America’s failed war on terror? No. It’s Israel’s successful war of terror in order to create Greater Israel.

Yesterday I made a pig’s ear of a most crucial post. After a sleepless night I thought to hell with it – I’ll do it properly this time, without rushing.

First & foremost GREAT SHOW! Way to go guys…. though in his intro Peter Lavelle talks of the ‘failed war on terror due to America & Obama’s foreign policy.’ Let me make one thing absolutely clear – everything, every single thing regarding this statement is 100% false! If you want to start to understand what’s going on or should I say make sense of this, all that’s required is this…………

Failed should be SUCCESSFUL!

On should be OF! 

America should be ISRAEL 

Obama should be ZIONIST

Accept this & not only does it make perfect sense but you’ll quickly realise everything’s going according to plan for the Israelis. Fair play to you KOK, though I’m beginning to think you’re secretly reading all my stuff……….. gimme one ‘like’ at least for crying out loud!



And here you have it – ODED YINON’S plan for Greater Israel –

This is what Ken O’Keefe is talking about – Oded Yinon’s farcical notion in 1982 where he just drew his own map, stretching Israel’s borders to eradicate Palestine, engulf Lebanon & Jordan, swallow up vast swathes of Syria & Iraq, seize the whole Nile Delta from Egypt, a chunk of Saudi Arabia, even nibbling off a piece of Turkey & Kuwait. Of course any idiot can just draw a map except we’re talking about the Israelis here. Ever since it’s inception Israel’s borders have expanded. In the meantime all we hear is that Israel is surrounded & everyone wants to wipe Israel off the map. That’s what the Zionist controlled media feeds us. 




You have two options –

1) You can ignore all the facts & just assume I’m anti-Semitic or

2) You can put your thinking hat on & ask –

i) Does Israel display a friendly attitude toward it’s neighbors?


ii) Do the Israelis feel they have a divine right to do as the please?


iii) Have the Israelis shown a propensity to grab land?


iv) Do Zionists exert enormous influence in Washington DC?


v) If you haven’t heard General Wesley Clark (they’re going to take out 7 countries) video it’s time you did –




  • JamesWilson

    The SAME ZIONIST PLAN to take over and rule the Middle East is WORKING in the USA now.
    Imagine 50 POWERLESS Nation States like Eastern Europe ! With Israeli Corporations OWNING the U.S. Military and it’s Weapons !!!!

  • Well James, America is the key. If the Zionists lose control there, then it’s only a ,matter of time for the media to be purged of the Zionists stranglehold. Once that happens it v=becomes a toss up – Americans will quickly discover that the real terrorists behind 9/11 were dual national Zionists. The chances are it might just be a case to hell with the consequences……….they could just flatten israel. This is why all that’s happening in America is to ensure the Zionists do not lose control. They will do whatever it takes.

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