British woman fighting against ISIS in Syria says MI5 targeting her family

We live in a world where truth is a rare commodity & often telling the truth can lead to nothing but trouble. Lies come in thick & fast but every so often we’re told porkies the consequences of which are so enormous, we simply cannot allow our government & media to get away with it. One such lie is the fight against terror. WE’RE DOING THE EXACT OPPOSITE! We’re trying to create terror. One way of ascertaining the truth is by asking how are we treating those who are fighting the terrorists?


Fortunately, the situation is so precarious for our treasonous politicians & media, more often than not, they’ve no option but to reveal they’re actually supporting ISIS. This interesting story is just another prime example. The authorities have chosen to give this lady, 27 year old Kimberley Taylor a hard time. Why? Because she wants to fight them! What earthly reason do MI5 have giving her & her family untold grief? Perhaps it’s better put by stating the Russians & Assad are fighting ISIS – the Russians & Assad are therefore bad news. I mean it stares us in the face!



I can understand the need of having an intelligence service in wartime & when there was a real Cold war on. But now? We’ve got nuclear weapons for Christ sake. No one is going to attack us, end of story! So does MI5 actually serve any purpose apart from giving the Israelis all the information they need? Yes indeed. Thanks to UK Column News, some time ago, it was revealed MI5 wasn’t just in collusion with Mossad; the Israelis know everything MI5 knows! That can only be very bad news for all of us.


I honestly don’t even know what the bloody hell MI5 does any more. Blair lied about the Iraq war & then lied about MI5 giving erroneous information about Iraq. The reality is, MI5 HAD THE TRUTH ALL ALONG! THEY KNEW SADDAM HAD NO WMD’s. BLAIR & THE MEDIA BURIED WHATEVER NEEDED BURYING!


ISIS was christened in the beginning of 2015. On Feb 10 I wrote the piece – 

ISIS Are Terrorists But Their Commanders Are in the Knesset and Mossad –



In Nov 2015 I did this interview about ISIS & Syria for Press TV – sorry about the quality. It was done over the phone.


In Nov 17 2015 I wrote this piece. In it I attempt to explain why we’re forever at war, why brawn still triumphs over brainpower, along with 38 bullet points as to why ISIS is a Zionist creation.


The critical question about ISIS is WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR IT & WHO IS BENEFITING?


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