You call this democracy?

So in a rigged election where for 5 years the media never highlighted any of Cameron’s gaffs, lies, blatant fraud, war-mongering & above all Treason, 23% of eligible voters vote for Cameron. Even though 3 out of 4 voters did not want Cameron he still ends up with a majority. Some democratic process we have here. A year later, a humiliated Cameron resigns only to make the way for another albeit, even more incompetent traitor. Teresa May for sure will continue exactly the same agenda Cameron pursued.


I’ve been meaning to post this excellent clip ‘Trying to explain government to an alien’. I know it sounds tongue-in-cheek but what’s not true. I’ve often said if advanced aliens were looking down on us they’d think what a bunch of blithering idiots we are……



So nothing has changed in the Tory Party except for one thing – the only Tory people wanted as leader, Boris Johnson, who incidentally would almost certainly have offered something different, has conveniently been pushed aside. Yet he wanted to leave the EU. Since so did most of us, how the hell can Teresa bloody May be preferred to him? She’s a bonafide vote-loser! And guess what? WE’RE STILL NOWHERE NEARER TO LEAVING THE EU! How can this be? Not only we’re not getting what we voted for but those who are pushing for change we want are being made to resign. On July 4th I wrote the piece –

Convenient resignations? NO! We have traitors in our midst & they’re undermining our democracy –

Convenient resignations? NO! We have traitors in our midst & they’re undermining our democracy


In this piece I pretty much stated Boris Johnson had been warned off, as had Nigel Farage. I mean imagine it – a guy works all his life to get Britain out of the wretched EU. Finally when he’s almost at the winning post he mysteriously quits, just like Johnson? THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE! Obviously those who control Cameron, Osborne, May & that good for nothing rag Angela Eagle are people who have zero interest for Britain. Look at the above title – WE HAVE TRAITORS IN OUR MIDST! Why would I write that if it wasn’t the case?
The Zionists who control our politicians & media are all under the Rothschild thumb. It’s a guarantee they have threatened the 3 people who were most likely to do some good for the people of the UK – Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage & Jeremy Corbyn. The only one to have the balls to say up yours is Corbyn. Our democracy is being undermined by a foreign entity before our very eyes. Can’t people see this? It can’t be any clearer. We’re literally a click away from them actually telling us this is what we are going to do & stuff you! And now I’m receiving snippets of information that all but confirms what I originally assumed –


Assassination threats forced UKIP boss Nigel Farage to resign – RT reports


May is the perfect puppet but since the Tories now have a leader that’s so lousy, it is imperative, for the short term at least, Labour is tripped up. Of course idiots will think, what am I talking about? That’s why they’re idiots because this is history merely repeating itself. Remember when David Miliband was all set to become labour’s leader. Well the situation was much the same then – Cameron was the perfect Zionist puppet & boy, did he prove it! Miliband though, as Foreign Secretary, already had a spat with the Israelis when Mossad were using UK passports to commit assassinations abroad. Miliband had every right to be furious but when it comes to vindictiveness, the Israelis are in a league on their own. But even I never imagined they’d use his pathetic younger brother Ed to destroy his promising career. What there is no doubt about – the Zionists did not want David Miliband not only to be fighting an election against Cameron but to be opposing him in the House of Commons.
So today the situation is exactly the same. Effectively Labour has to have a leader that is even more hopeless than Teresa May. Now that’s a tall order. One has to really go to the bottom of the barrel to find some one more useless than her – STEP FORWARD ANGELA EAGLE. Angela WHO? I mean you’ve got to be kidding me. I ask you – HOW CAN THIS POSSIBLY BE GOOD FOR THE LABOUR PARTY? Answer – it’s not meant to be as I just explained. Of course the media will try & convince you this is a good move for Labour because Corbyn’s going to do this & Corbyn’s going to do that. If you listen to the media do me a favor – believe the exact opposite. Just try & see what happens.
Surely, even if one is against Corbyn, just like with the EU referendum, one simply cannot scream foul every time a decision goes the other way. THIS IS AS UNDEMOCRATIC AS IT GETS! Moreover anyone who tries to pervert the course of democracy is committing Treason. In my world Richard Branson would already have been arrested, put up against the wall & shot! But when the media is spear-heading the drive to usurp democratic elections & votes, which they most definitely are, then one has to be conscious of the fact we’re on the slippery slope toward tyranny. There is no question of this. Let’s examine what’s occurred in the last year or so…….


1) Cameron called for direct military intervention in Syria –
His call was defeated in parliament mainly due to the fact MP’s were aware the people of the UK were fed up with war. Independent polls stated over 90% were against military intervention. It was pretty much the same in America.
What happens: A year later both the US & UK are bombing Syria.
2) Corbyn puts his hat in the ring for the Labour leadership –
Even though there were 3 other candidates, each one backed by the media, Corbyn won on the first round because he got more votes than the other 3 candidates put together! In the annals of leadership contests, this is unprecedented both for Labour & Tory.
What happens: The media not only played down this historic victory but proceeded to slag Corbyn off non-stop. It was as if he was already the PM making mistakes left, right & center. In the meantime Cameron was busy making an enemy out of Russia for no good reason & the media didn’t give a shit about that! That’s alright – lock horns with a super-power that can destroy us 1000 times over OH BUT THAT CORBYN…..
What also happens: Even though under Corbyn membership to the Labour party doubled, once again outside forces are working to usurp democracy. How can he even be facing a challenge? He hasn’t lost an election yet! Moreover, to now try & bar him from taking on the traitors in his own party is just ridiculous. Of course they know in a fair election Corbyn will win with probably an even bigger landslide. 


As for this nobody Angela Eagle here’s an RT link that is features lie after lie. This woman is an absolute disgrace.


Another freeloading traitor


3) Cameron promises us an EU referendum in 2010. He then reneges on that promise only to offer us the same thing again in 2015.
But he doesn’t want to leave the EU. Why were the Tories so insistent on including this in the manifesto? BECAUSE THEY KNEW, JUST GIVING US THE CHOICE WAS A VOTE WINNER BECAUSE MOST PEOPLE WANTED TO LEAVE.
What happens: They thought a combination of fear-mongering by the politicians & media along with blatant vote rigging would do the trick. We’d have the diabolical situation where the Tories offered a referendum because it’s what we wanted only for people to vote to remain in the EU? ie exactly what occurred in the Scottish vote for independence – rigged from top to bottom. However, despite all the scare-mongering, 4 out of 5 voters wanted out.
So what happened: They knew rigging this one would be a bridge too far so what they did was make us all believe it was a close run thing when it was anything but the sort. This way they could initiate stalling tactics in other words, PRECISELY WHAT’S OCCURRING NOW! It’s like having a penalty shoot-out; winning it only to be told the result of the match is on hold indefinitely.


You can call it what you like but DON’T YOU DARE MENTION THE WORD DEMOCRACY AGAIN! As JFK once so rightly said –


The great man


What little democracy we have left is fast disappearing. I believe while Corbyn is Labour’s leader, though we’re seriously in the hole, we nevertheless have a chance with him. He won’t sell his own people down the river. But if both Labour & Tory pursue the same Zionist Rothschild agenda then I am in no doubt – it’s curtains for all of us.


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