Trump & Corbyn couldn’t be more poles apart yet the media hates both. WHY?

For me, there’s only one criteria for judging who I’d prefer to see as US President – the more the media demonise a candidate, the more I want that person elected. What can’t people understand about this? I’ve spelled it out a million times! What we have to choose from is a heap of shit so steaming with stench, forget about keeping a straight face – I don’t know how anyone close to these guys isn’t heaving all over the gaff! It’s perfectly logical – the last thing we need is yet another Zionist puppet. The reason we’ve all this grief in the world is because this is all we’ve ever had!

If you want me to qualify this statement, here – Just stop & think – look at the difference between the characters of Jeremy Corbyn & Donald Trump. You could not possibly have two people more dissimilar, more diametrically opposed policy wise, yet crucially, they’re receiving the identical treatment from the Zionist controlled media. 


Why doesn’t the BBC or anyone in UK mainstream media ever give this good man Jeremy Corbyn the coverage he deserves? I don’t agree with all his policies but compared to Cameron there’s no contest – Corbyn wants to serve his country while Cameron is an out-&-out traitor!


Significantly, all those who think ‘aaahh, wait till he gets in. He’ll change like all the others.’ Wrong! Corbyn is one of the few who practices what he preaches. Furthermore, he’s never taken the piss when it comes to expenses. For me this shows the true character of the man. He’s been an MP for 33 years! In all this time he never had any inkling he’d become leader of the Labor party. How can anyone harbor the notion that this man’s credibility could be in question? In short, JC is unbribable & this is why the Zionists & their propaganda tool, the media, is doing everything it can in order to deceive the British public & cheat them from having a leader they so rightfully deserve.


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Christopher Robyn

Jeremy Corbyn just ripped “the establishment” to shreds in his latest speech as leader –


Jeremy Corbyn just ripped “the establishment” to shreds in his latest speech as leader


On the flip side to JC is Donald Trump. Much as I despise everything about him, my own personal feelings are irrelevant – THE ZIONISTS DON’T WANT HIM……. & therefore, at least we’ve half a chance. I said before, we are so fortunate to have another opportunity. In this case, we may just have a President who possesses such a monstrous ego he may well decide to place America’s interests first & tell the Zionists to go take a jump!


Trump: Another Manchurian Candidate?


Trump: Another Manchurian Candidate?


Unlike Corbyn, Trump is a wild card. He could prove to be America’s savior or he could turn out to be another Obama. This is in the lap of the Gods. At least we have a shot. What we do know is all the other candidates are bonafide Israeli kiss-arse merchants……. most especially the demented Hilary Clinton……


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