My last post was about young Palestinians who are deliberately being killed in order to steal their organs. The post came as a result of a number of comments I received on my website from Khaled Azzam. Due to the gravity of the subject matter, I felt it appropriate to post it first even though these comments preceded it & they related to my favorite subject which is Physics & the works of Albert Einstein.


I try to respond to every comment on my website & every so often I get sucked in. However, becoming embroiled in arguments no one can win, well, I learned almost from day 1 on FB that arguing with those whose minds were slammed shut in their upbringing is a total waste of time & energy. But if the topic suits such as controlled opposition, often I make myself busy. Why? Because this solely involves those who are trying to do good but are being led astray. The Zionists know full well the best way to establish discord among their detractors is by spreading misinformation. 


It stands to reason – they largely control what gets put out. Imagine, to this day the book “200 Years Together” by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn has yet to be translated into English! Considering the writer was a renowned Russian dissident & winner of the 1970 Nobel Prize for literature, when are people going to factor in the kind of power it takes to actually do this? You see the moment one fully understands & accepts the sheer magnitude of what’s involved, a natural extrapolation is to gauge what these people are capable of when it comes to smearing those who speak out. Needless to say, Solzhenitsyn’s book tells of the ghastly truth of how 66 million Russians were tortured & murdered by the Ashkenazi Zionists in the 1917 Russian Bolshevic Revolution. Naturally with at least 80% of Israelis being of Ashkenazi origin, small wonder they don’t want anyone to know what these people have hidden in the closet.


Khaled –

I was reading something on Albert Einstein a few weeks ago and the article was implying that Albert was a fake who stole most of his ideas and even when some of his ideas were proven false, it wouldn’t be news… At first I thought to myself “no way”. My whole life I was taught he was THE genius” So I told myself that if this was true, the only way this could be true is he must be of the CHOSEN FEW (in my mind they are askenazi Jews). I Wikipediad Albert Einstein really quick and lo & behold, he is an Ashkenazi Jew. Felt proud of myself – thought I’d share.

My response – 

Khaled – I’ve studied Albert Einstein’s work & career in great detail & I can safely say there is no scientist or physicist that’s gets near to his genius. The jealousy that’s surrounded this man is literally on another level. Just because he’s of Ashkenazi origin does make him a bad person. There are exceptions to every rule. Before I explain why this rumor exists in some circles, what IS a well-known historical fact is Einstein was offered the job of becoming the first President of Israel. Above all, the then leaders of Israel were known terrorists who’d committed mass-murder & mass evictions of Palestinians. They needed a figure-head who commanded the utmost respect throughout the world & Einstein was the perfect candidate.




Not only did Einstein refuse but what you should look up is the reasons he gave for refusing to accept this job. He literally predicted the future, words to the effect – ‘my fear is Zionists will do unto the Palestinians what the Nazis did to them.’ I don’t need to tell you, when it comes to spite, Zionists are in a league of their own. They never forgave Einstein & instead of Einstein’s feelings about the Israelis being echoed in the media, rumors began surfacing that he had stolen the Theory of Relativity. THIS IS PURE NONSENSE & I’ll endeavor to explain why.

In 1887 two brilliant American Physicists Michelson & Morley proved James Clerk Maxwell’s equations of the Electromagnetic force, which had stated light traveled at 186,282 miles per second, were actually correct. You see the mind-blowing aspect of this is light did not travel at any other speed. It was constant! The worrying thing here, there was no mistake – Michelson & Morley were well known for their meticulous attention to detail. So while most scientists resigned themselves to thinking there had to be an error somewhere, Einstein pondered over this dilemma by turning it on it’s head. He came to the conclusion, if the speed of light was constant then the problem lied in whatever else was making people repel this thought. Well the only thing that could be was TIME ITSELF! So Einstein concluded if the speed of light was constant, THEN TIME WASN’T! He then set about the task of proving to the world that time did not go tick-tock, tick-tock at regular intervals. Now how daft is that?


Great spirits


Since this problem arose in 1887, others were working on unraveling this light/time conundrum. Henri Poincare was close via his mastery of Topography which involved adding dimensions to objects. Lorentz was another who was close to solving the dilemma. There were others too. It is for this reason the slur was limited to Special Relativity. Now, what’s interesting here is not only was Einstein’s solution uniquely his, no one ever tried to claim Einstein had ripped off his famous paper THE LAWS OF BROWNIAN MOTION which he wrote & released at the same time. This paper proved the existence of atoms in 1905! Considering Earnest Rutherford was given the honor of discovering the atom A FULL 8 YEARS LATER, it looks to me that Einstein was the one who was ripped off!

