Why haven’t the Police arrested Katie Hopkins?

Fair play to George Galloway for lambasting this evil, wretched bitch Katie Hopkins. Can you imagine the publicity & the sheer level of outrage if anyone ever said “it’s time to bomb the Israelis. They are rodents burrowing underneath the Palestinians?” This would rightly be regarded as hate speech. As vast as Israel’s crimes are, I nevertheless feel this kind of talk is unacceptable. Bombing a country should only ever be the last resort & that can only happen when that country has attacked you!
So, how come there’s virtually zero publicity when Katie Hopkins says –

“It’s time to bomb the Palestinians. They are rodents burrowing underneath the Israelis”

– & all this at a time when our treacherous politicians are scandalously contemplating ushering in laws that will outlaw criticism of Israel by branding it hate speech? Where’s the outrage for this bitch? What’s that Zionist cow Theresa May got to say about this? Why aren’t the Police arresting Katie Hopkins? And of course the media treat her as if she’s some kind of celebrity! The whole thing makes me sick!




I thought I’d add this link from JONATHAN COOK’S blog because in a way it all ties in with what’s going on. Herein lies the problem. This is what we have to address. I’ve said it a million times – the UK is an Occupied Territory!-


How many British MPs are working for Israel?



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