Who is Funding Tom Watson? The time has come to deselect the Traitors

You know it never ceases to amaze me how people refuse (it’s not can’t), they refuse to put two & two together. Whether it’s lack of courage or just plain fear I’m not sure but even in Jeremy Corbyn groups the mere mention of the Z word is often treated with disdain. How can it be? It’s hardly anti-Semitic to conclude all the grief JC is encountering in his party is down to the Labour MPs who belong to (what should be an illegal group) Labour Friends of Israel.

Thanks to Marlene Dunne for this link. The answer as to who is funding Tom Watson couldn’t be more obvious. We are for one BUT HE DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THAT! The real bunce comes from Israeli lobbies.


But where does the two plus two part come into it? All one has to do is answer one simple question – when did Tom Watson & the entire MSM for that matter start complaining about anti-Semitism in the Labour Party? This all started once Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the Labour Party, which can only mean this has to be a conspiracy to undermine him. Note too how the media has given Tom Watson all the publicity under the sun yet not one reporter highlights this glaring anomaly, one which if mentioned would shut everyone up & naturally take some heat off JC.

If we truly care about JC, backing him is not enough. What we have to do is expose those undermining not just him but British democracy. This is what’s at stake here. Now it’s not my fault Israel & the Zionists are behind this but I’m afraid it’s unequivocal. While most of us are aware of the extraordinary power of Zionist lobbies, the big giveaway is there are no groups within both major UK parties representing any other country. The only one is Israel. I ask why shouldn’t every country have equal representation but to give such preferential treatment to the one country which regularly flouts international law? Why isn’t every UK citizen seething with anger? I guarantee one thing – if my own people, the Armenians, were usurping UK democracy like so, I’D CALL THEM OUT TOO! Nothing should ever override the truth.

Sure, nothing I would love more than to see the Tory vote capitulate & remember folks, all this unpopularity has occurred on the back of unparalleled media bias in favor of the Tories. Can you even begin to imagine the level of hemorrhaging had the media been impartial? Corbyn would virtually have one foot in No.10 had it not been for the lies the media has told.

However, what I really want to see is – JC. WILL YOU PLEASE TAKE THE GLOVES OFF! The more you ignore media bias & this onslaught that’s been perpetrated by Labour MPs who all belong to Labour Friends of Israel, each day that goes by you’re making yourself appear less Prime Ministerial. Enough already. Haven’t you always stood up to your principles often as a lone voice in the wilderness? You have enormous support at the grass root level. Man up to these traitors for Christ sake. Here’s what you should do from now on –

  1. No more pandering to the whims of those who are trying to destroy you. There is no anti-Semitism in the Labour Party & YOU BLOODY WELL KNOW IT! All this nonsense started the day you became party leader. It’s been deliberately manufactured. NO MORE SUSPENSIONS. Stop playing into their hands. Tell them if you have a case of anti-Semitism ‘SHOW ME EVIDENCE!’
  2. Instruct your people at local constituency level to start deselecting Labour MPs who’ve stabbed you in the back as well as those that belong to Labour Friends of Israel.
  3. Make it absolutely clear if you become PM you will see to it any lobbies or pressure groups seeking to pervert our democracy WILL BE BANNED!
  4. Declare that by hook or by crook, whatever it takes, you intend to do everything in your power to ensure the media reverts back to operating in line with the very purpose of it’s creation. It WILL abide by the ROYAL CHARTER which decrees – the media has to be both TRUTHFUL & IMPARTIAL.

I wrote this piece in Dec 2015 –

Here’s the problem. DEAL WITH IT JC!


  • So, is Tom Watson actually Jewish? have tried to research this but have come up with a blank. It’s patently obvious though that a number of the pro-Israel lobbyists within the Labour ranks are Jewish. Being paid to peddle any agenda smacks of vested interest. It’s time such political lobbying was removed from politics altogether.

