My last post was about young Palestinians who are deliberately being killed in order to steal their organs. The post came as a result of a number of comments I received on my website from Khaled Azzam. Due to the gravity of the subject matter, I felt it appropriate to post it first even though these comments preceded it &

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Anyone who thinks ISIS is an Islamic terrorist organisation is an idiot. Misinfo Moguls – eat your heart out!

Not that I want you to read this article with anything but contempt for those responsible but –  http://www.politifact.com/punditfact/statements/2014/aug/19/blog-posting/edward-snowden-leaked-nsa-documents-show-us-israel/ Thanks to Alfred Raelian Schanzenbacher for the link. Let’s take a quick look at who is behind this abortion. Repeat after me –  Tampa Bay Times – YOU ARE SO FULL OF SHIT! Researcher Derek Tsang – RESEARCHER EH? Dearie me!  Editor Aaron

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