What has Cameron just done by ‘suspecting’ ISIS for bringing down the flight 7K9268. I SMELL A RAT!

Once again defense is being turned into attack. Before the Russians have even said a word Cameron has stepped out of his pram by pointing the finger at ISIS. Now before I tear this notion apart note how after 9/11 & the downing of flight MH17 the media & politicians in the West within one hour had rendered air crash investigators obsolete! They knew who did 9/11; they knew who was responsible for bringing down MH17. We had no need for air crash investigators OR THE BLACK BOXES! Look at the difference with the downing of flight 7K9268 – THIS IS THE REAL WORLD!

THE RUSSIANS AREN’T JUMPING TO ANY CONCLUSIONS! I hope some of you bozos out there can now appreciate – this is what occurs in the real world & perhaps, you can bring yourself to identify the glaring discrepancies that occurred when fingers were pointed so prematurely with 9/11 & flight MH17.

YET CAMERON HAS JUMPED THE GUN……. AGAIN! Note the emphasis has been placed on the security of British passengers. Cameron actually cares about us again – OH BUT ISIS HAS ONCE AGAIN BECOME THE DREADED POWER THAT NO ONE CAN STOP! Now I know this is all bullshit because we’ve already seen how ISIS is being routed by the Russians! They’re a rag-tag bunch of mercenary killers that were donated state-of-the-art weaponry by America & WITH THE BLESSING OF THIS LYING BASTARD CAMERON! And why was this done? Because Israel wants to take over the whole Middle East & while Assad & Iran are there, the plans for Greater Israel have had to be put on hold! 


It’s obvious that Cameron is simply trying to pull another stroke. Whether they can pull this off is another story altogether but what they’re doing is positioning themselves for the moment the Russians give their take on this. This tells me the Russians may not go the whole hog & blame the real culprits & I’m sorry but if Mossad wasn’t ultimately responsible then I’m a Chinaman! ONLY THEY HAVE THE ABILITY TO COMMIT SUCH ACTS WHEN IT SUITS THEM! Since when were ISIS trained saboteurs? Since when did they have the ability to get through airport security to plant bombs like this? How could they suddenly make the switch while running like frightened rabbits from the Russians? 


I said this from day 1 & everything that’s happened since has merely strengthened my opinion. Around 2-3 years ago I predicted, these kind of shocking events would occur with unerring regularity & I’ll tell you now – if the finger isn’t pointed directly at the people who control ISIS then prepare yourself for more atrocities. It’s quite simple. Until someone has the guts to say we seriously suspect Mossad then they’re going to continue until someone does. I’ll say it one more time –


Moreover, THEY CANNOT STOP NOW! They passed the point of no return, if not with JFK & the attack on the USS LIberty, certainly with 9/11. And if I know what I know, so do the Russians but don’t for one minute think any of this is rocket science. It’s obvious who controls ISIS & it’s more than common knowledge that if you ever cross Israel severe retribution is a cast-iron guarantee. The moment the Russians started routing ISIS you could literally say to yourself –


However this move by Cameron make me think that though the Russians in all likelihood believe the Israelis were responsible, they will stop short of pointing the finger at them. I did say the other day this event will tell us whether Putin is really part of the NWO. I also said it was a no-win situation because if he is our goose is cooked; if he isn’t then we are likely to have a major confrontation between two super-powers – Russia & Israel – a no-win situation!



1) We know all along their aim in Syria was regime change.

2) We know ISIS is a CIA/Mossad invention just as Al Qaeda was.

3) We know what ISIS was REALLY doing – destroying all the nations Israel wanted to see destroyed – in total accordance with ODED YINON’S plan to create Greater Israel.

4) We know this because General Wesley Clark revealed the plan was to take out 7 nations, who all just happened to be opposed to Israel.

5) We know the Zionist controlled media has been lying through every orifice regarding ISIS mainly by claiming it was an Islamic Terrorist Group that we were in fact trying to combat.

6) Yet all the while ISIS went from strength to strength. How could this possibly be with all the sophisticated satellite data & the military muscle that was available to US forces?

7) Just as Assad was about to capitulate he invited the Russians to help him in fighting terrorism.

8) The Russians duly accepted. After all, had they not, the West media would have been quick to accuse Russia of not wanting to fight terrorism. At least the Russians had been invited by the Syrians. The US & UK never had an invitation!

9) Within two weeks of the Russians entering the theatre of operations, ISIS was retreating in every direction.

10) Not only that, this was all being done without the assistance of the very people who were claiming they were fighting this terrible enemy ISIS for over a year. Bizarrely, no assistance whatsoever was offered to the Russians. How can one claim they are fighting terrorism when they refuse to assist the very people who have proved to be most successful at doing the job?

11) Moreover, rather than praise the Russians for successfully routing ISIS, which the media never stopped telling us was this greatest terrorist threat ever, instead they inexplicably poured scorn over the Russian campaign by saying they were attacking non-existent moderate rebels.

12) Therefore, this proves beyond any shadow of doubt that the US & UK weren’t just in cahoots with known terrorists but were actually supplying them with arms & ammunition.

