Follow up to the Corbyn going for the jugular article & his plan for a 2nd referendum

In my last post regarding the tactics Jeremy Corbyn should have employed my good friend Tim Iacono wrote this comment. Over the years several people have told me JC belonged to the Fabian Society. Every time I either ignored it or said ‘so what!’ Tim’s comment kind of tipped me over the edge –

“I admire you enormously as a journalist/writer and consider you a good friend Michael Aydinian, however Jeremy Corbyn is one subject on which we disagree significantly. I’ll mention just four of the reasons I don’t like/trust the guy. BREXIT – He wants a 2nd referendum and to remain in the EU. He was brought to front line politics by the very same organisation responsible for Tony Blair – THE FABIAN INSTITUTE (whose logo is a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing). He wants Diane Abbott to be Foreign Secretary if he becomes Prime Minister… a huge error of judgement. Finally (for the purpose of this comment), Corbyn stated his support for unlimited inward immigration to the UK from anywhere in the world…..”

As always much appreciate your comments Tim. Before I give you my take & there’s plenty coming back your way, I’d just like to point out a GMM rule of thumb –

an initial mistake is akin to taking the wrong turn on a long journey. The more one carries on believing no error’s been made, the further one’s taken away from where one should be.

I believe your mistake is attaching serious relevance to this Fabian Institute. This is why I don’t even bother questioning it because it doesn’t make a jot of a difference & giving credence to it only serves to amplify every little mistake Corbyn may make later on. Since nobody’s perfect & since it’s impossible pleasing everyone all the time, you’re bound to disagree with certain things anyone ever says. This is why I’ve said a million times ‘to hell with the detail. Stick to the major facts!’

First of all, the question of trust & integrity. What you should ask is why the media & Zionists are making life all but impossible for JC? Why too, before he even became leader all the other contenders, basically traitors of this country, literally ganged up on him? For me it’s a simple question – who do you trust, the media or Corbyn? So let’s analyse this. What does the media do apart from concoct a pack of lies in order to go to war, cover up heinous acts like the assassination of JFK & 9/11, protect serial pedophiles, spread misinformation all the time, turn a blind eye to Israel’s continual flouting of international law while actually offering praise for defending itself on land it’s stolen? Answer – NOTHING!

So for now, forget all else. What’s happening today is what’s crucial. You see the Fabian Institute argument fell flat on it’s face the moment the media branded JC a bad guy. How he entered politics has thus been rendered an irrelevancy. What’s certain too, JC’s actions ever since had to have seriously pissed off those who may have felt he could be of use one day. Of course there’s the obvious – the UK is virtually an Occupied Territory & therefore anyone who supports the Palestinians is bound to be attacked by the people who hold sway to power. I can’t think of another MP in the last 35 years who placed himself in jeopardy by always sticking up for the Palestinians. ‘To know who rules over you, see who you’re not allowed to criticise’ etc. We know all that!

I’m amazed I’m even saying judge people solely by their actions? It never ceases to amaze me how activists fall into the trap of passing judgement because of a meaningless label conjured out of thin air by the media or because that person may have belonged to some soppy club. That’s what you’re doing here my friend. You know that since JC became an MP in 1983 he’s never wavered. Unlike most the Tory Party he’s never been racist, in fact often bravely standing alone – anti-Apartheid, anti-war, anti billionaires, anti privatisation & significantly, never cared much for power or ever tried to court popularity. I can guarantee you those who pulled the strings in that Fabian pile of steaming dung, were soon thinking, ‘boy we screwed up big time with this one.’ He’s always been for the people, especially those who aren’t able to care for themselves like the elderly & infirm. Are you trying to tell me you don’t know all that? Of course you do.

Right, let’s talk about his ‘mistakes.’ The 2nd referendum. As I mentioned in my last piece ‘Corbyn should have gone for the Jugular’, one has to think laterally. Perhaps what most people don’t realise is the awesome power of the media. Often even activists who are quite aware the media is corrupt to the core nevertheless fall foul of their shenanigans. Like I said, take a wrong turning, you’ll end up in the middle of nowhere. Here are the facts:-

