What is this: Israel is a democracy just so long as you don’t become an activist? Give me a break!

I was sent this a month ago. I wanted to use it but somehow I misplaced it. Anyway I stumbled well & I’d like to just make a point by asking – what is the one thing Zionists hate more than anything?





4 years ago I was sent a video of an interview from Canada with the message – WATCH THIS! That was it! Talk about reverse psychology – there was a fair chance I wouldn’t have bothered but the fact a person I’d never had any dealings with pitched it in such a god-awful way, actually aroused my interest. I’ve always appreciated the beauty of applying reverse psychology.

So there’s this Canadian guy interviewing a young chap. Within 60 seconds I’m hearing facts flying out at a rate of knots I thought what’s going on here? It was like an intellectual gatling gun barrelling out info & in a manner so meticulous, it virtually rendered criticism an impossibility because this kid would have made mince-meat out of any Zionist! I thought does he ever come up for air? This was my first encounter with Joshua Blakeney.

I was hearing all the things I believed & wanted to say until halfway through the interview he said said words to the effect that Israelis who spoke out for peace & justice for the palestinians or against their army’s outrageous thuggery, were looked upon as filth that should be eliminated. No quarter was to be given – these people had to be given hell & boy, are they just.

As he continued he explained a process I had no inkling of – this had been going on from the get-go so that becoming an activist in Israel required something above & beyond. Small wonder, in Israel now, not only has the voice of reason taken an absolute battering, almost to oblivion, the mentality that’s emerged as a result of all these years of indoctrination that everyone wants to wipe Israel off the map, has literally bred this belief among this generation of Israelis (get this) THAT NETANYAHU ISN’T TOUGH ENOUGH!

Well……… did it hit me

This is par for the course…….



  • Michael; It is difficult for me to say to you; The “Illuminati”, “One World Order”. “Zionist”, “Jewish Bankers” CFR inspired elitists are counting on good people like you who want to change the world for better, to foment “revolution” ‘against’ them. It is part of their Modus Operandi. It feeds their plans of average people thinking “I will kill to have peace”. That is what all wars are based on. They need, and count on, turmoil to keep people dumbfounded….(key word “dumb”).

    You will see and hear that “Israel is a Democracy” or anything that will foment anger. The racial conflict going on now in the U.S. is all part of their PLAN.

    Yes; it will take a revolution; but the masses have to awaken, and that is what you are promoting. I “saw” this – FB exodus – all coming, and I am pleased that you have a great Blogsite now, and I send all my friends to you. People are sending you great films. i hope they continue.

    • Jack I couldn’t agree more. Yesterday I posted the 2 & a half hour radio broadcast by Myron Fagan which explained in stunning detail the Illuminati world order and how they’ve systematically seized control..It’s going to be tough to turn this around

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