Trump’s move to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital? I fancy there’s more to this than meets the eye

Several people are expressing their disappointment & anger with Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Up to now I haven’t said much because I’m of the opinion this is no big deal. The Israelis annexed Jerusalem illegally in 1967 & the world sat idly by. So why is everyone creating a fuss about Trump recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital? Isn’t it already painfully obvious US foreign policy, more often than not, is decided by Zionists? Moreover, since this directly concerns Israel then in all likelihood, Trump was pushed into doing this by Netanyahu.


Okay, so let’s now analyze the situation from here. Firstly, don’t the Israelis do what the hell they like? Time & again they steam into Gaza killing 1000’s of innocent civilians. They bomb schools, hospitals & UN compounds. They steal land for fun. They think nothing of kidnapping 100’s of Palestinian children from their homes only to dump them indefinitely in Israeli jails, without charge, without trial, without any legal representation. Palestinians are subjected to severe electricity & water rationing, along with having to suffer the brunt of countless Israeli checkpoints. All this on their land…. & I can go on & on. So I say, is this latest fiasco really such a big deal?   


Okay, so let’s now ask some key questions – why would the Israelis want to do this especially at a time when more people than ever are sick & tired of their belligerence? Aren’t they aware such an act will inflame the Arab & Muslim world?………… HELLO……. or should I say whoops?…… Here it is folks. Could have just stumbled upon the truth. Is this simply another ruse to provoke Arabs & Muslims into committing acts of violence, which if you think about it, IS THE ONLY THING THEY CAN DO? Not that they’ll achieve anything positive. Far from it. Should they react so, the media will spin it placing the emphasis on terrorism, Iran, Russia, the usual baloney & then insist more has to be done to combat this terrible threat. Whoops, there goes another fundamental right up the Swanee!


Of course, I may be wrong….. but I don’t think so. Whenever anything like this occurs, I’ve long since felt one is better off thinking laterally. Mistrust the obvious. One thing for sure, at least it highlights Israel’s scant regard for international law as well as the fact America is Netanyahu’s poodle. Can this be bad? But there is possibly another angle to this. What if Trump’s move was for the purpose of getting the Zionists off his back? That makes sense & it conveniently brings me to this video clip (30.08) which Charles Magus sent me, featuring the excellent Robert David Steele. This guy’s been around. He knows his stuff & what he says will bring music to your ears. First though, I just want to remind people of this post –


Khazarian mob takedown: Hundreds of Saudi arrests followed by hundreds of U.S. arrests



  • Lynne

    I loved this article Michael. I shared this on Facebook you tube . Three men of Truth and Light, You, Robert David Steele and Jordan Sather bring a breath of fresh air. There is more to this than meets the eye and Jordan is brilliant at honing in between the lines. He is honest and open in his demeanour and his eyes are bright and true and without guile

  • Aunte Semite

    I’m relieved that an amerikkkan president finally exposed the truth that the amerikkkan regimes are slaves of the APARTHEID israel satanic/zionist/talmudic jew. I was sick of every zionist scum president saying that they want a state for the Native Palestinians all the while giving the APARTHEID israel jew BILLIONS of dollars in welfare from the amerikkkan taxpayer and billions more in weapons to murder the Native Palestinians.

    Now that the satanic jew have been given the right to do whatever they want to the Native Palestinians in Jerusalem, they will undoubtedly destroy the Al Aqsa mosque to build their temple to the antichrist/dajjal that will be coming to be their ruler and “messiah”. Maybe then the stupid Arabs will finally have enough evidence that their dictator rulers are satanic scum and/or crypto-jew slaves of amerikkka and execute them and FINALLY enter Palestine in the millions to send every satanic jew to their father, the devil.

    When the jew get their amerikkkan and nato slaves to start WW3, I and millions of other Muslims will join our Russian and Chinese and Iranian allies and show the western scum what more than 100 years of retributions feels like. May God put all the supporters of the satanic jew into Hellfire with their jew masters for eternity.

    JESUS CHRIST, speaking to the Jews in the Gospel of St. John, 8:44 “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lust of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is not truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it.—then answered the Jews—” (which makes it clear that Christ was addressing the Jews.)