  1. Even though the true power brokers & Cameron had no intention of leaving the EU he was told to include the offer of a referendum in the election manifesto of 2010. Now why do you suppose he did that? Because leaving the EU was what people wanted! IT WAS A VOTE WINNER! Of course, typically, once in power Cameron reneged on this election pledge. However, did the media ever take him to task by saying, ‘oi! What happened to the referendum you promised?’ Not a dickie bird! This was yet another ploy to fool the public because we know the last thing media barons & their Zionist bankster overlords wanted was the break up of the EU.
  2. Cameron was the perfect Zionist puppet so they were desperate for this slime-ball in a sea of puss to win the election of 2015. So what did they tell him to do this time around? ONLY TO INCLUDE THE OFFER OF A REFERENDUM!……….AGAIN! Now if I can see this as clear as daylight, why aren’t you because if you don’t already realise you’re being taken for absolute suckers then I can only conclude the media’s program of subliminally brainwashing the vast majority of the populace has been a resounding success.
    Note here how their puppets are sometimes made to look stupid. The media then dutifully cover up any cracks.
  3. Of course, Cameron had to commit to the referendum this time around because there was no way he could pull the same stroke twice. What was critical for those pulling the strings was buying some badly-needed time so that somehow, eventually this matter could be put to bed & the EU remained intact. So what occurred in the run-up to the referendum was story after story to make people believe leaving the EU would be disastrous, yet under the backdrop of the most biased reporting imaginable – WE STILL VOTED TO LEAVE!
  4. Therefore had it not been for this outrageous bias, the margin between leavers & stayers would have been far greater. Now I do not for one minute believe the final vote was 52% – 48%. I spoke to so many people & it seemed something like 4 out of 5 wanted to leave the EU. As far as I’m concerned this is how we should look at it – the media & politicians lie about going to war with the end result chaos ensues & millions die. Then not only is there no apology but the media continues fermenting the same lies to continue the same futile, destructive foreign policy, SO HOW IN THE BLAZES CAN ANYONE BELIEVE ANYTHING THE MEDIA SAYS? This bias/cheating, call it what you like, had enormous ramifications. It allowed them to stall again. Don’t think this is not crucial. As the saying goes -‘a week in politics is a long time.’
  5. The plot now thickens because here is precisely what happens when these crooks are given time. Up until recently Corbyn had always stated THE PEOPLE’S DECISION WAS FINAL! All of a sudden, out of the blue, JC declared he’d offer a 2nd referendum. What’s critical here is the media made nothing out of what effectively was a U-turn from their sworn enemy. Don’t people smell an almighty rat when it stares them in the face? I mean this one’s a stinking polecat & it’s right under your nostrils! The media make up every cock-&-bull story under the Sun to make Corbyn look bad but the one time they’re donated proper ammunition that could knock him bandy, they back off?
  6. For the world it seems people find it difficult imagining this kind of coercion happens all the time but for the Zionists to have achieved so much this simply has to be the case. The corridors of power are not only theirs to use as they see fit but these crooks know even if they’re exposed the media will play it down & the judicial system will do sweet bugger all, just as in the recent case of Shai Masot. He was caught bang to rights on camera saying they would take down Tory MP Alan Duncan because he was critical of Israel. Here was an open & shut case of the UK’s  democracy being perverted by an outside force. What happened? Zilch. So, I put it to you, it would be foolish to not suspect this kind of Israeli coercion & skulduggery doesn’t occur all the time behind the scenes. 
  7. This is why in my latest piece I suggested Zionist thugs told Corbyn to say ‘he was going to offer a 2nd referendum.’ The idea behind it I believe is if there is a 2nd referendum they will rig the vote so that we remain in the EU. In the meantime they’ve got Corbyn to do something most his supporters do not want! How often have I said Zionists love killing two birds with one stone? And frankly it’s obvious this is precisely what’s occurred.
  8. So what we have here is something that to say the very least is a rarity –


as opposed to something that happens all the time –


I don’t even know why I’m saying make the choice. Do you think I spend all this time writing for the hell of it? Why do you think I’m fed up with it. I  actually don’t care when these bastards ban me. Often it’s a relief! I’ve told you a million times the fact I’m targeted so much means I have to be on the mark because plain logic tells you if I was talking rubbish all the time they’d be saying, ‘carry on. Be our guest!’

Your concern about Diane Abbot is valid. However, there may be more to this than meets the eye. Of course in terms of stature & image she’s a nightmare but though on the surface she may appear terrible what right do we have presuming she’d be a useless home secretary. She certainly has experience & no one complained about that useless drak Amber Rudd! In this case one has to hope Abbot may have some good ideas & perhaps feels this is her one & only chance to have a positive impact. Now I don’t know this. I’m not a bloody soothsayer. What I do know is this current Conservative government is merely an extension of the Knesset. The same can be said of the media. The fact is, Zionists are doing everything in their power to stop JC. Therefore, like it or not, we have to throw our support behind him. Anyone expecting anything different than Blair, Cameron & May but refuses to vote for Corbyn is not only a person that can’t be helped but doesn’t deserve any.

Finally on this issue of immigration honestly I’m surprised again Tim. Here once again are the relevant facts:-

  1. Never once were the British people asked if they wanted to adopt some kind of system for immigration. So who’s idea was this? This alone should tell you everything.
  2. Most strikingly, over the last 60 years it remains an undeniable fact – any opposition party adopting a ‘serious policy on immigration’ would virtually be guaranteed an election victory ……. yet…… no opposition party ever offered this choice to the British people. Why? Because immigration is all part of the Rothchild plan to weaken European nations especially France, Germany & the UK. This is why both Conservative & Labour  parties never gave us the choice. They weren’t permitted to. 
  3. As most smart folk know only too well, the EU was a ginormous con trick. Mass immigration was part of the plan – Divide & Conquer but most importantly the EU opened the way for privatisation of dare I say it, OUR ESSENTIAL SERVICES! Why Capitols here you may ask? Well, this is the big one & I know there are a lot of dumbos out there. Think about this: Before we joined the EU the British public owned British oil, British gas, British electricity, British rail, BT, the Royal Mail to name but a few. It’s all gone now….. all into the hands of billionaires & companies the Rothschilds control. Now, thanks to the liars in the media & our stupidity, anytime they like, they can shut off water, gas & electricity. Yeah. Nice thought when you go to bed. Didn’t we do well joining the EU?

Finally, note how they never allow Corbyn to elaborate about his plan to re-nationalise the railways or to bring an end to tax loopholes & tax havens & our continuing involvement in overseas conflicts……… OH BUT YOU HEAR ABOUT THE FACT HE SUPPORTS UNLIMITED INWARD IMMIGRATION? Small wonder I often wonder what it is with people; how they’re so easily played all the time! Several years ago I said we better start wising up quick because we’re running out of time. Well I can safely conclude, we’re not!

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