Truthers are advocates of transparency – got that Cameron?

Serious people ask questions. That’s what I do. If I’m told or I hear something that doesn’t make sense then either I’m unaware of a crucial detail or it doesn’t make sense. One of my heroes Albert Einstein was asked how he managed to unravel some of the great conundrums of the Universe. He replied ‘I simply like to ask questions.’ And that’s what everyone should do yet it astonishes me no end – my detractors, most especially on my website, very rarely offer any counter-argument. They never ask questions either of the media or my views. They merely spout bile.




I’ve also noticed there’s an increasing trend to entrap truthers. Many critics who I believe are paid Zionist shills accuse people like me of fear-mongering. For such stupidity to occur once or twice I can accept but to happen so often? I quickly realised the game these evil people are perhaps playing. With vermin like Cameron & Hollande trying to pass laws that will stretch the meaning of the word ‘terrorist’ to outlandish proportions, these sickos are trying to label Truthers with the idea in the future they may well be looked upon as potential terrorists. What nasty pieces of work.



Advocates of transparency!


There’s a good reason I’m so at ease with what I say. Unlike the liars in the media I have a conscience to go along with an insatiable urge to learn the truth. That’s not to say those in the media initially didn’t start out with good intentions. However, the lure of fame & considerable wealth for many is simply too much to pass by. I think it’s fair to say they take the view – screw all the lies I may have to tell for if I don’t do it, I can be sure someone else will!

The Great G. O.

Sad to say, we live in a world where doing the right thing is, as yet, not rewarded as it should be. This is why certain people are prepared to believe their own lies which for me is something abhorrent. Whether you like it or not, there is not one iota of bias attached to anything I say & anyone who claims otherwise is either brainless, jealous or a bare-faced liar. I’ve said it several times – if my own people, the Armenians, were guilty of what Zionists have done, coupled with the undoubted shame I’d feel, my criticism would be every bit as vociferous.
Anyway, yesterday I wrote a piece ‘the origins of ISIS & the great man-made river’, being one of Colonel Gaddafi’s monumental feats he felt his country should undertake. In short it would have turned the desert into an amazing oasis where people could live & prosper. It really is worth reading about this incredible project because it will show you just how selective the media is when it comes to news. Rest assured, if & when you do, you will rapidly arrive at the the conclusion the media’s decision to portray Gaddafi as some kind of drug-crazed ogre was unwarranted to say the very least.





Today I was asked a question by Rosemary Henke not so much regarding this post but an interesting question nonetheless –
What I find so difficult to comprehend is why George Galloway was so anti Gaddafi, backing up everything the BBC said about him? When anyone who has followed Gaddafi as I have since he came to power didn’t believe a word of it.


I think there is only one feasible explanation Rosemary. Of course one could say George Galloway is mistaken at times & regularly displays bad judgement. Well, I don’t believe that for one minute, even though on the surface it may appear so. How for instance can a man so rightly stand up against the illegal Iraq war yet fall so short when it comes to analyzing the chief event which led to the Iraq war, 9/11? Galloway to this day maintains that the impossible official version was accurate. Now I know there are exceptions to every rule but I refuse to believe one can so vehemently be opposed to the Iraq war yet believe the garbage we we’re told about 9/11.


With Gaddafi, what’s significant here is the lies were told continuously, over a long period of time, while the myths of 9/11 were laid down virtually immediately to a generally shocked & stunned audience. This is why so many people are aware 9/11 was a Zionist operation whereas far fewer people were aware Gaddafi was not the evil man the media were portraying. As Goebbels said “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”


Think for yourself


So, there has to be a definitive reason why Galloway appears to have such skewed judgement & why many Truthers mistakenly refer to him & many others as controlled opposition. Once one comprehends how Zionists have acquired so much power & consequently realise they could well have been responsible for so many of the most heinous events, it should hardly be surprising that behind the scenes they exert untold influence, especially upon those who like Galloway believe the Iraq war was illegal. Michael Corleone’s line in Godfather II – “Pa used to say – keeps your friends close but your enemies closer.”


To an extent this rings true in the sense I’m convinced those in the public eye who do not toe the line are left in no doubt they can do their thing but there are certain no go areas. For instance saying 9/11 & JFK’s assassination were planned & executed by Zionists or suggesting ISIS is an Israeli baby are strict no-no’s! Election fraud is another. It was patently obvious RON PAUL was robbed of the Presidency twice yet no one dared mention the blatant cheating in the vote counting & the outrageous bias of the media. Gilad Atzmon so rightly said ‘JEWISH POWER IS THE ABILITY TO SILENCE DISCUSSION ON JEWISH POWER!’

Da Vinci!

Moreover, has RON PAUL ever said 9/11 was an inside job? The same with professor Noam Chomsky. They are easily smart enough to know we were told lies as is Galloway. I can’t remember ever hearing them say it though. That’s because I firmly believe they’ve been told in no uncertain terms not to go there & if they ever did, they would be in for a very nasty surprise. Now threats are one thing but threats made by Zionists are another. Every last person who’s had a Zio-word in the ear knows they mean what they say. They know they control what matters – politicians, the judiciary, the Police & above all, the media. Should they have to assassinate someone, it’s a shoe-in the truth will never come out officially.


Of course many are assassinated – the Kennedy’s, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X in the 60’s posed a real threat to the Zionist goal of a one world government. In recent years the murders of Philip Marshall & his family & many other 9/11 Truthers; journalists who had a yearning for the truth like Andrew Breitbart & Michael Hastings, along with the farcical investigations that went with them. Yet this is not nearly as many as Zionists would like. This is why today everything that’s being done to disarm Americans & strip us of our fundamental rights is for the purpose of allowing those in power to dispose of whoever they like. We should all be very concerned & it goes without saying Americans must never surrender their arms & any more attempts to strip us of our rights should be vehemently opposed. I for one believe Cameron when he said ‘I will do everything in my power to eradicate 9/11 Truthers!’




So Rosemary, I can’t say for sure whether Galloway was told to keep quiet about Gaddafi or whether he genuinely disliked him. These are things we’re unlikely to ever know for sure because the media is so controlled. I tend to lean toward what best connects the dots & therefore makes most sense. I stick to one particular rule which has served me well – JUDGE PEOPLE BY THEIR ACTIONS. I believe many Truthers err terribly by utilizing the rigid ‘is he/isn’t he’ approach. To disregard all the good work someone may have done just because they do not speak out on 9/11 is the height of folly. In any case, expecting all Truthers to agree on everything is plain daft. As far as I’m concerned, the term ‘controlled opposition’ is as bad as the terms ‘conspiracy theorist’ or ‘anti-Semitic’. It’s every bit as meaningless & is damaging to boot. 

Take your choice: you can believe people like this lady – 


Better world!


or pathological liars like him – 


Case for bombing



  • M.

    Correction… it was Lenin, a Communist who said this: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”….. not Goebbels.

    Goebbels said: “Good propaganda does not need to lie, indeed it may not lie. It has no reason to fear the truth. It is a mistake to believe that people cannot take the truth. They can. It is only a matter of presenting the truth to people in a way that they will be able to understand. A propaganda that lies proves that it has a bad cause. It cannot be successful in the long run.” (Goebbels at Nuremberg Rally, 1934)

  • Sam

    Great piece of work Michael, thanks! Particularly like the first quote on the caption from leonardo! I take your point about the presumed threat that keeps Galloway from speaking about 911etc… Do you think this also accounts for David Icke’s reptilian thing? I can’t think why else a man who clearly understands and sees so much would spike his own message so disastrously!

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