  • Patrick Dohmen

    Trump’s visit to saudi arabia, bin Salman’s ensuing shenanigans (power consolidation; chumming up to the west and the israelis, trying to paint a west-friendly image of moderation and anti-terrorist islam), and now this.

    Trump was elected on his anti-war, america first, good-relations with Russia platform. But, like president wilson elected in 1913 on an anti-war platform, and president roosevelt, elected to a third term in 1940 with the promise of maintaining American neutrality as far as foreign wars were concerned, Trump has also done a 180, Although I think he was sincere, he now, too. has succumbed to zionist power and is now pathetically flailing like a turtle flipped on it’s back.

    The only option for the jew-owned US and zionists now is war; it’s that or slip into third world oblivion status: they have nothing to lose; there is no longer any other way out for them other than winning the war and achieving total domination (the opposite, of course, is true for China and Russia, and it is only Putin (and China) that are keeping WW3 from becoming a reality).

    That the jews need desperately to turn this into a shooting war while making it look as though they didn’t start it. Recognition by the US of jerusalem as the capitol of israel is most likely intended to achieve this, hopefully, perhaps, by provocation, but if not, by more sinsiter and customary means… note the familiar m.o. used to involve the US in WW1, WW2, Vietnam, Iraq (and the same players in 9/11: saudi arabia, israel and the US government)…

    My point, in a nutshell: This whole thing looks like the setup for another false flag…

    • I do not dismiss this scenario for what you say is true. I just wonder if Trump is actually going to go through with it, for I’m certain the last thing he wants is a massive nuclear exchange. This is why i’d much rather hope he has done a secret deal with Russia & China, & is simply playing the Zionists along. With the former, there is no hope; the latter, there is!

  • Neil Unwin

    So the arrogant US, the worlds` #1 bully, once again confirms its support for & complicity in the ILLEGAL Israeli military occupation.. I have 2 questions Michael, & Id love to hear the answers…. 1. How can the WHOLE of a city that is PART ILLEGALLY OCCUPIED, be declared the capital of a country?… 2. What right has the US got to make this nonsensical declaration anyway?

    • NONE….. but then what right did the UK have in donating over half of Palestine to these Zionists? And the answer to your question Neil was answered in the article – I stated this has been done in order to make Arabs & Muslims mad. I ask you – hasn’t the Zionist controlled West been doing their level best to create terrorism? THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT! It’s why the Israelis created Hamas – SO THEY CAN MOAN ABOUT THEM!

      • zakimar

        The APARTHEID israel satanic jew are the terrorists. The Native Palestinians are the Freedom Fighters defending their people against the satanic jew and the amerikkkan regime that arms and funds them. It’s pretty obvious that there will be no peace until the Palestinians are back in control of Palestine. The jew have proven they are evil and can’t be trusted with power in any country. When the jew finally destroy the amerikkkan economy for the final time, APARTHEID israel will disappear like a fart in the wind. Then Hell awaits both the talmudic jew and all of their supporters. Good Riddance. #BDS #BDSusa

        • Thank you for that Zak. I’m certain of one thing you say – There will be no peace. However, the reason is – THAT’S THE LAST THING ZIONISTS WANT!

          • zakimar

            There was peace BEFORE the jew were given Palestine but the satanic english/dajjal, and only genocide and oppression since. It doesn’t take a Prophet to see which is the evil race in this situation, but Prophets (pbut) have told us the jew are evil and the jew have tried to murder them too.

  • venner

    Trump has no clue. You can be sure whatever comes out of the Whitehouse during Trumps presidency is whatever those “advising” him, say he ought to do and he does it.
    I think it is too often overlooked, Trump was not very smart to begin with. He blew the 150 million dollars he inherited from his dad and ended up billions of in debt. The only smart thing he did was take being a bad decision maker to such epic proportions that his billions of dollars of debt threatened to take banks down with him so a consortium of 70 banks bailed him out and you can be sure the deal ensured at the very least, that their business advisors told him what to do in order to turn it around.
    Trumps campaign promised about obamacare showed he had no clue. He said he would keep the law preventing insurance companies turning away pre existing medical conditions while scrapping penalties for the uninsured.
    Common sense says if you do that no one would take insurance until they have a condition requiring expensive treatment, therefore bankrupting the insurance companies.
    Earlier this year he said. No one realised insurance was so complicated.
    It is only complicated to those who don’t understand how it works, and if you have been talking for three years about changing things you don’t even understand and have not taken the time to learn aboyt, you definitely are not very smart.

