Understanding how media lies are directed every bit as much toward Jews as they are to non-Jews is crucial to our ability to get the word out & thus spread the truth

Typical of my physiological make-up, recently, though I’ve had little problem sleeping, lately I’ve been struggling. I prefer to believe the improvement in my Insomnia is down to losing over two stone since the new year. Yet the last few days I’ve been waking up in a daze, usually with a thumping headache that refuses to go away. If this persists I will have to see a specialist. It’s been so draining I’m finding it nigh on impossible to concentrate. This is why posts are taking two days to complete.


Needless to say I have much in the pipeline but yesterday hard as I tried, I could not muster the energy, especially when often, all I see are Truthers taking pot-shots at each other. It was all I could do to go through the notifications. The last one was a comment by a lady. Being sickly & fed up, I saw red. This morning I read her reaction & it confirmed what I’ve always felt – there are ways to react & thus encourage the thought process & there are ways to react where nothing positive can evolve. I wouldn’t go as far to say this is an object lesson but it’s damn close.
She said –
“I am a south Afrikan Jew. Please tell me – is this an Anti- semite page? Just asking!”
The operative words were ‘please’ & ‘just asking’ but they flew over my head. Here was an opportunity – one miniature but positive ripple of thought could have commenced. This ripple, like all, have the potential to spread universally. If this lady sees the light, she may pass on her newly discovered knowledge to family & friends & so on. One day such a ripple may traverse the life of a young JFK or Martin Luther King.
The point is those who we’re so desperate to expose are in the business of lying & so fooling the very people it’s imperative we enlighten. Therefore, every last one of us should regard it our duty to plant positive seeds of thought, not negative ones, in the hope they may spread out & have what I refer to as a ‘ripple effect.’
My pathetic response – 
“You just asking? Well, let me tell you now – DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT ANTI-SEMITIC MEANS? Even if you do I don’t give a shit anymore because how are we supposed to criticise a country that’s committing mass-murder & genocide without being branded this pathetic label? Is this all you’ve got – while I systematically outline all the facts. I’ve taken the time & trouble to learn the truth for myself & all you can do is ignore everything I’ve said & merely come out with an insulting jibe. I can’t tell you just how people like you make me so sick! If you’re too blind to see the crimes Israel commits & if you’re that daft to believe the blatant lies of mainstream media, then what’s the point of me even explaining this to you? If only you knew just how the Palestinian people are suffering at the hands of the evil Israelis! Just for the record I’m not against Jews one bit because over 80% of the people in Israel aren’t Jewish. I’m anti-Israeli because they behave so disgracefully! Is this an anti-Semite page my arse!”


Truth is, I was annoyed with myself so I decided to go to her page & in no time I realised this lady in all likelihood was herself a victim of the bombardment of lies we’re constantly subjected to via the Zionist controlled media. I mulled over deleting my comment but as much as I disliked my response, I honestly felt it would be wrong to remove my reply. We’re all fallible. Hiding this can only be counter-productive because significantly, one can only learn from one’s mistakes. This morning I was happy to see her reply – 


“Dear Michael Aydinian. Thank you for your honesty, really do respect that. Your page is unavailable. I tried several times as I keep en open mind to any country’s ills and read through the comments. I was truly interested in what you had to say.
So I asked a question as this is an interesting and honest means of debate – 
But I guess your answer to me has said it all.
Only by blood am I born Jewish. My heart is South African and raised in Church of Yeshua ha Mashiach / Jesus Christos —— but I guess that piece of knowledge would only get me another blasting from you.
I wish you good luck with all your endeavors and it wouldn’t hurt to leave the judging up to the Almighty God —– HIS supreme retaliatory responses. As a result of disobedience and pride —– led to both a bloody slaughtering from Hitler , and from the great Babylonian King, Nebudchadnezzer. 
Take care and greetings from the ex apartheid state South Africa.”
This time my response was more appropriate – 


“Yvonne – I’m truly sorry if my response unsettled you in any way. I have to admit when I looked at your page & I could see your love for animals, I was upset I reacted so but then I stand by everything I say. I’m sure the problem lies in the fact that most Jewish folk are victims of the barrage of propaganda we’re all subjected to by the Zionist controlled media. In fact the more I think about it, the more I realise Jews were a specific target. Zionists knew they had to pull the wool over Jewish eyes mainly because by making them universally feel they remained targets of hate, when nothing of the sort was true, it would galvanise Jewish support. This was essential because Jews possess untold influence throughout the world. I am totally convinced – if most Jews knew what the Palestinians were really going through, Israel would soon find itself most deservedly backed into a corner.
One must bear in mind two things – media lies are ongoing & relentless, & Israel is not a Jewish state but is composed largely of non-Semitic folk, mainly of the Eastern European Ashkenazi tribe. By the way, I am not religious in any way, shape or form. I’ve long since felt if God existed, he, she or it would never have stood by to allow a world bedeviled with such unbridled pain & suffering. Also it surprises me none you are sometimes unable to get through to my page since the bane of Zionism is truth! I’ve had to suffer the brunt of their censorship. I will say it frustrates me no end when people comment by saying F— Israel. If this is why you feel this is an anti-Semitic page then I understand only too well. Hard as I try to discourage people to refrain from making such comments, nevertheless one needs to understand how exasperated people are for once you know the truth about Zionists & Israel it becomes ever harder holding back. Finally, there is one comment which included the incredible speech by Benjamin Freedman from Liz Alstad. I cannot recommend this more highly.”


Whether, I’ve planted a seed that may lead to the ripple effect I’m not sure. It’s down to the good lady. At least I’ve seen the folly of my ways & tried to rectify the situation. I’m all too aware it’s not easy when one’s cognizant of the shocking truth but that’s the discipline. One achieves nothing by delivering obscenities. Hard as it is, we need to find a balance where as much of the truth can be told without antagonising both Jews & non-Jews who’ve fallen foul of the barrage of media lies.


To finish off I thought I’d include some articles from Whatsupic, an alternative media outlet in America that many, including myself, write for. They’re forever under attack yet they still manage to do a terrific job getting the truth out or should I say, initiate ripple effects all over the place! I’ve covered all these horrific topics but I thought it would be a good idea to show that many others feel compelled to speak out……


Jewish Human Organ Trade In Turkey Stealing Syrian Children  by Philosophers Stone –



Zionist organ trafficking



This is an interview with one of the most famous Jewish activists Dr. Norman Finkelstein…..

Israel’s Descent into Barbarism by Norman Finkelstein –



The great Norman Finkelstein



This is an eye-opening read because I am in no doubt it is entirely accurate…..

Israeli Investigative Journalist: Bibi a Suspect in Charlie Hebdo Massacre by Veterans Today – 



The false-flaggers



And this is my response to what occurred soon after…..

French Journalist Arrested After Exposing Israeli Link To Paris Attacks by my good self – 



Yet another Zio FF!



Finally, an article regarding a topic the mainstream media will NEVER publicise……

American Jews Fighting To End Establishment Support for Israel





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