Now, lo & behold, a Russian plane carrying 224 people, mainly Russians, crashes in Egypt? Bear in mind, EGYPT LIKE UKRAINE SAW A DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED GOVERNMENT OVERTHROWN BY THE WEST IN ORDER TO INSTALL A ZIONIST PUPPET! I’m sorry but I don’t like coincidences & the only ones I believe in are ones that are proven beyond any shadow of doubt to be mere coincidences. What worries me is the timing of this is perfect for it to be Zionist retribution to Russia, plain & simple for destroying ISIS, Israel’s band of mercenaries. I can only hope & pray this is a coincidence but already I have my doubts even though the consequences of this being just another deliberate terrorist act by Western governments who are in the pockets of Zionist bankers, are simply too monstrous to even think about!




Well, I’ve heard nothing that alters my opinion regarding the Russian air crash. I’ve listened to all sorts of daft things like it couldn’t have been a bomb! I would have thought the exact opposite. There was no mayday call from the pilot & the plane fell out of the sky. When I heard this I thought, I’m beginning to smell a rather large rodento here.
One thing we do know, it is unlikely we will see a knee-jerk reaction from the Russians. However, having thought about this for two days, at least we will finally discover whether Putin is really part of the New World Order. You know how I feel about this. Frankly I’d be amazed if he is & the fact this plane has come down at such a convenient time tends to make me feel more inclined to believe Putin cannot be part of the Rothschild plan. How many more double bluffs are they going to keep throwing before people give up on this idea?
Remember back in Sept 2013 when Putin placed a massive a spanner in the works by sending the Russian fleet to square up to the US fleet? Well the US & UK thankfully decided to back off. I knew the Israelis would be fuming so I made a prediction – “Watch them now throw the kitchen sink at Putin.” The Sochi Winter Olympics were about to be held & suddenly they were the shit Olympics; then a massive bomb at a train station in Volgograd killed 16 people. This was put down to a suicide bomber. Then a few months later a coup was engineered in Ukraine. You could say the kitchen sink was thrown!
Then the West manages to wangle their way out of the deal to leave Assad alone so long as he gave up all of his Chemical weapons which he duly did. Oh but the media come up with a blinding strategy – let’s give the mercenary killers we used on the ground in Libya to murder Gaddafi a name. We’ll call them ISIS! We’ll try to make out they came out of nowhere; we’ll leave all the fire-power under the sun so that they can invade Syria & knock 10 tons of shit out of anyone who so much as looks boss-eyed at them……. It sure takes some believing that anyone could be so dumb not to realise these murderous thugs are taking their orders from Tel Aviv!
This time the Russians left it rather late. Assad was teetering on the edge. In all likelihood Assad asked the Russians long before but with all the troubles in Ukraine Putin probably decided wisely not to pull the trigger. When he finally did the Allies couldn’t say a word, after all if the US & UK were so useless fighting terrorism why not give the Ruskies a shot? Well in two weeks they caused more damage to ISIS than the US achieved in a year, all this accomplished without any US aid on the intelligence front. What does that tell us? And then lo & behold, a Russian plane falls out of the sky! The timing here. What are we supposed to think?
Let’s go back a few years: Malaysia’s high court ruled Israel to be guilty of war crimes. EVERYONE SAW THE IDF UTILIZING WHITE PHOSPHOROUS BOMBS! For weapons to actually be banned in this day age one can hardly imagine how awful they must be, yet the Israelis used them on defenseless civilians! If ever there was a clear-cut case of war crimes, here it was yet only Malaysia had the balls to do what’s right. What happened? Within a year two Malaysian planes were deliberately brought down & to this day the Malaysian people are yet to get their hands on the four Black Boxes.
The media proved who was responsible for the downing of flight MH17! Blaming Putin when the wreckage was still smouldering & then no one asks how a traitor like Cameron can do the same thing? All this reminded me of how Ehud Barak, Jerome Hauer & a few other Zionists within an hour of the Twin Towers being attacked were all set & ready to reveal how Osama Bin Laden & Muslims were responsible. It was unbelievable. In my eyes these people were actually admitting to the world that they, at the very least, were complicit for this had to be planned! By blaming Bin Laden so quickly & the very fact the media to a fault allowed these crooks to sing like canaries & never once ask WELL HOW THE HELL DO YOU KNOW IT WAS BIN LADEN, tells me that 9/11 could only have been a Zionist plot!
Of course when you then consider Israel is the only country to gain from this heinous act & all the countries they didn’t like took a hammering what is anyone supposed to say – THAT WAS LUCKY! Coincidence my arse! What people out there better get into their heads is they were prepared to do 9/11, so what aren’t they prepares to do? Years ago I said ‘if no one stops the Zionists they will not stop & THEY AREN’T! I also said, the more they’re found out, the more desperate they’re going to get. There’s nothing they won’t do & this is why they’re pushing their puppets for the unthinkable – YOU CANNOT CRITICISE ISRAEL!
Once again we see standing up to the Zionists & Israel results in grieving for lost loved ones. As for flight 7K9268 the best scenario is if this was a freak accident. Frankly I’ll be astonished if it was. If the Russians discover this was retribution for ISIS then the world will be on a slippery slope. They’re not idiots. They know who’s responsible for ISIS & most importantly who would have gained had ISIS remained untouched. As I said, we will soon discover whether Putin is part of the NWO. What worries me it’s a no-win situation. If Putin is part of the NWO then it’s fair to say nothing can stop them, so we’re well & truly cooked. If not, temperatures could rise in more ways than one!




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