    • zakimar

      Amerikkkan politicians are fortunate to have the dumbest electorate on the planet. In any decent country, people like the bush, or clinton crime families and the obombas, trumps etc wouldn’t be impeached, they’d be hung. All amerikkkan regimes have trillions of dollars for wars and the jew banksters and APARTHEID israel, but no money for infrastructure, jobs, education, healthcare… All of which APARTHEID israel has, thanks to amerikkkan taxpayer welfare. #BDS #BDSusa

      • I can’t agree with that. Education is down to resources & having politicians who yearn to do what’s morally correct. The way our world is set up the very nature of being a leader requires, even demands deceit & lack of empathy.

    • I wouldn’t say he has no clue. Sure he’s been unbelievably fortunate inheriting some $300 million & even more unbelievably somehow managing to blow it all. One thing it shows is most super-wealthy individuals are mere opportunists for many more fall by the wayside.

    • It’s pretty obvious from the last year or so alone that Trump bends like a straw in the wind and has absolutely no moral compass. Such a person is bound to be highly manipulable, which should worry everybody who clings on to the hope that we can avoid global holocaust. It doesn’t say much for the American public that they were gullible enough to vote for him in the first place; nor for the media in that he isn’t brought to account for his constant contradictions more often – something which, in itself, surely makes him unfit for Office. Not that there was any alternative to Trump that could offer any meaningful route forward. In the longer term, however, his tenure will hopefully serve a good cause, by bringing to the attention of a much wider proportion of the electorate what a circus the whole pseudo democracy illusion is. Hopefully this will generate further momentum for positive change, which will inevitably involve the dismantling of current political structures.

      • zakimar

        As stupid as trump undoubtedly is, he can’t be worse than bush jr., who seems borderline retarded. And ALL amerikkkan presidents and other politicans take their orders from the satanic jew banksters, APARTHEID israel, and the wealthy corporations/donors. The last president who tried to go against the jew banksters (see exec. order 11110 getting bridge of the jew federal reserve) and APARTHEID israel (listing aipac as a foreign agent and inspecting/disarming the nuclear weapons france gave them), was assassinated and all the cowardly, traitorous goy slaves of the jew have been behaving ever since.

        The jew are getting ready to collapse amerikkka and build their satanic temple in Jerusalem where their antichrist dajjal will help set up APARTHEID israel as the next ruling state of the world, just like the satanic jew set up amerikkka as the future ruling state after they collapsed the first satanic ruling state, britain. #BDS #BDSusa

        • These are all fascinating assertions, and I’ve heard them all before, both on this and a number of other sites. The problem is, where is the hard evidence? So much conjecture is passed around so many times that, by its mere prevalence, it becomes accepted as conventional wisdom. Where, for example, is the objective, irrefutable PROOF that it was the Zionists that had JFK assassinated? Hearsay doesn’t count as proof, it’s a dangerous weapon that can lead to catastrophe. There are innumerable instances around the internet claiming the Zionist hand in this and that, but we need irrefutable proof that can be presented to the peoples of the world. Only this will provide the momentum for lasting positive change.

          • zakimar

            Sadly those waiting for “irrefutable proof” will never be satisfied. I’m guessing they also expect God to come talk to them personally as irrefutable proof that they should start worshipping Him instead of the devil. In Hell, people will have eternity to see who murdered JFK and then blame their rabbis and the devil for their predicament.

          • Sadly the system allows cheats to lie & then those who dare to unravel the truth are met with cries of prove it! In short the system we have benefits the crooks.

