Two video clips: no surprise for the first; couldn’t believe the second!

I find it astonishing how so many people assume I’m a Muslim. Even when I tell them I have no interest in ANY religion, often I have to go the whole hog & say – 

It is my ardent belief Religion is but a concoction of man’s imagination. It has served to divide the human race. Who, after all, needs religion if one possesses sound judgement & a kind heart? However, if all you want to do is pray, that’s fine by me.


I simply care about right & wrong. Religion, nationality & culture doesn’t come into it. Now I’m not going to go into the ins & outs of who really did 9/11. I can easily prove beyond a shadow of doubt Muslims had nothing to do with it but let’s for now forget all that. Let’s believe the impossible official version of events & say 19 Saudi hijackers were responsible. So…… may I ask a question? Some 2 million Arabs & Muslims have been killed; untold millions have lost their homes. Isn’t this punishment enough? 


Evidently not. Amazing as it seems, untold millions of Muslims have no idea they had nothing to do with 9/11. The media was used to make everyone believe they did it when in fact those that own the media were & are inextricably linked to the very people that actually planned & executed 9/11 – dual national Zionists. Yet now the very people responsible for 9/11 are in the process of re-enacting their age old trick – DIVIDE & CONQUER in order to cause even more mayhem.


What they do is fool those who are capable of being fooled into believing they have a common enemy. The politicians in the West are very much part of the coup. Don’t believe Netanyahu, Cameron or anyone else when they try to make out they’re disgusted by the Islamophobia that the media have dutifully manufactured. Please don’t take my word for it. Just ask yourself – are they doing anything to stop the newspapers spreading this filth? NOT A THING! 


So I wasn’t surprised when I saw this video of the greatest with Will Smith – 



But then when I saw this on CNN I was absolutely gobsmacked. Fair play to ASHLEIGH BANFIELD for saying how it is. You’ve got to listen to this because seeing is really believing here –



To Trump


Ashleigh Banfield


  • jill

    I love the interview by Ashleigh Banfield, as someone stated in a comment, the cat is out of the bag!

    • Yes indeed Jill. I’m still having to pinch myself that this happened on CNN. Gee. They must have lost some viewers!!!

      • Gertrude

        I did not assume you were a muslim. And as for those 19 highjackers i am surprised you do not know that several of those were found to be alive and well, home and never involved in 9/11,. Some dutch journalist discovered that soon after 9/11 and it was on national tv. In the USA however people still seem to think there were 19 highjackers with accompanying pictures.personally i am convinced, after comparing photos that the Mohammed Atta from Hamburg, Germany and the one alleged to be a highjacker in the USA, are not the same person. They also frauded with pictures shown of him boarding some plane at some date, which apparently was a picture taken at another date. Soon after 9/11 120 israeli were deported from the USA, again in national newspapers. Will Smith, who wants to run for president, a scientologist, still upholding 9/11. The card has been played again. We keep being groomed to accept 9/11 as if it happened as they say it did. Paris, Saint Bernardino, the media have replace the refugee influx with funerals, bataclan etc. Noone talks about civilians bombed by the french in Syria soon after and syrian soldiers killed by the US, turkey having invaded iraq, etc. etc.

        • I was just speaking generally Gertrude – because I stick up for Muslims some people think I am one. As for the 7 hijackers that are still alive & well today I’m quite aware of this too. See False Flags 9/11 on my homepage.

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