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14 Years on: Without the Guaranteed Support of the Entire Corporate Media, 9/11 would Never Have Made the Drawing Board – 11 September 2015 A Blatant Attempt to Incite Islamophobia: Now Charlie Hebdo is Getting in on the Act of the Tragic Death of Alan Kurdi – 08 September 2015 No Question ISIS Is Our Enemy But It’s Leaders Are Our Leaders – 16

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No Question We Are Moving Closer to WW III but Brinkmanship Aside: Are We Actually Daft Enough to Launch Our Nuclear Weapons?

Whatsupic — The immediate future is bleak but talk of WW III being inevitable is somewhat inappropriate. The awesome destructive power of ICBM’s paradoxically renders the likelihood of them ever being launched minimal. Everyone knows there can be no winners! The good news – with early warning systems in place it seems it’s going to have to take an act of

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This is not a Conspiracy Theory. Governments Have No Right to Introduce Legislation without Initially Informing the Public.

I wrote this in April. I felt it was one of my better pieces……… & then it hit me – I neglected to include the phrase ‘Conspiracy Theorist’. I still cannot believe it! It was perfect for this. Of all the terms to forget? Sometimes I wonder. Anyway what reminded me of the article was this clip. I subscribe to the

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