          • What is obvious is JFK was shot from behind & then from the front. This effectively means there was a plot to kill JFK & in all likelihood Lee Harvey Oswald was the fall guy. Now the evidence I’ll place before you makes it an open & shut case. Firstly, it goes without saying the only people who could arrange & carry out a Presidential assassination are extraordinarily powerful folk but a prerequisite to actually commit such an act & GET AWAY WITH IT IS TOTAL CONTROL OF THE MEDIA!
            Now why is the media so important. Because just like with 9/11 their job is to steer people away from the truth as well immediately install the myths into the minds of a shocked American public.
            More evidence: Just about every daft reason was given & debated on world media – it was the mafia, the Russians, Lyndon Johnson along with military big-wigs. Even Castro was thrown into the mix! However, the two most likely events that could have well been responsible for JFK’s assassination…… WERE NEVER MENTIONED!
            1) JFK said – under no circumstances can Israel acquire nuclear weapons &
            2) On June 4 1963 JFK issued executive order 11110 which effectively meant the Federal Reserve Board was no longer in the hands of the Zionist Rothschilds & once again printed money would be backed up by gold or Silver.
            Now here it’s merely a question of how serious one wants to be. In my book a serious person would ask why didn’t the media ever mention these two things? Then & only then, that’s if one thinks logically, can one put two & two together – the media failed to mention this because THEY ARE OWNED BY THE VERY SAME PEOPLE WHO MURDERED JFK. Moreover, the only reason why the truth has never come out & that to this day there remains a mystery is because all I have just said is true. Only those who own the media could do this!

        • Er….. well I don’t believe in any biblical God so won’t therefore be waiting for him to prove himself!

          • Neither do I but waiting for irrefutable proof is almost as foolhardy. In situations like this where the media will NEVER admit the truth, one is obliged to analyse what the media is clearly avoiding. One is then also obliged to draw one’s conclusion from this. However I’d just like to add I never jump to conclusions. Only when my theories connect all the dots do I open my mouth.

          • zakimar

            See if not believing in Hell stops you from burning for eternity.

          • Zak – for a guy who obviously has a fair idea of what’s going on in the world & I don’t say that lightly, nevertheless you sure possess an uncanny knack of ruining it all by saying something daft. The undeniable truth is one can be a fine, decent human being without believing in the notion of a heaven or a hell. Furthermore if I were to headbutt every vicar in England I can pretty much guarantee I would not spend an eternity wondering if the fire brigade would appear out of nowhere to get me out it!

          • zakimar

            Sadly the same satanic jew that own our politicians and media also run our courts and educational institutions, so their focus isn’t just to spread depravity like their queer agenda, racism and endless wars, but also to do their best to lead people away from God. If they succeeded with you, and you die in that state, the grave and then Judgement Day will be too late to ask for forgiveness and a second chance.

            I oppose the evil of the satanic jew and their amerikkkan and nato mercenary slaves not just because of the harm they cause to humanity, but primarily because it’s what God asks of His servants in order to get to Heaven.

            And I’m no gay marriage, abortion supporting, homosexual pedophile priest following, funding the APARTHEID israel jew I’m murdering the Native Palestinian Christian and Muslim children, porn/gambling/pork/alcohol consuming Christian. I researched all religions and then reverted to Islam in April 2016. So I know why we were created, insha’Allah you will too, before you meet the angel of death.

        • I do, however, detect a trend, in that most of the people I converse with regarding anything broadly to do with Zionsim are Christians rather than agnostics, and that in itself worries me and makes me doubt the sources, since straight away there is a vested interest in defaming Zionism.

        • Yes indeed. I agree with all you say here Zak.

      • I agree with much of what you say & I certainly share your concerns. However, considering how pro-Clinton the entire US media was I think it’s a little unfair saying the US public is so gullible. I don’t think the US or UK public is. The media tends to create that impression because part of their job is never letting on to the fact WE ARE ONTO THEM! So we find ourselves in the unenviable position of individually knowing we’re being taken for a massive ride but thanks to the media we do not realise this power collectively. In other words though we possess extraordinary strength in numbers (something or should I say the only thing the elite are terrified of), WE DON’T REALISE WE HAVE THIS POWER! Breaking down the diabolical political structure we have can only come if we first break down the Zionist control of the media.

