian! Everywhere I go I seem to somehow end up reeling off a whole load of home truths. This morning I went to hospital to have some stitches removed from my hand. The waiting room was pretty much full. They were running 45 mins behind. So I’m waiting, thinking about what I could be doing if I was wasn’t sitting here like a proper plum & the lady next to me said – ‘I don’t know what this country’s coming to?’ Little did she or anyone else in the waiting room know what she had done. The cat or should I say, the tiger, was now out of the bag! At that time, people were generally talking to each other & so on……..

ME – I say that every day madam.

LADY – Ooohh no. I mean that! (pointing to the front page of a newspaper, the man opposite was reading. The headline – JIHAD JOHN IS BACK! A full caption showing a ‘hostage’ in orange on his knees & a man dressed in black with a knife in his hand!

ME – Oh I see………… yes. It is indeed a mad world. Why do you suppose this is happening?

LADY – I don’t know but there’s so much anger & hatred. All this scares me.

ME – Absolutely right madam. That’s what it’s supposed to do. Shock you. Frighten you. Make you feel there are all these nasty people around & they’re going to come & get you……… (lifting both my hands up, wiggling my fingers)

LADY – Why do they want do that? (laughing)

ME – Because Cameron & those controlling the newspapers & TV want everyone in Britain to believe there is a genuine terrorist threat………… This will go on, day after day. They will continue to try & scare us, in order create fear.

LADY – What do they want to do that for?

ME – Because he’s going to tell you what needs to be done to fight this terrorist threat. When he does, the increased level of fear they’ve created will result in most people accepting whatever measures he sees fit! That could mean bombing another country…….. & then another one…….. & another one……. In the meantime he’ll usher in new laws, which will not be debated in parliament & the media will not scrutinize as they should! End result, more of our civil liberties will be taken away, while the Police will be given more power to do what the hell they like!

In the last sentence I raised the decibel level. All of a sudden, it was all quiet on the Western front! You could hear a pin drop in the waiting room. I seized the opportunity…………

ME – Now madam. Think of what we’ve just said. We have a PM who is telling everyone in Britain that we must do this & we must do that………. because of the war on terror! Agreed? David Cameron is doing all this because he’s combating terrorism & he wants to make sure terrorism doesn’t come here to Britain! (The lady nods)

So, correct me if I’m wrong but if one’s aim is to safeguard the public from the threat of terror, what would be the last thing you do?…… Remember, we declared war on Afghanistan – they never did anything to us! Then we attacked Iraq because we were told by the same people giving us the news now, that Saddam had WMD’S, links to Al Qaeda & could attack us within 45 minutes! As a result 1.5 million Iraqis are dead, 4 million homeless & the country has been literally torn apart! The mayhem continues to this very day …………. Then it becomes obvious we were told a pack of lies. All the reasons for going to war in Iraq were 100% false! Tony Blair deliberately lied to us! (All quiet)

While all this hell was being unleashed on Muslim countries, Israel proceeded to go about on its merry way – stealing more & more Palestinian land; steaming into Gaza with tanks & helicopter gunships; utilizing White Phosphorous bombs on innocent civilians, a weapon so evil it was banned; using Palestinian kids as target practice, shooting them dead, just like that – as if international laws never existed! Netanyahu has murdered 1000’s upon 1000’s of innocent civilians! Did any of our PM’s ever complain about what Israel was doing? Did we tell them – look, if you carry on like this we’ll have to impose sanctions? NEVER! Yet we impose sanctions on Arab & Muslim countries for doing bugger all; some others, who do far less than Israel, we flatten!……….. (All quiet. Lady nods.)

So along comes Cameron! He wants to fight terrorism too. I ask you all – would your foreign policy be identical to that of Tony Blair’s? ……….. after all that’s happened in Iraq? Say you are the PM – WOULD YOU THEN DO EXACTLY THE SAME THING IN LIBYA, bomb the country to hell, overthrow the government so that all you’ve done is create total & utter chaos? THEN WOULD YOU CONTINUE TO DO THAT IN SYRIA TOO?……………Would this be the way to fight terrorism? (My name was called out to see the doctor)

Let me tell you now – You know why they raise the fear factor? Because it helps people forget THE ONE THING THEY KNOW – POLITICIANS TELL LIES ALL THE TIME! So while they tell us they’re fighting terrorism, every last one of Cameron’s policies ARE DESIGNED TO CREATE TERRORISM! Small wonder young Muslims have become radicalized. Bombing the hell out of people can only make them mad & turn them into fanatics. If some country bombed us I’d go absolutely bananas! Nobody’s attacked us, yet we are causing so much pain & suffering. Think about this also – while Cameron is imposing cuts on welfare, the NHS; he’s always saying we must tighten our belts! All of you – ask yourself one question – HOW COME THERE’S ALWAYS MORE MONEY FOR WAR?

I get up. The nurse looks at me & says “very good!” You should be on speakers corner.

Were from the government too!

Were from the government too!

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  • umar el-nafaty

    I have always talked about that and when am thru, those listening would ask, how did you know what you just said. Bless you and more grease.

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