Anyone who thinks ISIS is an Islamic terrorist organisation is an idiot. Misinfo Moguls – eat your heart out!

Not that I want you to read this article with anything but contempt for those responsible but –

Thanks to Alfred Raelian Schanzenbacher for the link.

  • Let’s take a quick look at who is behind this abortion. Repeat after me – 

Tampa Bay Times – YOU ARE SO FULL OF SHIT!

Researcher Derek Tsang – RESEARCHER EH? Dearie me! 

Editor Aaron Sharockman – TOTALLY FULL OF SHIT….. but at least the name kind of spills the beans.

Pundit fact – PUNDIT? Don’t make me laugh! FACT? Now you’re taking the piss!

Powered by – that’s funny. More like chugging along thanks to Zionist scumbags who’ve run out of orifices to lie from!

Like is like


Make no mistake – we are in the midst of a battle & it’s all part of the War of Information. The Rothschild Zionists had it locked up for years. Then the Internet came along & wallop! I wouldn’t go as far to say they didn’t know what hit them but it sure knocked them bandy! The one thing that was fast-becoming an endangered species, the one thing the Zionists positively despised, was suddenly gushing out – THE TRUTH! Remember that song on Led Zep iv ‘when the levee breaks?’ Well…… it broke!

Now those who still believe the media, plain & simple, are no-hopers. To get to this stage & to still believe their lies? Well…… we’re talking very serious, fully-fledged, rocking horse material here. Nixon once said –

the American people don’t believe anything until the see it on television. 



Tricky hit the nail on the head & the Zionists know it. So what is absolutely essential is being aware of the fact that the Internet is being flooded with material where the sole purpose is to spread confusion. Now anyone with any brains knows this YET…… some of the smartest people I’ve come across on FB have fallen foul, still forever maintaining people like Edward Snowden, Julian Assange & even Bradley Manning are controlled opposition. How can this be so?


I’m not exactly sure – maybe it’s an ego thing or maybe it’s because in their effort to set themselves apart from mere mortals like me who simply just care for the truth & nothing else, they want to show they’re the ones that are really in the groove. THEY KNOW THAT LITTLE BIT MORE! Needless to say, I’ve been telling these people ‘wise up for crying out loud!’ What’s most disturbing is hardly any have taken heed of my advice? They’re going to hate me for saying this but the trouble is most of them have their heads so far up their arse it’s no surprise they struggle to hold on to or build up any kind of meaningful following.  


And personally, I couldn’t give a shit! Anyone who thinks any one of these guys is controlled opposition, forget about barking up the wrong tree – this is beyond the pale. We’re indebted to these guys yet hard as I rip the argument of doubters to shreds, all I ever see is the brain-shutters come thundering down! I’d like to bet somewhere along the line these good folk came across an article, a whole lot better than this one may I say & got sucked in big time. I got lucky. I was born with a brain that was quick as clockwork & could work out what was fact, against what was pure misinformation.   


For Israel


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