    • Whether Tom Watson is Jewish or not I feel is pretty much irrelevant. What however is of critical importance is that every single MP cannot have any outside interests. Their allegiance has to be for the UK & no other country. Moreover, thanks to the contemptible media, politicians seem under no pressure whatsoever to hold their hands out to the highest bidder because 99% of the time the bribe money comes from pro-Israeli groups. But you can be sure if Iran, Syria or Pakistan was bribing our politicians. it would make front page news. The whole system is rotten to the core because Zionists have every base covered. Political lobbying is nothing less than bribery & as you correctly say this avenue should be removed from politics altogether.

      • The point I was trying to allude to without making it too obvious is that most people in the pockets of the Zionists have Jewish backgrounds and therefore, imo, a potential vested interest. Not that, of course, taking a backhander wouldn’t constitute a vested interest in itself of course. This includes many in the Labour party who play the antI-Semite card against Corbyn at opportune times, for example when the Tori£$ are slipping in the opinion polls, in a manner which is surely being orchestrated from somewhere higher. With regard to Watson, what otherwise is his motive for being so vociferous in defence of Zionist agendas?

        It seems to me that there is a Jewish stranglehold on the global capitalist economy, or to put it another way, a disproportionate amount of high profile Jews in high ranking positions. Is this an illusion; if not, how has this disproportionate percentage been arrived at, through fair means or foul, and how many of them are ethically sound, and how many have Zionist or other questionable agendas? I suspect that many fit into the latter camp, but it would need some very brave investigative journalism to establish the actual facts. One thing’s for sure, when subterfuge runs rife democracy is the victim, and whilst, imo, the capitalist stranglehold on the global economy needs to be reversed with urgency, it isn’t going to happen whilst the shady elite pull the strings behind the scenes.

        • Yes I realised what your point was. I think it’s more than fair to say there exists an outrageous bias. How can 2% of the population (Jews) have such a disproportionate number in positions of power & influence. Obviously there’s a hidden Zionist agenda & of course once one acquires a top position, he or she then sees to it that whenever other top positions need to be filled it’s a cast-iron certainty a Jew or one who’s committed to the Zionist cause will fill it. I feel with non Jews like Watson, Joan Ryan, Priti Patel etc there is not only the incentive of huge backhanders but the distinct possibility they will be given special consideration when there are certain political position on offer or outside of politics they will be looked after. Great comment by the way GFB.

    • Tim OConnell

      Someone needs to check Tom Watson’s bank a/c. Who are his paymasters.? Why is he advancing a pro-Zionist agenda?

      • Well Tim – it’s hardly rocket science is it? He’s even been to Israel & any kind of research shows Watson’s had his palms well & truly greased. Since the media is doing all it can to destroy Labour, the fact the papers say nothing of this it can only mean one thing – he like so many other MPs, have been bought off by the all-powerful Zionist lobbies.

  • Patrick McEneaney

    ALL THAT DESTRUCTION in the Middle east was caused by the western Warmongers including the best off country in Africa : ie Libya . . The most destructive organization in the World is NATO

  • ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON! We just exploit & steal from nations that can’t defend themselves. What amazes me though Patrick is how so few people realise this!

  • Fredi Hazeem

    Far too many countries allow foreign groups to influence their politics. I always that that was TREASON & ESPIONAGE.

    “… backing him is not enough. What we have to do is expose those undermining not just him but British democracy. “” (Bravo!)

    NOTE: I didn’t know you were Armeni, some of my best friends in Syria and Lebanon are Armeni. Love u guys. Good bzmen also (if on your side!!!)

    QUERY: I thought the US stole this law from the UK. Don’t you guys have something like this on the English Law Books, that would apply to israeli groups?

    “The Logan Act of 1799 forbids a foreign agent or dignitary as well as unauthorized US citizens from engaging in, interfering with or otherwise attempting to influence diplomatic negotiations with foreign governments. “

    • I think their’s a simple answer to this Fredi – I think Mayer Amshcel Rothschild was the one who first said words to the effect – ‘I care not for what laws politicians pass. Just give me the power to print money.’ The saying ‘everyone has a price’ may not be entirely accurate but what unlimited funds allow is the ability to buy up what matters ie media, judges & naturally politicians. Then whoever can’t be bought is easily ruined or murdered. So I believe it’s all down to money & therefore it’s difficult to see how countries can stop foreign entities infiltrating nations.

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