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What has Cameron just done by ‘suspecting’ ISIS for bringing down the flight 7K9268. I SMELL A RAT!

Once again defense is being turned into attack. Before the Russians have even said a word Cameron has stepped out of his pram by pointing the finger at ISIS. Now before I tear this notion apart note how after 9/11 & the downing of flight MH17 the media & politicians in the West within one hour had rendered air crash

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Ukrainian Wikileaks: McCain & Saakashvili are plotting to shoot down American plane in Syria to blame Russia.

Now I’ve had a few hours to mull over this nightmare & I don’t for one second believe it was an accident. So what more do we know? Think of the seething anger Netanyahu unashamedly displayed recently at the UN. I said how pleased I was everyone could see that this guy really was a complete, raving lunatic. I even

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