Oh but let’s not stop here! The same year he released his findings on Special Relativity & Brownian motion he’d written another paper about THE PHOTO-ELECTRIC EFFECT! This ground-breaking work actually made the outrageous leap that light itself (which was always believed to be wave-like) could in fact be lumpy! Einstein claimed that light itself came in packages of Quanta. No one ever imagined light could be corpuscular & so nobody believed it. One man Andrew Milikan spent 18 years of his life trying to prove Einstein was wrong only to receive the Nobel prize in 1923 BECAUSE HE PROVED HE WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG! Two years earlier Einstein was awarded the Nobel prize for the Photo-electric effect 16 years after he made the landmark discovery which earned him the title as one of the founding fathers of Quantum Physics. Incidentally, the reason why Einstein never received a Nobel Prize for Special Relativity was because that wasn’t proved till 1970! 

What makes this even more amazing is we are yet to mention mankind’s greatest intellectual achievement. Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity actually dethroned Newton as the greatest scientist ever because this theory proved Newton’s theory of Gravity was flawed. Normally such a notion would be considered heresy. General Relativity solved all the glaring inconsistencies that Newton himself realised. Einstein said – his admiration of Newton came from his realisation that his own great intellectual edifice was fundamentally flawed. NOW I HAVEN’T EVEN MENTIONED E = MC squared or the Bose/Einstein condensate statistics. I haven’t the time to explain all his works. Let’s just say the moral of the story here is – not to be so proud of yourself too quickly!




Khaled –

You were right, I was reading about some Ashkenazi jews. They are not all bad. Ever heard of Noam Chomsky.. Ashkenazi jew… smart man…
However, acknowledging the realpolitik of the situation, Chomsky has also considered a two state solution on the condition that both nation-states exist on equal terms. As a result of his views on the Middle East conflict, Chomsky has been officially banned from entering Israel since 2010.


My response – 

Khaled – thank you for mentioning another classic example. Professor Noam Chomsky has been a huge vocal critic of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. Though not on same level as Einstein, intellectuals are singled out for special treatment because their criticism carries that much more weight. It is a major embarrassment for Israel whenever people like Chomsky say anything. It is also far more likely other Israelis will listen to Chomsky as opposed to a Goyim! This is the last thing right-wing Israelis want – opposition from their own people. Therefore, this is not only the reason he’s been banned from entering Israel but every opportunity is used to sully his reputation. I believe one of the major ways this is done is by concentrating on one or two aspects of what he may or may not believe for the purpose of putting him at odds with Truthers.




For instance, Chomsky is apparently not on the side of those who believe 9/11 was an inside job. He’s even so much as said this. Now I don’t for one minute believe someone as smart as Chomsky can’t see the patently obvious. There were way too many glaring discrepancies in the official account of 9/11 where anyone of Chomsky’s level of intelligence would see through immediately. However, I do believe Zionists would have paid great attention to the fact that having someone like him openly state 9/11 was a Zionist operation could be disastrous. So would it be such a leap of faith to suggest Chomsky was approached & told in no uncertain terms ‘you say what you like about the Israeli/Palestinian problem but don’t ever, ever say a word about 9/11 otherwise you & your family will not live to regret it. Are we making ourselves absolutely clear here?’

Many may think this is far-fetched but mafiosi style tactics has always been a domain which Zionists excel. If bribery & coercion fail, assassination is often the end result. Hollywood myth though has us believe this is strictly the domain of Italian families where on TV & in films, (the Godfather, Goodfellas etc) & just about anything involving gangsters, time & again, has an Italian overtone. This myth is enhanced by forever promoting the nonsense that Al Capone was the greatest gangster of them all when in truth Meyer Lansky’s Murder Incorporated made Al Capone & most other major crime syndicates look small fry. There is no comparison – the terror Lansky wrought has deliberately been played down while the exploits of Italian mafiosi is the stuff legends are made out of!




Therefore, I tend to look upon this term ‘controlled opposition’ as Chomsky is often categorized, with the contempt it deserves. That’s not to say there aren’t those who are controlled opposition. I simply do not include anyone who’s regularly stood up to be counted on certain crucial issues. It seems way too convenient that someone like Chomsky is being attacked by so many Truthers. To not entertain the idea that Zionist manipulators, the masters of propaganda who lie for a living, could be behind all this, for me at least, is the height of folly. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again – if there are certain unfavorable rumors regarding that person – ASK YOURSELF WHY? Ultimately, judge a person by their actions.

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