Ukrainian Wikileaks: McCain & Saakashvili are plotting to shoot down American plane in Syria to blame Russia.

Now I’ve had a few hours to mull over this nightmare & I don’t for one second believe it was an accident. So what more do we know? Think of the seething anger Netanyahu unashamedly displayed recently at the UN. I said how pleased I was everyone could see that this guy really was a complete, raving lunatic. I even went as far to predict the Israelis might be thinking of taking him out before he does anything truly daft! Well, I somehow feel Netanyahu has just pushed the boat out! 

Now it’s merely a question of whether the Zionist controlled media & all those traitors & whores who’ve told lie after lie protecting this maniac, will continue to do so. In my opinion they ought to think of their own families because we have just taken a huge leap toward WWIII. This goes for all you idiots on FB who have supported Israel unconditionally. You’ve got families too. I don’t want any innocent person to die, Jew or non-Jew; Israeli or non-Israeli but the time has long since passed for you lot to dump blind loyalty! Remember those responsible for causing this mess will be safe in underground bunkers. You happy with that?


I’ve had this link for a couple of days & I didn’t know what to make of this, especially the Ukrainian Wikileaks side of it. The chances are I would not have posted this but now there’s been this incident with a Russian plane I feel it is appropriate to post it. 

The worst ever Russian plane crash just happens to occur at a time when Russia is destroying ISIS? We all know ISIS is an organisation which only one country was benefiting from – ISRAEL!

I feel much the same about this link. I would not have posted it had this disaster not occurred –

Expansion Continues? US Moves Tanks, Equipment Closer to Russia




Here’s the RT link for the latest –




    We must not forget that shameful regime in Saudi Arabia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ada

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    I am most curious as to where you believe this may end up? A world war or better a revolt against those in power?

    • It could go either way AA. The good news is Russia have leaders that are tough but pragmatic. One thing for sure with them is there will be no knee-jerk reaction from them. The bad news is those responsible for all the trouble ie the Zionists who control America are hardly likely to hold their hands up & admit it. They went passed the point of no return with 9/11. Therefore it will either need the American people to stand up & take their country back or the military to say enough of this shit because such is the Zionist control over Capitol Hill & the media it is highly unlikely any President will ever say ‘right. Arrest all the traitors in Congress & all the dual national Zionists.

  • Jade

    McCain your fucking underground isn’t going to do you anymore good than anyone else s.

  • sad american

    This is a sudden and unexplained air disaster at this point. RT news had announced thru an experienced pilot that even if both engines failed, the plane would have still been able to glide for about 20 minutes. This plane dropped like a rock almost straight down.

    • In other words a bomb or the plane was simply shot out of the sky. Frankly I’ll be amazed if this was a genuine accident &I’ll be equally amazed if this is not retribution for Russia destroying Israel’s wonderful army of mercenaries who did a fantastic job destroying Iraq & Libya & were doing an equally stirling job destroying Syria.

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