Anti-Semitism in the Labour party? This is yet another media lie/Zionist ruse

I came across a post by Peter Keane in the group TRUTHERS AGAINST ZIONIST LOBBIES. It was his first post in the group. Though countless folk, time & again experience the same underhand, coercive bullying, paradoxically, few people ever hear about it, for the mere mention often results in accusations of paranoia, along with the obligatory howls of anti-Semetism. I’ve no doubt this dilemma is the crux of the problem. Sadly it appears impossible to address because the media itself is in on the coup, yet it remains imperative we find a way to reverse this process before it is too late. A few days ago I wrote an article entitled –

Those who talk of Zionist power are now facing imprisonment. We should all be very concerned

Those who talk of Zionist power are now facing imprisonment. We should all be very concerned

I included this clip of Jez Turner, an ordinary Brit who’s merely concerned about the outrageous influence Zionists possess. He could lose his freedom over this.



Worse still, the very people responsible are pushing our politicians to pass laws that will not only further erode our fundamental rights but render any form of criticism of Zionists & Israel a criminal act. Since I’ve experienced something similar, I thought I’d once again highlight this mainly for the purpose of providing an appropriate answer to these people whose only goal is to stifle discussion. Here’s what Peter Keane said…..


Thanks for letting me onboard! I came here because I found myself banned, albeit temporarily from the Official Labour Party Face book page.
I have been a Trade Unionist since getting my first National Union of Seamen’s Card as a Galley boy of 16. Since then I have been a Shop Steward or Safety Rep. in T&GW, UCATT, NALGO and before Medical Retirement M.P.O. (G.M.B.) I am still a ‘Card Carrying’ Labour Party Member, even though that’s about all I can carry now!
My ‘Crime’ was stating that in all my time I have never experienced the Labour Movement to have any kind of Anti Semitic Faction and that criticising the actions of the Israeli Government was not criticising Judaism and that they have quite a few problems with elements of the Jewish faith themselves! I had a brief response stating how ‘bizarre’ my statement was and then found myself blocked!
What has happened to the Labour Party recently?


YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT PETER! I actually wrote an article about this shortly after Jeremy Corbyn became the leader of his party. On countless occasions I’ve stated the West, ie the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany & Australia effectively are Occupied Territories. Many think this is delusional tripe. They’re wrong! The problem is they refuse to recognise what’s patently obvious – these countries always follow Israel’s line, however daft that line is, consistently placing Israel’s interests first, often fighting wars only Israel wants, often in direct conflict with their own national interests. 


Unsurprisingly several groups emerged on FB all claiming to be Jeremy Corbyn & Labour party supporters. Within a few weeks it became abundantly clear most of these groups were anything but. In quite a few I flat out accused them of actually trying to undermine JC. I was duly barred from these groups.


What was clearly evident was how no one could mention that the Labour Friends of Israel, a complete & utter affront to our democracy, EVEN EXISTED! The fact it was obvious to anyone with a modicum of intelligence virtually all the grief JC was encountering within his own party came from MP’s that almost exclusively belonged to Labour Friends of Israel, mattered not one iota.


Of course, it goes without saying, anyone criticising Israel or that vile specimen Netanyahu, was branded anti-Semitic at light speed! Therefore, how can one not conclude these groups are controlled by Israelis or vermin on their payroll? This is the critical issue. Our entire political system, along with the media, is under the Zionist thumb. This is precisely why our senior politicians unconditionally support but one country on this planet – ISRAEL! What makes matters infinitely worse is the undeniable fact Israel is by far the greatest violator of human rights & international law.


Therefore, it is critical people are not put off from telling the truth. If any fool labels you anti-Semitic, recognise how they’re blatantly ignoring what you’re saying, which for sure is a genuine & wholly justifiable concern. So don’t back off. Fight back by reiterating your point. Perhaps say this –

All I’m doing is expressing concern; all you’re doing is attacking me. So is there anything I can say where you’ll listen to my concerns over the actions of Zionists & Israel? Or perhaps you feel they have the right to do what they want & no one has the right to say anything!

I say –

if being opposed to brutal, evil, paedophile protecting, land-thieving, war-mongering liars is anti-Semitic, THEN I’M AS ANTI-SEMITIC AS HELL!….


Thanks to Shane Ferris for this caption….



  • Linda

    Wholeheartedly agree

  • venner

    This is f***ing outrageous. British politicians not allowed to question the actions of another country? F*** that.
    If you renember, a similar thing happened to labour parliamentary candidate Vicky Kirby last year when she “dared” to ask the question, how come ISIS never attacks Israel.
    She was suspended from the Labour party for that.
    I’m sure she was implying what we all already know, the ISIS is controlled by the mossad because she also said Israel is evil.

    • Also, more pertinently- the pipeline supplying Israel runs right through ISIS-controlled territory – it would take no more than an hour either to destroy it or to deviate its course – why have they not done so?

    • Exactly right Venner. Years ago I wrote an article about how Zionists know only too well – IF YOU’RE GOING TO LIE, YOU MAY AS WELL TELL ABSOLUTE WHOPPERS!…. and this is precisely what they do. The truth is, though they’re not nearly as bad as the Tory Party, the Labour Party is flush with traitors who’ll jump on anyone stating the truth about Israel. Then, the media put the boot in taking people even further away from the truth. Adding insult to injury they conjure up stories insinuating how the Labour Party is anti-Semetic. So though party members are booted out for merely speaking the truth, which can only imply there’s no anti-Semetism in the party, the Zionists get to have their cake & eat it, by forever making this totally unsubstantiated claim. The whole problem is – as voltaire said – NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO CRITICISE THESE BASTARDS!

  • You are quite right. These Zionists serve Israel first. Therefore they shouldn’t be allowed to represent The Friends of Israel as it doesn’t serve UKs interests. They should serve Israel separately from the British Labour Party. Incidentally have you ever considered taking up stand – up comedy!

    • Special interest groups like this are ALREADY supposed to be illegal. This in many ways shows just how powerful these people are. Of course it help no end when the very same people own the entire mass-media. This way the media never informs the people of such shenanigans.

      Why June, I have not. Do you feel I’m that funny?

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