Former Zionist Sir Gerald Kaufman – Unite Against Zionism.

36 hours ago I wrote an article –

Suddenly the Zionist Controlled Media Don’t Want To Say a Word about Russia and ISIS

With Putin showing the West how to REALLY fight terrorism & of course anyone with any brains knows that Zionism & terrorism are both sides of the same coin, it was no surprise the Zionists had to move fast so that their propaganda mouthpiece known as the mass media had something to talk about.

Thanks to Safira Sparkle for this caption – 

Nuremberg Crimes

Quite why RT are giving so much credence to the Israeli side of the story is a moot point. Obviously they’ve been coerced into doing this. However, today quite how I didn’t throw up after listening to this repulsive Israeli spokeswoman bleating on about how they’re only defending themselves & how it’s all the fault of Hamas. Did the RT guy say to this bitch – 

‘hang on a minute. Just recently Netanyahu gave the green light to the IDF to shoot Palestinian stone throwers with live ammunition. No more rubber bullets. And what stinks about this is we’ve seen Israelis who are dressed up as Palestinians inciting violence SO THAT THEY DO THROW STONES! What kind of people are you? And to insult to injury, in the last 10 days two unarmed Palestinian women, both surrounded by Israeli soldiers were shot execution style & you have the gall to tell me it’s all the fault of Hamas? It hardly looks like Israel is defending itself here. In fact it looks like Israel is deliberately trying to incite violence. As per usual the world only hears your bullshit side of the story.’   

Well that’s what I’d have said to that evil cow. To hell with the job. Just listening to that woman was truly a gut-wrenching experience. I tried to find the clip but there’s only so much time I can waste so instead I thought I’d post this from an RT episode of George Galloway’s Sputnik which featured former Labour minister Gerald Kaufman



I’ve never been a fan of Gerald Kaufman but he’s earned my respect for his guts to speak the truth about apartheid Israel. I know in some circles Kaufman was named as one of the many sexual predators in Westminster. Now I believe this was merely retribution for daring to go against Israel & say it how it is.


Fair play to Scotland. Small wonder they rigged the Scottish vote for independence


And finally, arrest Tony Blair for war crimes in the middle east and misleading the public. I don’t want to hear how petitions are useless. I believe Tesco’s got just one thing right. Their logo – every little helps, so if you’re British, just sign the goddamn thing & imagine this image –


Behind Bars



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