  • venner

    Just look at the facts.
    Duel nationality Israeli American zionist Sheldon Adler is Trump’s biggest campaign backer. Trump then becomes President and makes his son in law, Jared Kushner his senior advisor who just happens to be the son of Charles Kushner, a very close friend of Bibi Netanyahu. Jared as a teenager gave up his own bed for Netanyahu when he stayed over at their house in New Jersey.

    None of that was by chance.
    Since then Trump has seized every opportunity to down Muslims, banning them from entering the US,
    falsely claiming they celebrated 9/11 in N.Jersey when we know those he was referring to were the dancing Israelis.
    Launching a massive cruise missile strike against the Syrian air force base that was so obviously falsely accused of the chemical weapons attack on civilians
    Attempting to revoke the Iran nuclear deal, calling it horrendous that it would require America to protect Iran from Israeli attack.
    And now in a move that obviously would be expected to provoke the Arab world into violent protest that would give Israel the excuse it needs to take more Arab territory, he recognises Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.
    Whether he originally intended it to be or not the Trump Presidency is clearly and obviously Zionist.

    The only President with the backbone to stand up to them since Kennedy was Obama who with the Iran nuclear deal gave Netanyahu a humiliating and public slap in the face. No one should forget that, and by getting the UN security council to sign the deal he nailed them by ensuring then even future US Presidents would be unable to unilaterally revoke the agreement.

    • I see what you’re saying Venner & I know it doesn’t look all that great but some of these ‘facts’ aren’t what they seem. The ‘massive cruise missile strike’ was a mere token gesture. There was hardly any significant damage. Putin was even to9ld that this is what they were planning on doing. Regarding 9/11, Trump was the only Presidential candidate that ever said the Bush family was involved. He deserves at least some credit for that. Also, as I said in this post, is this recognition of Jerusalem really such a big deal? Does it make the Palestinian plight any worse than it already is? HARDLY! If anything, the negative publicity will harm the Israelis.

      • venner

        I wouldn’t argue with that Michael and I know I am making assumptions based on a little circumstancial evidence, but just the things Trump says and does tells me he is not well informed, he is being fed the Zionist line on everything, and I have a sneaking suspicion that by backing Trump’s election we put Jared Kushner into the whitehouse by proxy.

        • Rest assured V – I can safely say, Kushner will NEVER get into the White house. He has no possible chance!

          • venner

            What I meant was, anyone who is close advisor to the President has a lot of power to influence the Presidents decisions because that is fundamentally, their job so therefore they have a lot power in the whitehouse themselves, especially when that person is a trusted family member of the President and when that person and their own father are also family friends of the psychopathic liar and manipulator, Netanyahu….

        • Hopefully the clock is ticking on Netanyahu re. the recent corruption charges – but the chances are that this is merely a stageplay to give the illusion that, even at the highest levels of Israeli politics, there is full accountability. His acquittal would provide an effective smokescreen; time will tell.

          • Even if the clock was ticking we’d only get another lunatic, racist pig in.I believe you’re right – this is all a media smokescreen. Screw fraud! If by now it isn’t obvious that Netanyahu is a mass-murderer & the greatest danger to world peace then people must be in a dreamworld!

    • zakimar

      I suspect trump is a crypto-jew as all his spawn have married the jew and “converted” to those worshippers of the devil. I’m actually glad he banned Muslims from going to amerikkka as it’s the new Babylon and/or Sodom and no self-respecting Muslim should go anywhere near amerikkka or buy any amerikkkan products (the few they still produce).

      I used to travel to amerikkka monthly for business and pleasure, but since the 2003 destruction of Iraq for the jew banksters and APARTHEID israel, I have done my business with China and when I want to travel somewhere warm in the winter, I go to Cuba. Both are great countries with the added benefit of almost no vulgar and violent amerikkkans to run into. And I love helping the economies of the “enemies of amerikkka”, which are nearly the entire world, but especially the BRICS nations. I think I’ll go visit Iran next year. #BDS #BDSusa

  • zakimar

    Damn autocorrect. It should have been “in” murdering the Native Palestinians, not “I’m”. Too bad we can’t recall and/or edit.

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